Chelsea Fishmonger

10 Cale Street
Chelsea, London
Tel: 020 7589 9432 South Kensington 0.4 miles

With his passion for fish, Rex Goldsmith always knew he'd end up a fishmonger. His enterprise, The Chelsea Fishmonger, delights in offering ‘the ultimate seafood experience' for all those who share his appreciation of fish and seafood. Located on Cale Street just off the Kings Road and Fulham Road, The Chelsea Fishmonger combines the expertise of the fishmongers who work there with the freshest of fish. From manx kippers to line caught wild sea bass, you'll be spoilt for choice.

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Without doubt, the best fishmongers in London. Knowledgeable and helpful staff behind the counter - there's nothing they don't know about the produce they sell. The fish is always in the best of condition, and always from sustainable sources also. If it's not in season or not at its best, they won't sell it to you.

There are many more expensive fishmongers that sell poorer quality produce - so if it's the best quality at a fair price you're after, this is the place. Full marks all round from me!

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 by paul3, 11 Oct 2009
I am not sure the negative review a couple back is that truthful. This is a really lovely friendly shop and the fish they sell is always excellent. They are always very particular on their standards, so I am sure if you were unhappy with your fish they would have refunded or replaced it without question.

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 by mrssally, 06 Aug 2009
These guys must be running some kind of Open University degree on Fish Science, the amount of time my wife spends with them! She always comes back armed with fish facts to educate me with during our fantastic fish meals. Matt and Lee supply the best fish we have ever bought. It's so fresh you can use it for sushi. Their standards were reiterated recently when my wife ordered some bream for a dinner party we were having 2 days in advance. When she went to pick it up she was told that the stuff at the fish market wasn't up to their high standards, but we were supplied with an excellent suggested alternative. It's not expensive, but not cheap either. As the old Sicilian proverb says though, "If you want to eat fresh fish, you mustn't have a tight wallet". Nuff said.

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 by thechelseablogger, 05 Aug 2009
I stopped going to this fishmonger when the produce I was supplied with was off - wouldn't go back. They've got a lot of chat though, if you need to be smooched to spend your money.

Useful review? 7
 by 1ChelseaGirl, 04 Aug 2009
How impressive is this place? I went armed with a handful of questions and after receiving a lengthy lecture on fisheries and conservation I discovered my local fishmonger held a fisheries science degree among other qualifications. Apart from the amazing quality of fish they offer - they looked alive - the wealth of knowledge was incredible. I learnt about mis-labelling of fish (such as ray as skate and farmed bass as wild), what fish are at critical levels and should be avoided (such as wild salmon, skate and certain tunas and swordfish), and he knew where every fish on his counter was from, how it was caught and in a number of cases the fisherman or boat that caught it! So much time was being dedicated to me I felt special. He had reasons as to why he didn’t sell a number of species, fish he said were in demand by his customers, and reasons as to why certain sustainable fish would never be on his counter. I was in Waitrose the other day and when a customer asked what was freshest, the plaice or the lemon sole, the man behind the counter didn’t even know what the plaice were.

This shop is not cheap but you get what you pay for and I don’t believe any other fishmonger in London would be willing to or even could give so much accurate information as this place. On returning home I looked at their website, which even has a webcam. We will be going twice a week if we can and my sons look forward to each visit as they are always taught something by the men there. I would suggest anyone local try this shop as I believe I have found a gem.

Useful review? 5
 by happyaslarry, 14 Jul 2009
Fantastic service and the most delicious fish in London.

Useful review? 2
 by Miella1970, 11 Jul 2009
Without a dought the best fishmongers in the UK. I have travelled all over the country to many coastal towns and villages and the fish bought at the Chelsea fishmonger beats them! The staff are always helpful and a great laugh.

Useful review? 3
 by sparky11, 10 Jul 2009
Freshest and best fish in London, and the fishmongers themselves are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly!

Useful review? 3
 by extraordinary_em, 29 Jun 2009
The absolute BEST fish in London... so fresh we only use it for sashimi!! We have a waiting list for our sushi dinner parties!

Useful review? 3
 by shanvand22, 29 Jun 2009
The freshest fish delivered daily by the lovely Rex. You can expect impeccable quality, great service and even some recipe tips! All this and more from the honest, good-looking chaps in Chelsea!

Useful review? 3
 by fishpie, 13 Jan 2009
The Chelsea Fishmonger is a brilliant place to buy the freshest, most consistent standard of fish that I have had in my 7 years in London. The salmon is superb and a weekly meal in my house. A great selection of shellfish and other sea delicacies. Highly recommended!

Useful review? 2
 by biddilou, 13 Jan 2009
Very friendly fishmonger with the freshest fish! Fresh as you can get, just like in Japan - can eat as sashimi!! Which is a rare find. Knowledgeable staff who know how to cook - ask for cooking tips. Also has fresh seasonal vegetables and herbs, which is a great help.

Useful review? 2
 by emikochan, 12 Jan 2009
Quite simply superb fish - absolutely fresh and unbeatable quality, the best in London - and really lovely, helpful, friendly chaps. Also fresh veg and herbs on the side. An absolute gem.

Useful review? 3
 by maraiajoy, 02 Jan 2009
I had Iranian beluga from Caviar Kaspia there and it was absolutely stunning. I have been impressed by the quality and the reasonable prices. I was amazed too by the knowledge of the guys behind the counter - they're really professional and know what they are talking about.

Useful review? 2
 by Ouahab D, 28 Oct 2008
Put simply, these guys are the best in the business. The quality, knowledge, selection, and service is unsurpassed anywhere else in London. Buying comparable produce anywhere else is just not an option.

Useful review? 2
 by Dominic H, 11 Sep 2008
Absolutely the best fish I have had in a long long while. You cannot beat the quality of fish that Rex provides, along with a remarkably amicable service from him and his team. The fish was gorgeous and Rex was a pleasure to purchase from.

Useful review? 2
 by cockneyconnoisseur, 01 Sep 2008
You cannot buy better quality or fresher fish anywhere else in London! Rex and his charming and knowledgeable team are top of their game and should be in every gourmand's address book.

Useful review? 2
 by Charlie Pie, 27 Aug 2008
Simply the best for choice, quality and service. Fantastic scallops, live langoustine, live lobster, wild salmon... you name it. Always so fresh, it's a treat for London chefs.

Useful review? 2
 by Blackbird, 15 May 2008
These guys know their stuff. The fish is superb - a great variety of fish every day of fantastic quality - and Matt and Lee will always find time to respond to any questions/help you need.

Useful review? 2
 by taxidog, 08 May 2008
In the States I have caught lobsters, bass, snook, trout, blue crabs, snapper, salmon, you name it. Always eaten on the same day caught. I have been in London for 3 years and was eating meat until I met the boys at the Chelsea Fishmonger. It doesn't take much to cook a great fish meal. The fish just needs to be fresh. Easier said than done. The guys at Chelsea Fishmonger have opened my eyes to how good the fish can be. I have eaten my best salmon (by far the best ever, including in restaurants), monkfish (I usually put it in a Brazilian moqueca), turbot, lemon sole, not to mention oysters.

Too bad it took me 3 years to find these guys. Easily London's - and perhaps Europe's - best spot for fresh fish.

Useful review? 2
 by brian from new york, 30 Apr 2008

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