Gourmet Burger Kitchen

44 Northcote Road
Battersea, London
SW11 1NZ
Tel: 020 7228 3309

Winner of several "best burger" and "best cheap eats" awards, Gourmet Burger Kitchen aims to deliver a nutritious sophisticated product using the best and freshest ingredients possible. The range of imaginative burger varieties includes chorizo and sweet potato, lamb and minted relish, and the vegetarian Portabella mushroom. Oversized sourdough buns baked on the premises and delicious own-made sauces complement the fillings - just make sure you go with a healthy appetite!

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

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Shocked to see the bad review of the vegetarian options below. I'm a meat lover but more than half the time I go to GBK, I end up having one of the vegetarian burgers because I like them so much. I always thought GBK was one of the 'best kept secrets' of vegetarian food.

However, GBK don't do the 'vegetables/soy pretending to be meat' thing which some people like. Personally I think vegetables are great and at their best when being vegetables, not pretending to be meat. But, of course, I'm happy to accept that other people do like that sort of thing.

Give it a go for yourself and see what you think. Would be really interesting to see what other people thought of the vegetarian options. Me - love them (though there is one of them I don't like... can't remember what it is called).

Useful review?
 by gingertea, 26 Jul 2010
I ordered the veggie & camembert 'burger' and was disappointed to receive a load of veg and cheese on a burger bun. It was all soggy and after a few bites mushroom juice was running down my arms. It was gross. I ate about 10% of it. I was expecting a burger patty made from veg not a big pile of veg. It was ridiculous. It's places like this that see vegetarians as second-class citizens. I would have been more angry had I paid full price but luckily we did the 2 for 1 offer.


Useful review?
 by ellybendi, 12 Mar 2009
The gourmet burger kitchen used to be amazing. Now that it's been taken over by some company or other, it's simply awful!
The beef is not of good quality, the bun was burnt, the bacon disgusting, the avocado all mashed up, the chips soggy, etc etc...

Useful review?
 by piero.passet, 05 Dec 2008
There are a couple of serious flaws with this restaurant that stop it being a great place to eat. Firstly, despite what has been said about the quality of the burgers, they are in fact underseasoned and quite bland. The meat is good quality but not tasty. The second problem is the price. £30 for a couple of burgers, fries, drinks and sauce is excessive. I'm not sure how they have won a 'Best Cheap Eat' award. The service is good and the environment is pleasant but overall it is let down by the price and the lack of taste in the burger. You could have just as good a burger, if not better, for less money in a good gastro pub.

Useful review?
 by clippertea, 22 Apr 2008
What a load of pants! Overpriced, undercooked food. Burger plus chips, onion rings, 2 hotdog kids' meals, and 4 drinks: £28.63. The chips were hard, the rolls dry, and the coke flat. When I complained they said it was because they were busy. Never again. (This was the Bluewater branch.)

Useful review? 1
 by cheryl, 17 Mar 2008
Oh my goodness! GBK is the way. It is definitely the best six inches I've had in a long time! The staff at the Battersea branch are as gorgeous as the burgers themselves... yum yum yum!!

Useful review?
 by gbk, 19 Jun 2007
I wish I had a GBK nearer to me as I would make it my number 1 stop if ever I wanted to get great food at a decent price. Burgers are huge and completely worth the price. Milkshakes are generous and delicious. Everyone should try them at least once!

Useful review?
 by Piggle, 04 Jan 2007
Tried it in Fulham Road, and will definitely be back! Best Portobella burger I've eaten - delicious!!

Useful review?
 by hubbs, 06 Aug 2006
Incredible burgers, huge portions and no fuss! Why can't we have a Gourmet Burger Kitchen on every High Street in London?

Useful review?
 by Big D, 03 Aug 2006
I would say this is THE BURGER!! Delicious! Don't go anywhere else.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 31 Jul 2006
Staff very nice and high quality burger for a reasonable price.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 28 Feb 2006
Best burgers ever, especially since a junior burger is offered (I can't eat a whole adult one).

Useful review?
 by fussy (14 reviews), 21 Feb 2006
The best burger I ate in London. The only problem is that the place is too small and you wait so long to got a table.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 15 Jan 2006
Great burger bar - excellent choice, good chips, fantastic staff. Chocolate milkshakes are a little too artificial, and prices a little too high, but the burgers are REALLY good. Especially the blue cheese one (not too strong, but very perky!). Worth getting chips too - filling, but they do them really well here.

Useful review?
 by Richelieu (7 reviews), 09 Oct 2005
Completely and utterly delicious. Really great burgers. They're a classic that can't be beat. A definite eat out.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 28 Aug 2005
The best burger I've ever eaten. Every time I'm in London I always try and visit. The ingredients are really fresh and the burgers are huge.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 25 Aug 2005
The best of the bunch of upmarket burger joints currently springing up throughout London. I've been a few times and whilst the more exotic variants don't always work for me, the basic cheeseburger, fries and milkshake combo can't be beat.

Useful review?
 by Lauth (36 reviews), 21 Aug 2005
Juicy fat cheese burgers! Hooray!

I go to the one near Westbourne Grove. Don't forget to try milkshakes!

Useful review?
 by cheeseburger711 (11 reviews), 05 Aug 2005
Only been once, a chance opportunity. Was a Tuesday evening but still busy, well worth the very short wait all the same. Will be back!

Useful review?
 by robbiew2005, 04 Aug 2005
I'm not the biggest burger scoffer in the world, but frequently encourage a colleague who seems to live in McDonald's to check this place out instead.

Reasonably priced, good quality meat and decidedly less soulless than your average burger joint.

Useful review?
 by peterb (16 reviews), 17 Jul 2005

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