Ruby Lo

23 Orchard Street
Marylebone, London
Tel: 020 7486 3671 Marble Arch 0.2 miles

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This bar has recently changed hands and is no longer the great bar it was. I was supposed to have my birthday here on Saturday, having booked an area months ago. When I realised it had changed owners I rang them to check they still had my booking, checked what time I needed to get there and checked that the bar would still have the same atmosphere and music as it had before. I was assured my booking was fine and that the music etc would be similar.

When I arrived with my friends at 9pm the whole place was empty, too light, with no music. None of the tables were booked for me and when I asked when the DJ was starting they said 9.00. When I said it was already 9.00, they went to check and came back to say there was no DJ.

We ended up going somewhere else and having a great night. I was just very disappointed with the venue, especially as I had made the effort to double check everything and I'd had so much fun there in the past. At present this place is empty and has no atmosphere. I'd stay clear until they sort themselves out.

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 by gemma1985, 25 Apr 2011
Having been to Ruby and Sequoia in Notting Hill, I decided to pop into Ruby Lo over the weekend when passing. I did not stay long due to plans elsewhere, but while I was there I experienced very efficient and polite service - being asked which gin I preferred, and was recommended Hendricks with a couple of slices of cucumber for my G&T (very tasty!). It was relatively early and so I didn't see how busy it got later, but it seemed a pleasant sociable venue with a sophisticated flair. Next time I hope to have the time to stay a little longer!

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 by anonymous a (2 reviews), 02 Nov 2009
I had a great time. The staff were fine. The music was lively and although the cocktails were pretty expensive I thought I got my money's worth. Would definitely go again.

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 by caroline.oliver (2 reviews), 30 Sep 2009
RUBBISH, RUBBISH!! There are far better bars than this place. Went there for my husband's birthday, in a group of about 20. The venue looks great on the web but it's actually a horrible place to be. Considering it was a Saturday night, you'd expect the place full of party-goers... wrong. It was literally empty. The music was rubbish. When I called up to book the place, I was told by the manager that they'd be all types of music... wrong again! I booked a section of the bar for £20, which I had to convert to food. Not a problem, but the food was tasteless.

However, there's worse to come. A friend of mine needed some fresh air, so he and his girlfriend went out and were only told by the bounder and the clipboard lady that they couldn't re-enter. My husband and I were angry and asked to see the manager, but they wouldn't let us.

Unfriendly, dumb people who think they have the power to do what they want. Due to their stupidity, 20 of us walked out! They actually didn't care. It's a Saturday night, hardly anyone in the place and they let 20 paying customers leave because one person wanted some fresh air - how stupid is that?!!

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 by davina1313, 16 Jun 2008
Really poor music selection, pretty rubbish crowd. Easy to get a beer though!

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 by Tommye999, 29 Aug 2006
Fantastic cocktails, great design and really good-looking crowd. See you again soon Ruby Lo!

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 by tdebs (2 reviews), 02 Aug 2006
This place is run down - it's pretty much just an underground room packed full of people with loud music on a bad sound system. You're better off staying at home!

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 by boredinlondon, 12 Feb 2006
Great breakdance contests.

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 by Anonymous, 30 May 2005

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