Ed's Easy Diner

12 Moor Street
Soho, London
Tel: 020 7439 1955 Leicester Square 0.2 miles

Ed's Easy Diner

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Ed's Easy Diner reviews

Horrendous experience at the Soho restaurant. Rude and abusive manager. Lots of reviews saying similar online. Such a shame as had a good opinion of the restaurant in the past. Due to the rudeness of staff I will never bother going again.

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 by hg911, 29 Apr 2010
Unbelievably awful service and the rudest, most unwelcoming manager. Such a shame because the food is not your average and the milkshakes are even better.

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 by jazzyf, 29 Apr 2010
Horrible, cardboard-tasting, over-priced burgers. Chips were stale. Never going back.

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 by seaninhalf, 25 Feb 2010
What a shame they have changed their onion rings from crispy breadrumbed delights, best in London, to soggy battered, worse than from any fish & chip place. Not sure if I will be going back - and I was their regular for 10 years.

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 by jzenatova, 26 Oct 2009
Great American-style burger place. Lovely staff and great food, milkshakes world class. Can get busy because you can't book.

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 by georgewilliams96 (9 reviews), 21 Jul 2009
The burgers arrived quickly, but were fairly dull and uninspired. It'd also be a shame to consider that this is the best milkshake in London. The fact that they made the service charge discretionary is also a bit of an insult considering it was nothing special. So to be told that you are paying them an extra £2.50 makes a meal for two a little pricey at around £20. Go there only as a last resort...

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 by stewycheeseman, 02 Jan 2008
Fantastic peanut butter and chocolate milkshakes! Nice big burgers - more expensive than McDonalds, but then it's more of a restaurant than McDonalds. My favorite thing about the restaurant is the mini jukeboxes on the tables!

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 by helenleckie, 15 Jun 2005
The best milkshakes ever!

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 by Anonymous, 28 Jul 2004

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