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Yesterday my husband and I went to Frederick's. It was a Friday, but it was early, 6pm, so fairly quiet. You could tell it was quiet, as there were waiting staff standing around. Unfortunately, standing around looking bored does not mean being attentive to customers.

Our menus came. However, it was almost 10 minutes before a waiter came to take our order. We ordered our meal and wine. I'd finished my water and my husband had almost finished his. The waitress came to change the cutlery. Not a single word was said to us - no hello, nothing. Nor did she notice that we needed more water. Wine arrived halfway through our starter. We asked the waiter for water. He disappeared. Starters finished and we waited patiently for our water... Eventually we had to ask another waiter for it.

I'm quite happy to pour my own wine, but if Frederick's insists on keeping the bottle with the waiting staff, I think it is their responsibility to ensure that our glasses are filled. Yes, you guessed it, we finished our wine. I pointed out to my husband that there were four members of staff standing near the serving area and not noticing our empty wine glasses. I bet him that if I went to the loo, I'd come back and still find our wine glasses empty. I won the bet, so we had to ask the waitress for our wine.

The mains arrived at c.6.50pm, steak and chips. Firstly, Frederick's may think it looks attractive to have a steak on a plate and then the bearnaise sauce in a little pot on the plate and chips on a dish also placed on the plate, but all this 'fancy stuff' does is tell the diner that the restaurant is trying to make the plate look full when the steak is small and there are hardly any chips on the plate. We're not stupid. Anyway I asked the waitress for mustard and Worcestershire sauce and then waited and waited and waited for it... Meanwhile my meal was getting colder and colder and seven minutes later she came back with the sauces.

Oh, yes, then our wine glasses were empty again. This time the staff weren't standing around, even worse some of them were walking up and down the dining room, unfortunately just exercising, not being attentive, as none of them noticed the empty wine glasses, so we had to ask again. I said to the waiter "Please just fill my husband's glass". Obviously they have listening problems too, as he still filled mine.

The only thing that arrived quickly was the bill, but even that was fraught, as the waitress couldn't get a signal with the machine... Oh well, more fool me for expecting anything less.

We were very disappointed with our visit, as in the past although the food has been just 'ok' what made up for it was the good service. I hope last night's experience was not a sign of how service is going to be in the future. However, I doubt very much if we'll find out too soon, as it may be a long long while before we return after that experience!

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 by Elle8, 13 Nov 2010
Beautiful setting. However... 2 cockroaches found on two separate occasions. Very rude manager, seemed to dismiss the matter without apologising. Overpriced food has since unfortunately caused my boyfriend to have an upset stomach.

Bad management, bad service, hygiene seriously questionable.

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 by private, 28 Jun 2010
The food was passable, the service was dire, the wine list however was good. Poor value for money, especially when one considers the abundance of good restaurants in the area. I certainly won't be going back.

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 by john008, 10 Oct 2009
Do not have the pre-theatre menu. The first course is OK, but we had lamb for the main course and it was small and tasteless. When I complained I was told it was a special price and fine for this price. My advice: stick to the a la carte menu.

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 by barbara2, 01 Sep 2009
It's so easy to miss this restaurant, tucked away just off Upper Street and looking like it might be more of a pub than a restaurant. Inside it's larger than it looks and in the summer there is outside seating too. Food is generally very good with decent portions and something on the menu for everybody.

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 by mopsy (18 reviews), 31 Jan 2005

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