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Knightsbridge, London
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Every time we are in London we do not miss the opportunity to pass by the Prada store in Sloane Street. The convenient location next to the Jumeirah Hotel makes it just perfect. The menswear section is particularly good and the service is completely customer-centric.

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 by rui silva, 18 Feb 2013
I used to go to the Bond Street branch but because they didn't have a size I needed I ended up going to the Sloane Street one. I have to say that the team there are great and with fantastic knowledge of their product. From now on I'm only buying my suits from there! An amazing luxury shopping experience. A big thankyou to the staff, especially Ricardo.

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 by Jugahh, 18 Feb 2013
We normally shop in Prada in Bond Street, but not any more after buying shoes in the Sloane Street store. The service here is on a different level. You are treated so well in this store.
We will always go here now. Thank you Nate and Tom for such good service.

Useful review?
 by Themacks100, 12 Feb 2013
Wow, I've never known Prada to accumulate so many negative reviews. I've had - so far - only good experiences with Prada products.

Their shoes (winter range, full leather) tend to give you blisters at first, but when when they are worn in they last. My first pair of Pradas go back to 1997 and I am still wearing them. In fact, all 6 pairs of Prada shoes I own are still in mint condition. Prada Sports offers me the best comfort - it feels like walking on air. Just bought a new pair of their shoes last week, so fingers crossed the quality will prove to be as good as it was back in '97.

As for bags, I have them too. The one I also bought in '97 is still in mint condition, so Prada definitely did produce quality stuff back then.

In terms of service, I'm appalled to be reading such bad reviews. I'm not one who would put up with such bullshit from any staff. Here's a trick: if you're really pissed off, just get them to get their store manager; find out to whom their store manager is directly reporting and demand to speak to this person; otherwise, refuse to leave the store till the person comes out and has a word with you; once you get to speak to someone in charge, give that person a damn hard time and demand something is done and that they give you the name of the next person to whom they are reporting; always remember to get their contact address and end it off by telling them you will be writing to Mrs Prada personally with regard to this matter.

Useful review?
 by eddywardy, 26 Dec 2012
I bought a pair of shoes at the Prada store. I wore them just once, for a short time (went to dinner with friends), and the sole got wet with the rainwater that was on the pavement. When I got home, to my surprise the shoe had faded in the front.

I went back to the store to get my money back or replace with another item. To my surprise, the manager said that the shoes are made of very delicate material. What does that mean? That I cannot wear them? Eventually she took my shoes, saying that they would be sent to Italy and I would have to wait at least 5 weeks. I thought they should give me my money back straight away and apologise. Instead, they treated me very snobbishly. What to do? Does Prada even have a customer service that really cares?

Useful review?
 by Marcelovazperez, 07 Jan 2012
Queued for 30 minutes to get in, thanks to the Prada policy of not allowing more people in than staff can deal with. When I got in still couldn't get the attention of any staff, despite them seemingly outnumbering the customers. Still, the couple I did speak to were friendly. Tried on a couple of jackets and sweaters, decided to get the sweater that was in the sale. Went looking for the checkout, there isn't one. You must give your credit card to a member of staff who disappears with it (very dodgy). Waited seven or eight minutes for the sales assistant to come back with my card, only to be told that the sales item I'd selected wasn't in the sale, it was a mistake and incorrectly priced. Very disappointed, and a very poor retail experience.

Useful review?
 by womble, 28 Dec 2011
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Useful review?
 by zz893608679, 31 Aug 2011
Went to buy a pair of the brogue/creepers from the Selfridges consession. Was ignored by all 3 sales staff on the tiny mat. One was giggling on the phone and the other two were too busy talking to each other to help any of the customers, including myself.

Even though I recieved very poor service, I desperately wanted the shoes, so I ordered online. A few days after I placed the order, someone called from Prada to confirm my delivery address etc. I was getting very excited at this point... only to receive an email 2 days later that said, "Sorry, your order cannot be processed". Great!

Useful review?
 by jordanhainmodel, 24 Aug 2011
Bought sandals under a year ago. Strap broke; repair very poor quality and now unwearable. Yes, I got a 'refund' in the form of a credit note which means I have to buy another poor quality Prada item. The refund was a favour because they had no record of the original purchase or the repair. Classy - not. I will never buy anything from them again. My experience with Prada purses is that they look drab and worn in a year and the two pairs of sun glasses I bought both needed repairs. Awful people, awful service, awful products. I am done.

Useful review?
 by raki.poo, 08 Jun 2011
Never buy anything from Prada because they do not offer services for defective products.

My husband bought a bag from the Prada store in Frankfurt, Germany and after 3 months the leather came off due to the terrible quality - which is not something you expect from a 900 euro bag. In my country, Iran, there is no Prada store. So I took a trip to Paris and I took the bag to one of the stores on Hussman Street.

First, they were surprised by the defect; then, they told me it would take 2 months to send the bag to Italy under guarantee. As I had no one in Paris to collect the bag after 2 months, I waited until my husband took a trip to Germany again.

Back at the Frankfurt Prada store, the assistant told my husband they could not do anything. As I was trying to explain the situation to her on the phone, she refused to listen and handed the cellphone to my husband. I consider this to be unbelievably rude behaviour by that staff member.

Definitely the last time shop at any Prada store.

Useful review?
 by samira56, 16 Feb 2011
Do not buy anything from Prada. I bought a bag and subsequently found it was damaged first time I went to use it. Tried to return it and they said I must have done it! Still waiting for their response...

Useful review?
 by ruchi, 04 Feb 2011
I am shocked by the response of the Prada staff. My gold Prada bag was of horrible quality - within a few months the leather came off. To get my bag repaired, I called the Dusseldorf store where I'd purchased the bag. They were so cold and told me to call Hong Kong, as there is no Prada boutique in India. Hong Kong says, "Why don't you go to Dusseldorf?", and refused to give me their customer service ID.

Useful review?
 by coobuzz, 05 Dec 2009
Bought my wife a Prada purse in Harvey Nicks in Leeds last November as a Christmas present. She has used the purse since, neatly tucked away in her handbag. I paid circa £300 for this purse, believing that not only was I buying her a drop-dead gorgeous purse, but that I was buying into an elite name, service and product. Unfortunately, not so...

After some problems with the zip of the purse we took it in to the Sloane Square Prada store, only to be told that it was caused by 'wear and tear' and that the purse could only be replaced if the zip was 'proven' to be faulty! I went mental... 'proven'!! This was after only 10 months' of usage. They showed little interest in the fact I had paid a fortune for what is in fact a quite ordinary purse with the Prada name on it. (My wife replaced with the Prada purse a £30 purse which she had without any malfunction for over 4 years.) When my wife visited Harvey Nicks again yesterday, she was told a similar tale, and that the purse would have to be sent off. But frankly, if you sent it yourself you would get a better response than the shops!

Unbelievable. Definitely the last time we will be visiting and purchasing in Prada.

Useful review?
 by kevmulli, 18 Nov 2009
Bought a pair of loafers at Prada Terminal 5. Paid over £200. Wore them once and was horrified to find the pewter leather on the toe was scraped off because there isn't enough rubber sole to stop the leather hitting the pavement as you walk. Took them back to Westfield to politely query and was told, very snootily, that this was normal wear and tear. When I suggested it was bad design or poor manufacturing, the assistant simply shrugged and repeated her statement.

First Prada purchase for me... and the last.

Useful review?
 by janelove100, 24 Jul 2009
I bought a Prada wallet from the store in Milan and have had to send it back twice for repairs. The first time the 'R' came off, the second there is a tear in the lining, which apparently cannot be fixed. After only a year of use the wallet is useless and the Prada store here in the UK that I have been dealing with will offer no form of compensation. I'm quite disheartened by the experience.

Useful review?
 by cass55, 05 Jun 2009
Awful, awful experience. Bag in for repair three times over 6 months and still not repaired. Bag damaged after last repair, no responsibility taken, questionable honesty from staff. Was offered some fragrance and a chance for a fourth repair! Will never buy Prada again. Would give 0 stars if it was possible.

Useful review?
 by marciajk, 28 Jan 2009
I love Prada bags, shoes and clothes but I have recently found that their quality is not of the expected calibre - my sweater has a tear in it, the 'R' has fallen off my bag, my boot heel broke... I have only used these items once and am not impressed.

Useful review?
 by sniczowski, 27 Jan 2009
Just back from Prada in the new Westfield Shopping Mall, Shepherds Bush. I have to say the lady that served me was exceptional. Was after a pair of trousers which they didn't have in my size on the rack. She took my number and said she would call me back if she found my size or something close to it. She called back in 20 mins. Unfortunately the closest to my size was still a tad too big. She then called 2 other stores in London to see if they stocked the next size down. Unfortunately not. But her customer care and help was the best I have come across in many years. Such a shame the other Prada staff/stores don't follow her example.

Useful review?
 by wolfie0000, 24 Dec 2008
Contacted London store as my Prada classic filofax was stolen and I needed a replacement price. It took 15 mins for any staff in the shop to understand what a filofax was. Eventually found a staff member who spoke enough English to understand me, and they promised me a letter/email within 2 days. 7 days later no letter, phone call or email. Staff obviously do not care and it is impossible to contact head office. Shows this company just want cash from you and do not offer any after sales service. I will never spend my money there again.

Useful review?
 by leezah, 08 Nov 2008
Awful staff. Went in to look at the formal trousers, but as soon as the sales assistant realised I would not be purchasing anything on that occasion he walked off, commenting that the sales rack was in the corner.

Useful review?
 by ToryBoy (2 reviews), 08 Sep 2008

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