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I went to the Sloane Street branch expecting to be made to feel unwelcome after reading the reviews. I was, however, served with courtesy and helpfulness. No complaints at all. I then went along to the concession in Harrods to see if they had any different scarves, and the assistant there was really knowledgeable and interested. She was a credit to Hermes.

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 by gandt4me, 29 Nov 2012
They treat you simply like trash. Rudest service I've ever experienced in my life, especially in a place where customers pay a lot. Shame on Hermes, that just stinks.

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 by Gotohowie, 13 Jun 2012
I went to the shop on Saturday and intended to buy two Birkin bags and a pair of boots. But the service is very bad and sales staff are very rude (N.B. I am a very polite person and always receive excellent service in other designer shops!). Seriously, they treat you like trash.

One sales assistant told me, "We don't know when you might be able to get the Birkin bag, and I can't give you any information about it". Though they know how often they receive deliveries, they claim they are not allowed to offer customers such information. I requested that they give me a call if they get more information, but they said their policy is not to discuss this bag on the phone and not to give information about the bag to customers, even in the shop! That's ridiculous.

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 by caicai, 15 Jan 2012
In common with a rather large number on this site, I believe that the service at Hermes is seriously damaging their business and their brand. You simply can't treat people in such an off-hand way, especially when there is a recession on. Appalling.

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 by Palengat, 08 Jan 2012
I went to this shop today and received very bad service. I waited at the counter for more than 20 mins and no one made any eye contact or wanted to help me. I know the store was busy, but there was simply no service!

I went to the cashier to seek help but they said to me, "We only work as cashiers. Just go back to the counter and wait there and someone will be there to help you".

So I waited. Finally someone arrived to 'help' me. I asked if they had the bracelet I was looking for in another colour. Without making any effort to check, the man said "It's all we have got here".

From a high-end, top brand I did not expect to receive such service as that at all!

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 by dusk.dawn222, 14 Dec 2011
I went there in January and received great service. My husband purchased a bag for me and the staff were very kind and helpful. The place was very crowded, but the staff even helped us choose a scarf that would go with the bag. I think I will go back there for my next purchase!

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 by rachel328, 06 Apr 2011
What you must all remember when it comes to a waiting list at Hermes is that the bags are made in Pantin just outside Paris and they employ a huge team to work on specific styles of bags. Each bag takes 1 person 40 man hours to produce. You can see from this that not many are made when you factor in how many Hermes stores around the world they are supplying. I have known Hermes in London receiving just one Birkin handbag in a month from Paris, which is usually sold and never even hits the store floor because clients are called for viewings.

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 by pazv, 25 Mar 2010
I have read the previous bad reviews and, I must say, approached the shop with some trepidation. It turned out that our experience (my husband buying me a scarf for Xmas present, i.e. not spending £1000 as some people here below) was very pleasant. The sales assistant was very helpful and nice and spent a lot of time with me, showing me every scarf I asked for, offering to check availability of a particular colour in other stores etc. I encountered nothing like rudeness or assistants treating you like dirt. (Maybe others have been less than polite to staff themselves, and got such response?) Anyway, it wasn't intimidating like one would think it could be.

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 by Pocket Satan, 23 Dec 2008
The worst and rudest service I have ever experienced in this type of shop. The staff treat customers like dirt, when they are spending thousands of pounds! It is highly pretentious and an affectation as a brand.

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 by cystalhaze (20 reviews), 06 Oct 2007
A Hermes handbag is a work of art created by skilled craftsmen and women. The leathers are superior quality. How many leather goods increase 100 per cent in value in just 10 years? Hermes is an investment piece that can be handed down generation to generation and always hold its value and allure. A fifty year old croc Kelly sold at auction in July for £5700. Can you think of any other maker, except perphaps Goyard trunks and Vuitton trunks, that does this? Nope.

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 by ardneish, 03 Aug 2007
Worst service I've had in London! Will go to Harrods instead to get the item I need.

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 by vodoley, 19 May 2007
Been on a waiting list 6 years for a Birkin bag, to no avail. Unbelievably pathetic service.

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 by lydia1 (5 reviews), 28 Apr 2007
Great menswear range, fantastic quality. Staff in both London stores are a snore though, and only vaguely helpful and interested.

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 by eljay2001 (20 reviews), 26 Oct 2006
There is no reason whatsoever for a bag to have a five-year waiting list-other than publicity.

Can't they afford to take on a few more people and manufacture them faster? Don't fall for this rubbish, please. I used to like Hermes but they've gone the way of all fashion houses, catering for fashion victims and not people with unique style.

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 by Amethyst (2 reviews), 28 Apr 2006
I visit the store alot, and have never had one problem. The staff are kind and helpful (which is good if you're spending £5000 on a bag) but not pushy. I love Hérmes.

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 by Anonymous, 21 Apr 2006
Beautiful handbags, but the Kelly handbag is too expensive.

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 by Anonymous, 29 Sep 2005
I grew up wih Hermes and after a while you see it for what it is - overpriced nonsense. It's basically a big gift shop and the bags and pret collection have gotten rather common - despite the immense mark-up for the name. Also service in the London stores is terrible.

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 by Anonymous, 08 Nov 2004
Bags with five-year waiting lists... obviously Hermes is worth a look. Stuff might be expensive, but there are some very special gifts for that very special someone. Great range of clothes too, menswear has become particularly amazing of late.

Useful review? 1
 by StyleGuru89 (13 reviews), 24 Aug 2004

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