183-184 Sloane Street
Knightsbridge, London
Tel: 020 7259 5700 Knightsbridge 0.1 miles


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Versace reviews

Awful experience. Don't like the staff, especially the manager. He is rude and thinks he is better than everyone else. I would rather visit the Versace branch in Westfield. They have much better staff there.

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 by Wildthornberry14, 01 Jun 2013
It's like visiting a scary monster.

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 by RIYAZ (2 reviews), 23 Aug 2010
Awful experience. Staff are very rude and up themselves. They need to remember, whether it says Primark or Versace over the door they are still shop assistants. Get a grip.

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 by Louise C (2 reviews), 20 Mar 2009
I loved the store and absolutely fell in love with this season's white Versace handbag, which screamed "Buy me!!"... so I did.

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 by samerah (3 reviews), 05 Jun 2007
Tiny store, not a patch on the one that used to be in Bond Street. What's worse, the staff are absolutely terrible there.

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 by eljay2001 (20 reviews), 26 Oct 2006
Great service, friendly staff and beautiful clothes.

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 by Anonymous, 16 Jul 2006
When Gianni was alive he ruled the fashion world, and I think his sister is doing a great job, too. Well done 2 her and whoever runs it. Beautiful store, mind blowing items.

Dont go in unless u will buy something or u wont get no sleep that night.

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 by brisku, 05 May 2006
Good store, designs are good but some are a little out there. The staff are helpful on the times that I have been there but I very rarely ask for major assistance.

Design of the store is contemporary and very pleasing.

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 by TMan (5 reviews), 05 Dec 2005
Totally, totally trashtastically footballers wives!

Bouncers and Victoria Beckham fake tanned wannabees ahoy. If you want bright orange leggings or a black lycra dress that shows your ass crack, or perhaps drag queen heels, this is the store for you.

Or maybe if you've just got engaged to a tanned manicured hairband wearing football star, head here to make use of his platinum AmEx.

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 by Vovo (7 reviews), 08 Oct 2005
Personally I believe it's all to do with consistency. Versace make beautiful and lavish clothing every time - clothes that people are asking for. This is what fashion is all about.

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 by turbo, 16 Aug 2005

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