23-27 Wadeson Street
Bethnal Green, London
E2 9DR
Tel: 020 8983 7900 Check availability and book Bistrotheque
Bethnal Green 0.5 miles

Despite its location in a Bethnal Green backstreet, Bistrotheque's a justifiably popular and talked-about restaurant. Great food, reasonable prices, friendly service, minimalist decor and it's now open for Sunday brunch too.

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Check availability and book Bistrotheque

Check availability and book Bistrotheque

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Bistrotheque reviews

I visited Bistrotheque with friends recently for Christmas dinner and cabaret. The food was ok, although their one vegetarian main option was not actually vegetarian since it contained Parmesan (which was an integral part of the dish so couldn't be ordered without) and anyone in catering worth their salt knows this contains calf rennet and is therefore not suitable for vegetarians. As I was snootily informed, "Bistrotheque is not a vegetarian restaurant"... Yes, well done for pointing out the obvious, but this restaurant is in the middle of one of the most richly diverse cities in the world and I'm sure they can manage one decent option like almost every other restaurant in London.

Regardless of the food though (my friends’ meals looked wonderful), the entire experience was ruined by the staff who were arrogant and downright rude that evening. The patrons in the bar were even more rude and obnoxious - it seemed to be full of loutish city boys. There were just two staff manning the main bar. One was busy making cocktails and trying not to make eye contact with anyone waiting, the other spent 10 minutes playing with a till and then walked off, again looking everywhere but the heaving bar. To top it all off, it was the worst cabaret I have ever seen in my life! I will never set foot in that place again. Bistrotheque seem to believe their own hype and think that they are so good, they no longer need to worry about how they treat their customers.

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 by corinna_v (2 reviews), 20 Dec 2010
Warehouse chic place run by the guys who did the pop-up Reindeer restaurant over Xmas 06. Good food, if a bit on the pricey side (especially for the area). Trendy in a minimalist way.

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 by CD (2 reviews), 28 May 2007
Fantastic meal, and great value for money. The fact it's surrounded by Hackney crack dens is a little disconcerting, but in east London that makes it 'edgy'!

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 by alphonse, 27 Mar 2007
Lovely place. Interior and food are great and there's live piano music for you to enjoy during Sunday brunch. J'adore Bistrotheque!

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 by Anonymous, 13 Jan 2007
Probably the best value for money restaurant anywhere, for what it does. Tres chic!

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 by Showbizz, 08 Sep 2005

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