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Mayfair, London
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An American brasserie serving breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner in an attractive dining room in the heart of Mayfair. The menu fuses deli, brasserie and diner cooking, offering classics such as clam chowder, macaroni and cheese and New York strip steak.

Mon-Fri: 12pm-1am
Sun: 11am-12am

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Automat reviews

I won't go into repeating all the criticism below about the rude staff, except to say it is entirely accurate and reflective of my experience.

Further to this, whilst dining in the restaurant last Saturday evening I noticed a mouse in the dining room! I raised this with a waiter, who dismissively laughed it off! No apology was offered. Really, this is beyond poor. I contacted the restuarant through their website on Saturday evening to raise these concerns and hopefully have them taken seriously, but as yet (4 days later) have had no response.

A quick mention about the food. We had the standard Automat burger. It was incredibly average, like something you would get on a 2 for £10 offer at a chain pub.

Useful review?
 by jbrodie90, 18 Jul 2012
The utterly rude manager description is hereby confirmed. Food is OK, but the manager should not be working in a service industry, but as far away from customers as possible. Due to her rude behaviour, our visit was spoiled and just created a feeling of disappointment and anger.

We got a burnt hamburger and, after taking a few bites, my guest thought it tasted bad and turned it over and saw that half of the burger was black underneath. We asked the waiter to replace it, and was approached by this manager who said that as "80% of it" was eaten - A BLATANT LIE!! - so they couldn't give us a new one. And besides, it wasn't burnt, this was "the way hamburgers are cooked here". Baffled by this attitude, I said that it is a rule in the service business that the customer is always right, to which she responded that this was not the case.

After much wrangling about the matter, she finally suggested that she would take 50% of the price of the hamburger off the bill. This was of course not the point, as she had ruined my lunch appointment with my nephew, who I hadn't seen for ages. I will certainly never go back to Automat.

Useful review?
 by br1, 21 Jul 2011
Utterly rude manager - DO NOT GO!!

I wished I had read these reviews before going. I went for a 7.30pm reservation. Found the food to be ok, though nothing special. The service was a bit annoying as they were rushing us a tiny bit, giving 2 minutes between asking for our order on two occasions... but nothing to come home and write a scathing review about.

So the meal comes to an end and I pay. We were lingering for a few minutes and about to leave when the manager came by our table to ask if she needed to attend to the bill, upon which I responded "Oh no, we have just paid". She instantaneously said "Then I have to ask you to leave as we have another group", in a dismissive tone. This somewhat irked me - the moment she knew we had paid, she jumped to kick us off the table. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, I mentioned to her two things: I wasn't informed or reminded (which is normally the case on entry to restaurants who give time slots) of the 2 hour slot (I didn't even realize it was 9.30), and that she came across as rudely kicking us off the table. Her chance to explain the rude comment. Now, you would think that she would apologise or something along those lines; however, she started an argument with me, insisting she wasn't rude and started to say that I was wrong! She continued to talk over me and insist I was wrong and knew I had to leave at 9.30.

I have eaten at many good restaurants and have never been treated in such an utterly distasteful manner. It was unprofessional and just all-out rude. I actually tried again in a very calm fashion to point out why she came across as being rude, mentioning that if she had gently and respectfully reminded us we would have left as we were almost ready to leave anyway. She instead talked over me and raised her voice at me and continued an utterly ridiculous and rude argument, mentioning "it's your word against mine". OMG, what a rude and clueless person!

SPEND YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE!! Half the reason why you go to a restaurant and spend significant amounts of money is that you expect good service... well, not from this manager.

Useful review?
 by simonkwchen, 18 Mar 2011
As an American, I can verify that this is the best American brasserie in all of London. Food and service are great, though it's recommended to go for dinner (lunchtime can be quite loud due to yelling businessmen...).

Useful review?
 by HCT (2 reviews), 24 Oct 2010
Undoubtedly the worst, rudest service I have received from any restaurant or, in fact, any human being. Do not eat here under any circumstances – the food is no better than average and they do not deserve your money.

Useful review?
 by RuthLondon, 14 Oct 2010
I used to be a big fan of Automat's pancakes and burgers, eagerly taking new friends and visiting relatives to the Mayfair diner since I moved to London in 2006. However, this has all changed as I have had enough of Automat's deteriorating customer 'service' and quality of food.

Service has been very poor for over a year now and has no signs of improving. Waiters don't seem to care at all about serving you, don't know a thing about the food being served and have a completely unnecessary 'attitude'.

The final straw was a Friday evening a week back when I invited a group of my friends out for an important dinner at the restaurant. The six of us paid >£55 each for very disappointing main courses, dessert plus wine. The roast Alaskan Black Cod (£26) was especially disappointing. Never going back.

Useful review?
 by OutInLondon, 21 Sep 2010
I used to go to Automat every Saturday for brunch with a bunch of people, until one day (Monday) I decided to go for coffee with a friend at noon. The place was empty, we sat down, nobody waited on us, then the manager came over and told us that we had 20 mins to drink our coffee which hadn't arrived yet! To which my response was: "Is that how you treat a regular? Or is it just because my coffee won't cost me the usual £200 we pay for brunch?!". Got up and left and never went back again.

Useful review?
 by bmad, 12 Mar 2009
Really nice food, good location and nice decor... but the staff! So sullen!! I keep going back for the abuse but find myself wondering why.

Useful review?
 by French Sandrine, 20 Nov 2008
Luurved the diner seats. A nice piece of Americana in the heart of London... and don't forget to order the Pavlova - wow wow wow!

Useful review?
 by weia (2 reviews), 19 Jul 2008
Three American co-workers and I were not able to make it back to the US for Thanksgiving last month, so we booked a table at nearby Automat for their special Thanksgiving menu. We arrived at 1.15pm as scheduled, and waited 20 minutes to order (remember, this is lunchtime during the week). By 2.05 our food had not arrived and several of us had 2.30pm appointments back at the office. We inquired, and were told it would be at the table in "3 minutes".

At 2.15 we asked again and the manager said it was taking a long time since it had to be roasted. Imagine that. Having to roast a turkey. What next, they have to boil the water for the coffee? (Don't worry, they didn't have to mash the potatoes, as this Thanksgiving standard was not on their Thanksgiving menu.) I suppose that, given the fact that a turkey takes 4 hours to roast, we should have ordered at 9am!

We told the manager that we had to leave and he magnanimously told us we did not have to pay. Imagine that! Not being required to pay for a product that we did not receive! A total disappointment. Later that day, I wrote an email to Automat, and never received a reply.

Do not go to this shambolic establishment. They don't deserve your honest hard-earned cash, as they don't seem interested in earning it the same way you do.

Useful review?
 by john66, 05 Dec 2007
Good food, good service. The Mac & Cheese is HUGE! The atmosphere is good, day or evening. A great choice if you fancy a more casual dining experience.

Useful review?
 by Moo Moo (23 reviews), 09 Jul 2007
Went here few nights ago with 11 friends. Very happy to have sat at the chef's table. Atmosphere was buzzing and the service was very prompt and friendly.

Food was great - my grilled tuna salad was mouth-watering and my friend's pasta and lamb steak was delicious also. Wine was good but the cocktails were great. My mojito was very minty and strong - just the way I like it!

Great place and price good too.

Useful review?
 by audrey (29 reviews), 17 Jun 2007
I really like this Mayfair restaurant. It's cheap for the area, and a good place to take clients as an alternative to Maze (which I think is great too).

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 03 May 2007
Food good value although standards may be dropping since they opened. Fab concept though - unstuffy and unpretentious, just what Mayfair needed.

Useful review?
 by jeeny (3 reviews), 30 May 2006
Really enjoyed it here. Food was good (macaroni cheese was very good, as was the burger; highlight was the chicken casserole though, which was basically a whole chicken in a small cauldron...) and service was OK (could be a bit less relaxed in their attitudes). Price for the location and standard of food is very reasonable.

Always ask for a non-smoking table, as this ensures you are nearer the front of the restaurant where there is a nice vibe about the place. If you get stuck in the back you might as well be at a bankers' convention.

Useful review?
 by k lo (4 reviews), 03 Feb 2006
Food was great, atmosphere fun and cool without being pretentious. Service was good too, which is an anomaly in this town.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 22 Oct 2005
I've been twice so far and I am booked to go again tonight. Both times the food was superb, particularly the lobster. Service was great and the atmosphere was fun and buzzing. Not over priced for Mayfair either. Definitely worth a visit.

Useful review?
 by LenaG (3 reviews), 22 Sep 2005
Just what Mayfair needed, great food at reasonable prices, good service & atmosphere, though can get a bit too noisy when its full.

Useful review?
 by abitheah, 01 Aug 2005
Fantastic atmosphere - really brilliant wait staff - and the food was just what we wanted. Make sure you leave room for the cheesecake for dessert, it was as good as any I've had in Manhattan... can't wait to try the brunch next time.

Useful review?
 by Bagel gal, 01 Aug 2005

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