Gourmet Burger Kitchen

331 West End Lane
Hampstead, London
NW6 1RS West Hampstead 0.4 miles

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

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Gourmet Burger Kitchen reviews

Rubbish food. Overrated. Mini-size burgers with stale buns...
Angus? Homemade relishes? Who're they trying to fool?

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 by rosandicb, 02 May 2011
Is it normal for a 27 year old woman to be addicted to Oreo milkshake!? Not really sure but my life became a whole lot better when I discovered GBK's milkshakes, so no complaints from me! Delicious!

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 by Milla (46 reviews), 18 Dec 2008
Quite agreeable restrained ambience (pastel colours, no loud music). Willing, pleasant staff. Good burgers with good selection of relishes. Large bun but burger itself is a little small (menu describes them as 1/4 lb).

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 by Bob T, 09 Sep 2008
This is a fantastic restaurant, serving the finest burgers I have ever eaten. They use solely Aberdeen Angus, one of the best types of meat in the UK, and make their own relishes (the mango and ginger is divine), plus each burger is 1/2 a foot high! They also serve some of the greatest milkshakes, using Desottos Italian ice cream for each one, and they come in a separate big metal jug, like all milkshakes should!

The staff are really friendly but limit their service in order to cut down on prices. You have to go to the front to order but that's no biggie. All in all, a must for anybody, even if burgers aren't usually your thing. They are so gorgeous and gourmet that you can in no way call it junk food!

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 by twissy, 05 Sep 2006

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