40 Charterhouse Street
Clerkenwell, London
Tel: 020 7253 3444 Barbican 0.1 miles

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Nice bar. Upstairs is lively, the downstairs bar is available for exclusive hire. Small and not very spacious but fit for about 70 people (although the capacity is said to be 100 people, for comfort and space less would be advisable). Bar staff can be friendly and accommodating, until they actually have to do other work like cleaning. They are not afraid to speak their mind, even if you are the paying customer.

Manager very nice and can be reasonable. But make sure you know exactly what you are paying for when you put down your deposit to hire the downstairs bar (security, cloakroom, equipment, etc) as this isn't always made clear and you may not receive any of these services.

All in all, it is cosy (with Japanese-themed decor), drinks are fairly reasonable, and it is a good bar to go to before heading off to another club later on.

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 by emichelledouglas, 21 Dec 2010
Yeuch! Don't go in the daytime because the stench of the toilets mingles with the smell of burnt whatever it is... and the prices are OTT.

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 by Norman Stimpson, 20 Aug 2010
Great bar. Can't wait to see my favorite band, Base Mosquito, on 18th April in there. Will be a wicked night. I have seen these guys at Exit Bar London. Wow, no words man... Check them out next week. It will be the little Fabric in Fluid - cool.

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 by megadancer, 10 Apr 2009
The rudest doorman I've encountered in a long time. With his back to us as we approached, he wordlessly extended his arm, preventing us from going in. My friend walked into his arm, not expecting this. The bar did not look busy. I asked if it was busy, the doorman ignored me. He made no explanation, didn't even look at us, no greeting, nothing. We turned around and went next door to Charterhouse, and had a good evening.

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 by dizzieb, 01 Sep 2008
Amazing atmosphere, great music, skilled DJs and great people! Had a great night and I'll be attending many more. Go check it out.

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 by jdm07, 06 Jun 2008
Great place, fantastic DJs. Was there last Saturday and Live Teck Rebels were playing - it was rocking! An ideal way to get in the mood on a Saturday night. Highly recommended.

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 by jimmyjo, 31 Mar 2008
I love Fluid, the cocktails are amazing and the atmosphere is relaxed. Love the retro space invader games too.

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 by goreckidawn, 27 Apr 2007
Very cool, chilled bar - great way to kick off your Saturday in Farringdon.

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 by Anonymous, 21 Nov 2005

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