Laurence Corner

62-64 Hampstead Road
King's Cross, London
Tel: 020 7813 1010 Warren Street 0.1 miles

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We have used Laurence Corner a number of times for our children's school plays and have found really great costumes. The staff are very accommodating, helpful and also very knowledgeable about styles and what to wear with certain outfits. Great place!

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 by Elisabeth Marriott, 30 Nov 2007
I have been to numerous places looking for a good take on WW2 uniforms and this was the only place I will ever bother to look in again. They have numerous types of uniforms and sizes and were very accommodating and helpful getting me the right look. Nowhere else came close.

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 by Gazza, 10 Oct 2005
Make sure you deal with the Croatian woman at Laurence Corner - she is by far the most helpful and enthusiastic person there.

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 by Anonymous, 24 Feb 2005

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