James Knight

67 Notting Hill Gate
Notting Hill, London
W11 3JS
Tel: 020 7221 6177 Notting Hill Gate less than 0.1 miles

Previously known as Chalmers and Gray, this popular fishmonger prides itself on high quality produce and service from a friendly and approachable team.

James Knight

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Nothing like Chalmers & Gray, whose staff were unbelievably helpful and knowledgeable. By contrast, James Knight staff told me there was no such thing as wild brown trout, that I was mistaken. They did not know what sea trout was either...

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 by robertb, 05 May 2009
What a selection of the freshest fish. Very friendly, considering I am not very good at cooking fish. The result was a fantastic chunky fish pie. Yum!

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 by chelsea girl (11 reviews), 30 Sep 2008
I think James Knight are one of the best fish suppliers around. You pay for the pure quality of the fish you get, and there's such a great selection. I'm very impressed with the outlet they have in Selfridges, not just for the quality of the fish but also the huge sashimi range which they have recently introduced and for the quality of service you receive.

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 by DanielleMF, 05 Mar 2008
Some of the other reviewers must be shareholders or employees. I remember James Knight as a wholesaler with a great shop in Shepherds Market; it is far from that now. Chalmers and Grey was a far better shop and continued the tradition of quality and service almost lost when Blagdens ceased trading in Marylebone. The prices are insane and the quality of fish very variable. The service is among the worst I have ever encountered. Fishworks may not have the variety but there is more interest, warmth and joy for what they do. With shops like James Knight supposedly leading the way, the supermarkets have nothing to worry about.

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 by Grumpino (3 reviews), 03 Jan 2008
The salmon is the best - much better than any supermarket, including Sainsbury's.

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 by Anonymous, 04 Mar 2007
Excellent fish and great service, best I have had in London. If only they had this in SW18. Keep up the good work.

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 by thehawk, 16 Oct 2006
Great. Wonderful fish, the service is exquisite, and the prices reasonable too.

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 by gdfg, 05 Mar 2006
Lovely fish, but stupidly expensive.

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 by Pxyzyzygy (2 reviews), 02 Mar 2006
Such friendly people and what fish! So fresh and just a lovely display.

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 by Tiernan, 27 Nov 2005
Unbeatable in London. But you pay through the nose.

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 by soos (2 reviews), 05 Sep 2005
As per the two previous reviews, the quality of the fish is excellent. But it simply matches the price you pay and the service is appalling.

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 by RP, 15 Aug 2005
Best we've seen in London, and we moved from the coast of Massachusetts in the States where we bought fish from the boats. Great selection, always fresh and the service is first rate.

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 by sfq, 23 Jul 2005
Not the cheapest, but the fish is first-rate & always very fresh. Good knowledgeable service.

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 by Musicwmd (2 reviews), 18 Apr 2005

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