Steve Hatt

88-90 Essex Road
Islington, London
N1 8LU
Tel: 020 7226 3963 Angel 0.5 miles

Steve Hatt

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Absolutely APPALLING!!

My partner went there to get some seafood. Once back home - which was only 20 minutes after (outside temperature was of 2 degrees) - as she opened the bag she was hit with a literally death-like odour. When I myself tried to smell it I almost puked, that is how intense it was!

The worst part of the story is yet to come. She decided to take this decaying seafood back to the shop and get her money back. She didn't want to make a scene about it so she actually waited for the last customer to leave the shop. When she very politely explained the situation the staff reacted in an extremely rude manner, pretending there was nothing wrong with their product and that the smell was absolutely normal because it was "live seafood". After a big ridiculous scene about it, she eventually managed to get her money back.

We are seafood lovers, we eat it every week and we do know what it should smell like. I myself was raised on a Mediterranean regime. This seafood was not slightly off, it was completely rotten!

Don't go there.

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 by lapfoo, 28 Mar 2013
Bought some seafood today and when I got home and opened the bag I got hit with an awful odour of rotten fish!! In fact, it didn't smell like fish any more, but like a bag of poo! The shop had been closed for the past 2 days which means that they sold me old fish from the weekend! I could not believe that one of the most popular fishmongers in London tried to get rid of old stock and put their customer at risk of getting food poisoning! Shocking, outrageous and, quite frankly, incredibly sad.

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 by kasha, 26 Mar 2013
I used to live off of Essex Road and loved picking up my fish from Mr Hatt. As well as the amazing seafood, the guys in there are always good fun (if only the queue was the same!). Since moving out of London, finding a fishmonger is tough at the best of times but finding one that has such a great range, and such freshness, is impossible. A friend mentioned that their stuff is now available online. Unfortunately though, they don't deliver out my way, so still having to put up with the 'fresh' stuff in Tesco!

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 by robnreb1, 22 May 2012
Good fish generally but extremely overpriced. I go to the fish stall in Chapel Street Market, where the fish is just as good if not better; it's also half the price at least, albeit not offering the same range.

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 by Almonds (2 reviews), 23 Nov 2011
Steve Hatt has great fish, great staff, and all with a fine English sense of humour.

Useful review?
 by Gtkarachuk, 08 Oct 2011
I've been a customer for over 20 years. Great fish, great staff. Love the lack of snobbery too. Top drawer!

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 by tanya.burton, 25 Jul 2011
Great fish and Steve is brilliant. However, the staff are extremely rude to customers. Hell will freeze over before I spend one more pence in that place.

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 by NorthLondonFoodie, 15 Jul 2011
They always have a fantastic display. Knocks spots off supermarkets. If you want real fresh seafood, this is THE 'plaice' to go! Nothing is any trouble for them.

Useful review?
 by fitzrovia, 09 Jun 2011
Simply the best fish and customer service in the whole of London. Been a customer for 28 years.

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 by vashton5, 21 Apr 2011
Their fish is good and they have reasonably priced smoked salmon. The blokes who work there all shout funny things. Well done Captain Haddock!

Useful review?
 by bignewfatjames (4 reviews), 13 Jun 2010
Pukka fish and lovely staff. Shame about the owner, Steve the misery!

Useful review?
 by daisy159, 11 Jan 2010
Steve Hatt has everything a seafood lover can wish for: fresh, varied fish, clean, delicious, served with friendly and professional customer service. People queue up all the way outside the shop to get fish there! That says it all.

Useful review?
 by roni, 14 Feb 2009
Recently I discovered Steve Hatt and now I cannot stop going back there for the fish! Everything I bought was really fresh, cleaned well and tasty!

Useful review?
 by gabts, 01 Feb 2009
Cute boys serving fabulous fish and seafood. What more can one ask for? The quality of the produce and the service is excellent.

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 by clubvoyage (6 reviews), 07 Jan 2009
Just the best fishmonger in London. No question. No more needs to be said.

Useful review? 1
 by StuH (39 reviews), 11 Nov 2008
Good variety, but didn't buy fish because there were lots of flies. What a shame.

Useful review?
 by isabel40, 24 Jun 2008
Simply the best fishmonger in London.

Useful review?
 by soholoftier (5 reviews), 12 Feb 2008
Steve Hatt is by far the best fishmongers in London. Excellent fish and great staff... so great in fact, that one day I went in for tuna and came out with a fiance!

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 by angie75, 26 Jun 2007
Steve Hatt is outstanding. Excellent fish. Excellent service. Excellent prices. It makes Waitrose look like Captain Birdseye.

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 by Luketheduke, 04 Jan 2007
The best monkfish I have ever had - PLUS, it was much cheaper than all of the major supermarkets. Can't wait to go back. Would make me seriously consider moving to Islington!

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 by Rahwa, 17 Nov 2006

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