17-18 Sloane Street
Knightsbridge, London
Tel: 020 7235 6707 Knightsbridge 0.1 miles


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Full of arrogant, over-perfumed Arabs, pushy Russians and obnoxious staff that size you up like they know how much you're worth.

Be careful if you want to return something - they don't give you your money back, they just give you a 'gift card' that you must spend there.


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 by DR WHO (3 reviews), 14 Feb 2010
Amazing stuff in there - I came out with loads! The staff were very helpful.

Useful review? 1
 by Sambolina (2 reviews), 15 Jan 2009
Excellent bags, of fairly high quality, but staff look customers up and down. They are fake and friendly if you spend over £1000 but rude if you don't want to buy that day, even if they recognise you.

Useful review?
 by cystalhaze (20 reviews), 06 Oct 2007
The staff will greet you when you walk in, but they do tend to look you up and down to see if you really belong. The outside of the store, to me, is actually scary. But on the other hand, the inside has had thousands spent on it. If you're not a Gucci fan, I would walk on by.

Useful review?
 by Reporter GM (2 reviews), 12 Feb 2007
Pretty good clothes, but it ain't Tom Ford no more. Staff aren't great. Stores are a little bit passe. Nice shirts though.

Useful review? 1
 by eljay2001 (20 reviews), 26 Oct 2006
Fabulous! No better way to describe Gucci. Great bags and shoes at very good prices. Their shoes are so comfortable and flattering for any occasion.

Useful review?
 by shoe gal (3 reviews), 04 Jul 2006
The one and only reason that people wear/carry Gucci items is to show off that it is Gucci. A little bit of showing off, or embroidered logos are nice, but the bags and accessories at Gucci are just covered with Gs all over them. What's more, the signature green and red ribbon makes it look like people wearing Gucci are celebrating Christmas! There are a few nice watches and shoes though (when they are not covered in Gs).

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 29 Jun 2006
Great store. I especially love the collection of footwear. The only thing that wasn't so great was the fact that the staff only started worrying about me after realizing that I wasn't there just looking.

Useful review?
 by Spo0ok (14 reviews), 22 Dec 2005
Great clothes, design of the boutique is great but the staff are average. The chap that helped me did not really know much. When it comes to clothes I know what I am talking about but you still expect the staff to have a good level of knowledge. I was embarrassed for him.

Useful review?
 by TMan (5 reviews), 05 Dec 2005
Yawn - trashy nonsense with increasing blandness and lack of quality. The staff aren't even bothered about the stock.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 04 Nov 2005
Oh boy - Fashion Victim Central here, rich teens spending Daddy's plastic and tourists hoping to look more Western by spending thousands on a bag when they could do so much better on Portobello or at a vintage shop.

It's good if you want to look like you've tried too hard, a bit vixen/vamp/glamourpuss/bond girl in white leather, so bad if you're more into quirky, original clothes. It's just a matter of personal taste...

Useful review?
 by Vovo (7 reviews), 08 Oct 2005
FANTASTIC clothing. Cutting edge and brilliant.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 22 Aug 2005
Gucci is the best Italian designer. The most glamorous and sexiest for men and women. Fantastic!!

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 06 Jun 2005
Just love the clothes... explosive. Simply the best.

Useful review?
 by jul (2 reviews), 21 May 2005

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