Vibe Bar

The Old Truman Brewery, 91-95 Brick Lane
Shoreditch, London
E1 6QL
Tel: 020 7247 3479 Aldgate East 0.4 miles

Sun-Thurs: 11am-11.30pm
Fri-Sat: 11am-1am

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Came here a couple of weeks ago and stayed all day! Basking in the sun out in the courtyard in the afternoon and having an absolute blast at the oldschool hip hop night. Check out their website as they keep you updated with upcoming events. Really good spot - love the Vibe Bar!

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 by isabellaross, 08 Nov 2011
I noticed a lot of reviews of South African BBQ on here, so I thought I'd clarify that they're no longer at the Vibe Bar.

Sucks because I really liked their food, but I hear they do catering and they sell pretty damn good biltong.

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 by Jdemi1, 01 Oct 2009

1. MUSIC - TOO LOUD! Are you kidding me with their line up? Their love affair for dark and gothic music is obviously apparent. I couldn't even hear my friends. It's impossible to have a conversation in that place, hence why it's better to hang outside. I read somewhere that they jack up the volume so you buy more drinks = more money for the bar.

2. DIRTY & BLOCKED TOILETS! I mean, gross! Trust me, you'll end up using the Vibe's toilets more than once, especially if you plan on drinking. I wish I could control my bladder because I literally have to hold my nose and vomit every time I enter their toilets. They are disgusting.
Advice to owners: Realise that it's time to renovate those toilets if you want classy girls going to your bar. Unless of course you like bringing in low class girls who like a gross ambiance - urine on floors, vomit and unflushed toilets.

3. MANAGERS AND BAR STAFF LOOK STONED OR DRUGGED OUT TO THEIR EYEBALLS! It's like stepping onto a cheap zombie film set!

4. NOT ENOUGH SEATING IN COURTYARD! If you're like me, you like to talk and socialise, but how the hell can you if you're in a loud bar?! Go outside, you may say. Well, sadly, there isn't enough seating since it became a food court similar to a shopping mall.


1. PRICES ARE REASONABLE. Considering this is London, prices aren't that bad here. Entry fee wasn't too bad, although not cheap either.

2. FOOD. I must say, tasting BBQ on cold nights isn't too shabby. Tasted some of their burgers and they were pukka! It's a plus they have food, since after all that drinking you're going to need some warm food to help you not get too drunk. Odd thing is, they had 2 South African BBQs in a pretty small courtyard. Maybe the owners just love South African food - who knows? All I can say is, I'm in love with the SA BBQ with the zebra van. Oh, and there was this hot Texan guy serving me. Hot guy + good food = I may end up coming back for food only (unless my pals pay me to go).

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 by Adriana_S, 11 Apr 2009
Sitting outside in the courtyard is my favourite thing to do at the Vibe Bar. I'm stoked about summer coming because that's when things are great. South African BBQ is delicious and the guy's van is decorated like a zebra. You don't see that here every day. Drinks are moderately priced and the music ain't that bad at all.

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 by Agynes, 07 Mar 2009
Great to see I'm not the only one who is mad about the South African BBQ. Just odd that the English aren't too big with BBQs in the cold weather. I love eating their food when it's cold, especially their cheese sauce. Mmmm...

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 by john316, 04 Oct 2008
I love the South African BBQ. You'd have to go a long way to get a meal as tasty and affordable as that! Their cheese sauce and homemade burgers and their bad ass fries are amazing.
Highly recommended!

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 by Bar hopper, 07 Sep 2008
Great crowd, music... a very cool venue. BrIck Lane is the place to be.

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 by FUZZYBOY, 06 Mar 2008
Just one of the South African BBQ burgers alone made it worth going! What a cracking spot to hang out and relax on the benches outside!

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 by freedom, 23 Jan 2008
Great funka munka music if you can stand the trendy cool crowd.

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 by li (3 reviews), 23 Jan 2007
30 minutes wait for a drink does not a good bar make.

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 by Alan M, 17 Jan 2007
So much better than the rubbishy places you get in town!

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 by Michie, 30 Dec 2006
Been here lots of times and the pies are awsome! Pleasantly surprised that the garden is open during the winter as well.

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 by Anonymous, 15 Dec 2006
Vibe Bar is great! I've been a few times now and I always have an ace time. The bar has a fantastic and very well priced range of drinks, and the music is always top notch. It might even be my favourite place in London!

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 by Kayley, 22 Nov 2006
Staff are always friendly and welcoming. This place has a great atmosphere!

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 by Ekka, 27 Jan 2006
I thought it was a great night out. London can be hit or miss for visitors, so when my friend took me there I was delighted.

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 by Saffron, 27 Nov 2005
I don't know why this place is ever rated. You have to stand and it's full of students and tourists. Takes 3 hours to get a drink. It's very 'retro' cool, if you like sitting on picnic benches, this is your place.

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 by Oscar (14 reviews), 12 Jul 2005
Brilliant in the summer, as it has a large courtyard with an extra bar and funky music - would recommend any time of the year.

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 by Anonymous, 07 May 2005
I love this place, it's just right.

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 by Anonymous, 31 Jan 2005
Unfortunately full of tourists from Luton.

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 by Anonymous, 24 Dec 2004
Bang in the middle of Brick Lane, officially now the trendiest place on earth! The Vibe bar is great. Well designed, courtyard to sit in during hot summers and a friendly crowd. Prices ain't too bad and they do BBQ food of varying exotic styles and as an added bonus they have free internet access.

Useful review? 1
 by Leroy Smith (4 reviews), 09 Sep 2004

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