Yves Saint Laurent

171 Sloane Street
Knightsbridge, London
Tel: 020 7235 6706 Knightsbridge 0.2 miles

Yves Saint Laurent

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Great service and friendly staff. It is now even better with the new elegant entrance. Astonishing collection.

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 by Tato73, 05 Dec 2009
I am travelling from the Middle East specifically to refresh my wardrobe and to visit the YSL Store, but after reading these recent reviews of the attitude of the staff in this store I will instead be visiting the Prada and Gucci stores. I hope the attitude isn't reflected there as well.

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 by AlKhaifa, 05 Jul 2009
Great shoes and accessories, but almost felt dominated by staff. There was only me and 3 shop assistants, who were standing around posing instead of making me feel at ease. The lady who helped with the shoes was very helpful and down to earth, but the lady who took my debit card was very snobby and ill-mannered. Definitely need more customer service training!

Useful review?
 by sarah_shoegal (3 reviews), 15 Nov 2008
Just returned from the Sloane Street shop where I managed to get my hands on the last pair of Tribute sandals in brown. Called at 12pm and Leo kindly put them to one side for me. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Useful review?
 by rashi, 03 Aug 2008
I asked for a pair of shoes to be put aside, but when I went to pay for them I was told by a very rude assistant they had been sold as I hadn't got there early enough (even though I told them I couldn't get there till lunchtime!) Never again.

Useful review?
 by maisey (3 reviews), 05 Apr 2008
Very nice store but store manager unprofessional.

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 by starsty, 08 Feb 2008
Thanks for my leopard print loafers. Can a cooler pair of shoes be found in London?

Useful review?
 by Dick Tiger (12 reviews), 27 Jan 2007
Best handbags and shoes in the world. A cut above the rest.

Useful review?
 by Lamis (3 reviews), 29 Nov 2006
YSL rules, for the discerning taste that can go beyond Gucci and Prada. Also, great staff at both boutiques.

Useful review?
 by eljay2001 (20 reviews), 26 Oct 2006
Beautiful store & the clothes are classic. He is still number one & better than Gucci or Prada.

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 by Anonymous, 12 Apr 2006
Great store. It has a fantastic staff (very helpful) and an excellent selection of clothing. I truly recommend it!

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 by Spo0ok (14 reviews), 22 Dec 2005

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 by Anonymous, 27 Oct 2005
A good helpful staff for beautiful clothes from one of the greatest French designers. Wonderful & absolutely fabulous!!

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 by Anonymous, 23 Feb 2005
Excellent service, champagne and chocolates were provided when I bought a suit there recently. Very friendly and approachable staff and extremely helpful; best staff in London.

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 by Anonymous, 17 Feb 2005

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