Borough Market

8 Southwark Street
South Bank, London
Tel: 020 7407 1002 London Bridge 0.2 miles

Celebrated by foodies and restaurateurs, Borough Market is a haven for those who enjoy a spot of gastronomic indulgence and are seeking out fresh, quality ingredients. Stalls offer a wide range of meat, fish, fruit and veg, dairy goods, beers and wines. A lot of the produce is organic, and there's a delectable selection of cakes and breads that beg to be tucked into right away.

Fri: 12pm-6pm
Sat: 9am-4pm

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I love Borough Market, but had a disappointing experience today. I was looking for vegetarian dishes for family members visiting me this weekend who are vegetarians and thought I'd find something tasty at the Market. I went to the 'Vegetable Stall', which had a few dishes. I myself am not a vegetarian but thought they would be able to recommend something for me.

I waited a while whilst the person behind the counter was chatting to another person selling foods at the market or a friend of his. It took quite a while so I decided to instead take a couple of photos of the food on display to send to my family members and ask them for their advice. However, the seller seems to think quite highly of himself and told me to stop taking photos of him. Why he thinks I would want to take pictures of him is beyond me. The reason I took the pictures in the first place was because he was too busy chatting rather than looking after his waiting customers. I found this extremely rude and left.

I would NOT recommend this stall to anyone else. If you want to sell nice dishes then do so, don't become insulting towards those who show an interest in the range available. Will never go back. Arrogance and ignorance - not what I would expect at Borough Market.

I have to say that this is a rare occasion though, usually the service there is great. Yes, it is extremely crowded at the weekends, and also the vegetables can be overpriced, but it is a great experience being there, so I would thoroughly recommend it. Just avoid the veggie place and you'll walk out feeling fine rather than insulted.

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 by LenaB, 23 Jun 2012
20 years ago I lived in Borough and the market there was a fabulous working class market and each Saturday I would do my week's shopping there.

Nowadays however, this place is a disgrace. Overpriced, stuffy, stalls selling yuppie foodstuffs at yuppie prices. I would guess this place has found its way into tourist guides judging by the many tourists you encounter who think they are getting the British 'real market' feel. My latest visit I vowed would be my last, as I took a bus to Brixton where 1 of the 8 fishmongers in Brixton market were selling exactly the same fresh prawns as in Borough but at almost half the price... Avoid.

Useful review?
 by mabs, 06 Jun 2010
Anybody with an interest in good quality food should take a Saturday morning trip to Borough Market. The wide range of produce, freshly-made snacks and jovial atmosphere makes it a great place. The traders seem pretty knowledgeable and always happy to share their tips on the best way to cook fennel, for example. It gets very crowded, so go early and be sure to pick something up from Brindisa.

Useful review?
 by Milla (46 reviews), 19 Jan 2009
Probably the beating heart of foodie London. You can buy almost anything here and on the whole it is top quality. It can get expensive quite quickly if you aren't careful though.

Useful review?
 by StuH (39 reviews), 11 Nov 2008
Not just a place to get good fresh food but also a great place to hang out, people-watch and take in the unique atmosphere. Gets very busy, so advise to go early.

Useful review?
 by thomaslord (2 reviews), 19 Sep 2008
As good a place as any in the capital to buy fresh food, and different foods and... just to try different flavours. I was introduced to Comte Cheese here and can't understand the comment by an earlier reviewer about the 'arrogance' of the suppliers - I've found them to be friendly and helpful, as most people are if you are polite.

Useful review?
 by guygibson, 14 Sep 2008
Still fantastic atmosphere, selection of food and ingredients direct from the producers. To avoid the crowds/tourists I recommend going on Thursdays (open 11am to 4pm), Fridays (open 11am to 5pm) or before 11am on Saturdays.

Useful review?
 by richardbramble, 16 Sep 2007
The best thing about this market is the abundance of fruit and vegetables. Much is spoke about the meat farmers and foreign importers and quite rightly so, but the fruit and veg stands offer an incredible selection of seasonal products. On the stand called 'Turnips' they even prepare fresh fruits and salads on the premises. Fantastic.

Useful review?
 by our trevor, 02 Jun 2007
Expensive unless you are very careful. There is some fine produce here, but also some blatant rip-offs where produce that is widely available elsewhere is sold way over the going rate. It is a shame the Trustees don't exercise as much concern on pricing as quality. The tourists who now clog the place, mostly buying nothing at all, make it a frustrating experience for real shoppers (unless you go very early). Often they stand in front of stalls taking photos of each other and completely obstructing access to people who might buy something!

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 14 Apr 2007
Now only for the tourists and people with large wallets buying overpriced hit-and-miss-quality food. There has been a resurgence in local farmers' markets around London and I would suggest trying out some of these first before heading to this overhyped variant.

Useful review?
 by londoncarl, 08 Mar 2007
Pricey, presumably owing to its location, but the stalls are all well presented and quality is high.

Useful review?
 by Matthew A. (2 reviews), 15 Nov 2006
I mainly go to the market for the Swiss cheese because it's some of the best I have ever tasted. Some stalls seem overpriced but generally the produce is very good quality, so I guess you get what you pay for.

Useful review?
 by cheesey, 09 Nov 2006
Good fun if you like food but overcrowded and will cost you a small fortune unless you know your onions, literally. It's easy to get dragged in, so make sure you've had a Full English before you go. Look out for Farmer Sharp's lamb and mutton, The Ginger Pig for pork and bacon, Mrs King's pork pies, Echire butter, Comte cheese, Neal's Yard Dairy. Go Friday if you can.

Useful review?
 by Boat Drinks (13 reviews), 29 Aug 2006
I still love Borough Market and shop there when I can. Most of the complaints below seem to focus on price and there are certainly cheaper places to shop for food. But the quality is superb and it's an enjoyable shopping experience in itself as the traders really know their stuff and care about food. Try to get there before 10.30am on Saturdays as it gets very busy around midday.

Useful review?
 by Janita DB (8 reviews), 17 Aug 2006
Expensive, tourist-focused rubbish. Anyone who pays £60 for a small roe deer from a game dealer is a damned fool.

Useful review?
 by Baldrick (4 reviews), 20 Jun 2006
Majorly over hyped market that seems to be focused more on the tourist than the real foodie. If you've got nothing else to do, pop in, but expect to fight your way past people who are just looking and wouldn't know what quality was if it fell on them.

Useful review?
 by Leon_B (6 reviews), 05 Apr 2006
Did you know that the starting price traders pay for a whole pitch is only £20 per day? Now think about the prices some of them charge...

Useful review?
 by tinkerjoe (2 reviews), 22 Feb 2006
This is the best place in London to buy food, in terms of both variety and quality. The quality is phenomenal, the place itself incredibly atmospheric and, because you are often buying directly from the producers, the prices are actually very reasonable.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 09 Feb 2006
Visited Borough Market for the first time and thought it was amazing! I spent a fortune on produce to bring home to Wales, it was that good. We need this in Swansea!!

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 22 Jan 2006
Prices are often extremely painful, which is sadly typical of most farmers' markets and quite unnecessary. Look out for the Comte cheese (but also watch out for the arrogance of the people selling it).

Useful review?
 by MissM, 22 Jan 2006

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