Chez Bruce

2 Bellevue Road
Wandsworth Common, London
SW17 7EG
Tel: 020 8672 0114 Balham 0.7 miles

Run by the same team as oversee La Trompette and The Glasshouse, Chez Bruce has been turning out classic French cuisine at its unfussy best for over ten years. A tried and tested Wandsworth dining spot, critics and punters alike value this restaurant for its friendly service and superb cooking.

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Chez Bruce reviews

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What a let-down.

After reading many reviews and having friends raving about Chez Bruce, we booked a table for a culinary experience.

Starter: salmon with fennel - never had such a tasteless salmon, no taste of fennel either... actually, no taste at all.

Main: côte de boeuf - again no taste of the beef and fairly tough, bearnaise sauce so-so, chips good.

Tried the cheese platter and that was very good.

Overall, not worth the money and won't be back. For this price, go to Rhodes W1 instead - brilliant.

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 by heson1, 06 Feb 2011
This is past its sell-by date. AA Gill couldn't be more right. The food was a disgrace for a Michelin starred restaurant. Yes, we chose fish but why put it on the menu if you can't cook it? Starter of salad of skate and tiger prwans was warm and had no seasoning. We then waited one hour for main course to arrive: a burnt piece of cod on uncooked beans. We left very quickly, paying for the wine. The manageress didn't seem at all bothered. Don't waste your time. London 'fine dining' has moved on.

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 by alistair.boyle, 05 Nov 2010
Went to Chez Bruce 15/10/10. Was very average at £27-odd plus tip each. Service was good. Clientele up themselves.

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 by scandusuk, 15 Oct 2010
Delicious and rich... too rich - gave everyone terrible heartburn!

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 by best restaurant, 08 Jun 2010
Fabulous food/wine and wonderful atmosphere with very attentive staff. Can't recommend it highly enough. A real treat which everyone should experience.

Useful review?
 by scotsminx, 07 Jun 2010
Unfaultable food - Lord knows what AA Gill was thinking when he gave this a bad review a few weeks ago. Charming service, amazing cheeseboard (for only an exta £5), venison and black pudding starter, and halibut with sauternes and hazelnuts. Very accomplished cooking, with great recommendations from the knowledgeable sommelier. Very strongly recommend it.

Useful review?
 by j-hope, 23 Dec 2009
Lovely restaurant, great staff. For starter I had this sausage kind of thing with black pudding and mashed potato. I can't remember what I had for main, but for pudding I had the cheese board, which was very nice. The best thing was that they let me go in to the kitchen, but sadly Bruce Poole wasn't there.

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 by georgewilliams96 (9 reviews), 21 Oct 2009
We had a wonderful lunch here with excellent service. The staff were very tolerant of a late guest who was stuck in traffic. Excellent wine list and the sommelier guided us through it. The cheese board was a delight. Would go again for a special occasion.

Useful review?
 by jojowatson, 19 Jan 2009
We had a very enjoyable evening at Chez Bruce. Fantastic service, ambience and terrific wine list, sensibly priced by London standards. The food was good but not quite at the level of my previous Michelin experiences, with the exception of the desserts, which were fantastic.

Useful review?
 by bellmeister (7 reviews), 26 Oct 2008
One of the few London restaurants truly deserving of its accolades. Fantastic. It's just unfortunate that after all the recent progress there are still some Londoners who are wholly philistine when it comes to food and so blissfully unaware of it (refer to 'longtail's' comment below). If Chez Bruce represents the quality of antipodean cuisine, I may yet emigrate... seriously, it really is that good.

Useful review?
 by Clinton Amies (2 reviews), 10 Dec 2007
Pity their telephone manner is not as acceptable as their food seems to be. As a North Londoner I cannot now summon the energy to go across the river for a 120 min dinner. It may be fine dining but anywhere that does three sittings a night... will it be that good?

Useful review?
 by longtail 50, 09 Oct 2007
I had the most fantastic 26th birthday there. The meal was out of this world. I just wish I'd had room to fit in the cheese board... Can't wait for my 27th birthday!

Useful review?
 by claire.clements, 27 Jun 2007
The cooking at Chez Bruce is some of the most intelligent, competent yet knowledgeably simple I've come across. It's not stroking any egos. The dining room is so refreshingly informal and unpretentious, with the front of house team able to adapt to whoever is sitting at their tables. A wine list of the highest calibre, able to fit all budgets. A serious cheese board, although it would be nice to see a couple of English cheeses on there. You leave feeling very happy and look forward to the next vist.

Useful review?
 by Daveo, 18 May 2007
Fantastic food, impeccable and friendly service, and above all a relaxed ambiance (as opposed to the pompous environment that you will find in many London restaurants).

Useful review?
 by paracommando, 06 Apr 2007
Fantastic food and service. The place, the staff, the wine - all were just excellent. I shall be returing soon.

Useful review?
 by bojangles, 02 Mar 2007
Fantastic food and service with great wine recommendations. Would highly recommend.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 20 Nov 2006
Food is exceptional, but the service is beyond poor and into rude... and that is just trying to book. So many other restaurants manage to combine fantastic food with fantastic service, so I would recommend you try elsewhere.

Useful review?
 by JackDawbob, 08 Nov 2006
This place is wonderful and the staff are really friendly. Everything about my meals has always been delicious.

Useful review? 2
 by fussy (14 reviews), 21 Feb 2006
The food is second to none! Reasonably priced for such a high calibre eatery.

Useful review?
 by Mark K, 20 Feb 2006
The best restaurant in London. Try it and you will agree.

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 by Ian B, 14 Jan 2006

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