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I'd love to see some of these prissy moaning gits trying to deal with Jordan and Debbie in the old days. These people must be expecting the sales staff to fawn all over them. Act like a spoilt brat and you'll get treated like one...

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 by boyd1955, 24 Sep 2010
I took my partner along to VW for her birthday treat. She wanted a bag, so looked at the various bags and got down to 2 (!) The shop assistant pushed us towards the one that was around £300 more - an obvious tactic, though they didn't go into why it was nicer, it 'just was'! In the end we decided to go for the 'nicer' bag only to be told whilst at the till that it was the last one!

Maybe it's just me, but I really wasn't prepared to pay £760 for a bag that has been out on display and left for the world to handle! The bag itself had gold studs at the bottom which were very obviously scratched and worn, and as much as the sales assistant tried to wipe them, the marks were not coming off. My response was that it was a lot of money to pay for a bag that was not new and her response was that we would be lucky to have the bag and that the bags themselves are not too often handled (personally I had been in the store 15 minutes and had only handled all the bags!). We asked if any of the other stores had them or if Selfridges/Harrods etc had them, if we could maybe order them online etc, only to be told "No" to every option available. Amazing really, considering that without a word to anyone or a phone call she could tell us it was the only one left in the UK...

In the end, we got the other bag 'new' and my partner decided to treat herself to a pair of sunglasses. As she tried them on, the two sales assistants stood and stared - no comments, just stood there wordlessly. She went with one pair and again the sales person went off, came back and cleaned the ones on display!! By that time I was too tired to ask why we were again paying for a display item.

Honestly VW, your clothes inspire people and you are a much loved and respected British icon, but the staff in your Conduit store do very little for your reputation. They look good in the clothes but are bored and fed up. I honestly felt I was putting these guys out! It would certainly put me off going to the store again.

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 by bserenouk, 17 Aug 2010
Must be the worst service I have every received! I returned a bag 3 months after I bought it because it had dry patches on it. I was told it was from 'wear and tear'. Then I was told it would have to be sent off to Italy for investigation. 9 weeks down the line I had a phone call from the manager to tell me they won't replace it or offer me a exchange (despite the fact I still have the receipt).

I won't be shopping there ever again. I shop at Gucci in Bond Street and the customer service there is fantastic. They treat you like a customer should be treated.

Useful review?
 by gucci-79 (2 reviews), 10 Jun 2009
I'm very surprised by the amount of negative comments on here. I've been shopping at the Conduit St store for years and have had nothing but great service there, so much so that it was the first place I headed to buy my wedding dress a few weeks ago. The girls who served me couldn't have been more helpful and gave me great advice. My fiancee had the same experience downstairs in the menswear department, even though he was only buying a tie and hates shopping!

I think people have their own preconceptions about designer shops and expect the worst. All I can say is, for me it's a great shop where the staff really know their stuff and you get truly original designs.

Long live Queen Vivienne!

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 by siobahnshopwell, 10 Apr 2009
I really like Vivienne Westwood as a brand as I think it's full of character. However, once you walk into the store that positive impression wears off because some of the staff aren't very welcoming.

Today I went to the Conduit Street store. It wasn't my first time visiting the shop, but when I walked in there was only one member of staff who said 'hi' and smiled.

I went to basement floor to look at some bags. One sales assistant came downstairs and said he wasn't very happy with the fact that I took out some of the paper from the bag (all I wanted was to try the item without all that rubbish in it!). I didn't waste my time explaining; instead I tried to be nice and apologised but I could see from his expression that he wasn't bothered. Not impressed.

I didn't buy the bag as I wasn't sure about the size. So then I went to the ground floor and I saw this nice baggy shirt. I tried it on and bought it.

I've noticed that staff don't seem very friendly when you're just looking around - you're just treated as a complete 'stranger' from nowhere. But once you go to the till
and pay for your item(s), that's when they start to act a little nicer.

VW staff should remember that 'good customer service' is vital in retail, especially if they want to recession-proof their employer as well as their jobs!

P.S. I'd rather buy online instead next time.

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 by rain.reign, 04 Apr 2009
The first time I walked into a VW store three years ago, the manners of the staff were disgusting - they would only take notice of you if they thought you could afford their clothing.

Three years later, the staff seem slightly more friendly; however the unhelpful attitude remains. Unlike many other high fashion stores, the staff here do not give you advice. Perhaps this is a typical VW attitude?

What I am trying to say is, we are consumers and we deserve to be served, at least to a decent standard. Maybe talking less to other staff while serving customers would help improve their standards.

Useful review? 1
 by Kelly C (2 reviews), 02 Apr 2009
I'm a bit surprised by these reviews. I feel that this store USED to be terrible but things seem to have changed. I didn't really recognize the staff but they seemed much more helpful than in the past (I agree that tall German girl was horrible, rude and made great clothes look unstylish). It was better than shopping for Westwood at other branches in the north! Plus it's sometimes SO busy when I go in, I can understand that the staff can be tired. Toughen up people, fashion can be painful!

Useful review?
 by fashionneedsme. (2 reviews), 15 Mar 2009
I've been shopping at VW (in the men's department) since it first opened on Conduit St and simply don't recognise the negative comments that have been posted about the staff. I have always found them to be attentive, helpful, courteous and professional, without being 'in-yer-face' like some fashion staff can be. So what if you heard them talking about having tea? It's hardly a hanging offence is it? And they make suggestions about what goes with what, which is always helpful if you're having a splurge. I visited last week with my wife to celebrate my birthday and, thanks to the helpfulness of the staff, came away with a matching outfit of trousers, shirt and trenchcoat. Thanks Viv - love the coat especially, a real 'lifetime' piece.

Useful review? 1
 by Bonpensiero, 14 Mar 2009
Vivienne Westwood is my favourite designer and I would possibly spend all of my money on her fashions. Her clothes are perfect but her store staff are just plain rude. The staff in the men's department seem to find talking about what they're having for tea more interesting than helping customers.

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 by noisaf123 (2 reviews), 22 Feb 2009
I totally agree with everyone who has said the staff at Conduit Street are rude and seem to get jealous. I wish I could upload a picture I took of myself to send to my boyfriend. I was facing the mirror trying on a dress and pirate boots and the look on the sales assistant's face is priceless. She is in the background with her hands on her hips and the most pissed off face. All my friends couldn't believe it.

Needless to say, I did spend £750 on that occasion. What can I say? Westwood is a genius!

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 by mittenfluff, 18 Dec 2008
Can any of these recent comments actually be taken seriously?? These reviews have nothing to do with shopping at 44 Conduit Street. Ignore all childish remarks and see for yourselves: great place, great clothing, great male and female staff!

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 by lastmexicanbandido, 06 Dec 2008
My name is Georgia Petrou and I am writing this because someone used my name and wrote negative comments about the Vivienne Westwood store. I am very angry and I would like to set the record straight by saying I DIDN'T WRITE THIS!! For all you people who don't have anything better to do with your lives than to say bad things about a well-established store and its staff, all I have to say is that I feel sorry for you. All the people that work in that store are fantastic and they know exactly what they are doing. If you want a different kind of treatment and customer service, go to Hobbs and leave Vivienne Westwood store and staff in peace!

Useful review?
Having seen Piccola's review, I had to add that I couldn't agree more! I also found these reviews a bit randomly and I have also had terrible service when shopping at Westwood in Conduit Street.

The first time was around 2-3 years ago. I was shopping with a friend - we both treated ourselves to a little shopping spree. Trying on clothes in that shop was a nightmare! We were 'served' by the German girl who proceeded to shove clothes at us, leave us in the fitting rooms, and then roll her eyes and speak down to us when we needed other sizes. The worst service I have ever received in a designer store - more suited to Topshop!

The last time I was in there was a few months ago. My husband was trying on clothes downstairs and I was having a look at the womenswear. The staff were all crowding round the German girl who was prancing around like a supermodel in front of the mirror dressed up in an outfit. They were all screeching and laughing. But the most surprising thing was that there was a poor girl trying on a dress who was trying to look in the mirror and the staff were all ignoring her!

Honestly, how do these people keep their jobs? I work in public services and would be fired for juvenile behaviour like that! If I want to buy Westwood then I go to Selfridges now. Such a shame. I know that Westwood have a kind of anarchic attitude, but stupid silly and downright rude behaviour is not rebellious or anarchic. It just seems like the management there don't have a clue what goes on on their shopfloor. They should be ashamed!

Useful review?
 by Sylvie (4 reviews), 10 Nov 2008
I only randomly found these reviews and feel that I have to reply, to 'palare' in particular.

The staff in Conduit Street are not intimidating in a way that supports V's intelligently rebellious outlook. They are just silly, arrogant and probably very bored/boring girls. I don't need them to be friendly, just efficient, which they are not. As someone else pointed out, I find it appalling that these saleswomen do not know the collections inside-out, and they all seem poorly informed about delivery dates and their basic retail process. Maybe they are employed purely as clothes-horses - the German girl in particular is a rude waste of space, although she looks absolutely amazing in some of the pieces when she doesn't stoop.

Unfortunately, as most of these reviews admit, we will all be going back because of the stunning product, but efficient customer service makes good business sense - I'm sure I would buy more if the girls challenged me to try something different. Shame.

Useful review?
 by Piccola (2 reviews), 20 Oct 2008
While I agree with what a lot of people have said in this section (the staff are rude here, no one has been very helpful or nice in the past, they earn the same wage as I do), I most certainly DO NOT agree with the description of being 'only a shop assistant', and quite frankly it really angers me.

I am 'only a shop assistant' and if it wasn't for us, shoppers would get fuck all. We get in to work, get paid a quarter of what most people earn to put up with awkward customers, unpleasant customers, stock being unavailable, managers' issues, not to mention unholy starts to the day and hanging around for the socialite wanting a refund 10 minutes after the stores closed. So yes, we get pissed off. This is because we're on our feet for 10 hours or more a day in often uncomfortable clothing that we don't want to wear but that we have to because it's business-like. We have to smile at those who make us angry and put up with the shit we get dealt with over the phone and in person - especially not nice when it is someone yelling obscenities at your face.

So yes, we're very sorry but occasionally we don't feel like smiling, our feet hurt, we get paid shit money for putting up with a lot. Why do we do it? Because sometimes we like the look on people's faces when they try on something they've just fallen in love with, sometimes we get a 'thank you' back, and more often that not we have to pay bills just like the rest of you.

Useful review?
 by kylierm, 29 Sep 2008
I couldn't agree more. I went to the Manchester shop, and was 'served' by a rude blonde assistant. I felt like I didn't want to return. But then I visited the Liverpool shop and was served by a really lovely woman. Perhaps Westwood personnel should be visited by a few mystery shoppers. The woman in Manchester spent a considerable amount of time preening herself in the mirror whilst I was trying to find out information about stock! Awful!

Useful review?
 by WCS, 31 Aug 2008
Shame about the female staff in Conduit; they need a personality overhaul as well as basic life skills. Such a waste of time as they flip through their pricing book and cannot rattle off even the most basic of prices.

Useful review?
 by leCrux, 30 May 2008
I visited the Conduit Street store and the staff were brilliant. They were extremely polite and couldn't have been more helpful. It was a pleasure to shop there and we will go back when we next go to London from Cornwall.

Useful review?
 by Elaine Gilling, 18 May 2008
A few weeks back I treated my friend to a weekend break in London. I had mentioned the mixed reviews of this store - we are both fans of Viv's fashion - and thought we had best pay a visit to the Conduit Steet store just to sample the rudeness.

We were anticipating arguments and head office getting involved, but much to our surprise we were greeted by the doorman and that was followed by a warm welcome from a few female staff standing near the counter. I browsed at jewellery and my friend vanished off to the menswear department downstairs. I wasn't suffocated by the staff, nor did I feel intimidated.

Casually dressed and with new skool tattoos on display, I'd said to my friend that the doorman might not even open it for us. However, I left that day with a simple purchase of a wallet costing no more than £55, the young girl who helped me having been most pleasant. Perhaps I just caught them on a good day? Nonetheless, I was thanked for my purchase and welcomed back. I would visit this store again on my next trip to London.

Useful review?
 by poisonedswan, 16 May 2008
I love and adore Vivienne Westwood and I have been buying her collections for 20+ years. Now I have to shop online or from departments, as all the staff in the Conduit Street store are rude, inexperienced and unhelpful. They must be under the impression that if you work in a designer boutique you are entitled to be rude. At the end of the day they are just sales assistants and do not own the business, so what is their snootiness and rudeness all about? Maybe they should spend more time trying to gain knowledge about the brand, rather than standing around bitching and giving customers blank looks.

Useful review?
 by puffafish, 27 Apr 2008

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