Covent Garden Fishmongers

37 Turnham Green Terrace
Chiswick, London
W4 1RG
Tel: 020 8995 9273 Turnham Green 0.1 miles

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Covent Garden Fishmongers reviews

The rudest staff on planet Earth! I am having a dinner party tonight with friends from Chiswick and will be sure to let them know about it. I would rather travel to my old neighbourhood to buy fish than set foot there again!

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 by ChiswickResident, 17 Mar 2012
Very, very rude. I was ordered not to touch some of the products that were on the display shelves, when I was only checking the price sticker on the product. Very obnoxious staff.

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 by yorkshiregoth, 13 Jul 2011
Very helpful in explaining the differences between different types of farming. Knowledgeable about their product. Will definitely use again.

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 by dreamy, 19 Mar 2008
Quite the most ignorant and rude people I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with! I would not go here again if it was the last fishmongers on the planet.

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 by Liam T, 17 Apr 2007
I found them so rude.

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 by Anonymous, 19 Jul 2005
Much better than the one across the road-fish very fresh, and the shop is professionally (if a tad grumpily on occasion!) run.

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 by Musicwmd (2 reviews), 18 Apr 2005

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