Gordon Ramsay

68-69 Royal Hospital Road
Chelsea, London
Tel: 020 7352 4441 or check availability and book online
Sloane Square 0.6 miles

Opened in 1998 as the celebrity chef's first independently-owned venture, Gordon Ramsay at Royal Hospital Road today holds three Michelin stars and is frequently rated one of the world's best restaurants. Menus are appropriately inspired and the cooking faultless. The restaurant itself is certainly elegant and intimate but, with only 14 tables seating up to 44 guests, making a reservation can prove to be a significant hurdle.

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Gordon Ramsay reviews

OMG, this was the best food I have ever eaten. Visited the restaurant after waiting for weeks and it was worth the wait. I have dined all over the world and this was by far the best food ever; together with the service it exceeded all my expectations. Gordon Ramsay, you are my hero! Will definitely be back...

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 by xenia_hudson, 06 Jun 2011
Dining here is an amazing experience. The food is brilliant, the service flawless. We spent £490 on dinner for 2 - but it's well worth it as a treat. The tour of the kitchen was a great end to my birthday. We will be back again.

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 by d.drew8, 15 Nov 2010
I visited Gordon's 3-star restaurant this week and found the food faultless! I had the starter of lobster tails, vension for main course and a choice of desserts. It was out of this world. The service was excellent, the staff were very attentive. I will be returning to Gordon's restaurant in the near future - it was well worth the hour's journey!

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 by lizanderson27, 17 Mar 2010
I had lunch there with my business partner last week. The service was poor (lack of politeness) and we had to wait for our food for a long time. I was not impressed.

The first course was fine, it tasted just right. Unfortunately the main, though still okay, was slightly undercooked. We complained and during the third course the waiters kept making sure that everything was fine, which indeed it was.

We paid just over £250 for the meal. Overall, it was not worth it.

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 by srk96, 20 Feb 2010
I had lunch there a few days ago. Very big disappointment!

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 by Sara25, 04 Mar 2009
Had lunch here for my wife's birthday with friends. While it may be expensive, you are paying not only for the excellent food but also for the service. Taken as a whole, the time we had was marvellous. The foie gras with sweetbreads, sherry vinegar and almond foam was just amazing. Save your money, then go and have whatever you would like, sit back and enjoy...

Useful review?
 by andysc, 24 Feb 2009
Not as great as expected. I thought it was a really overpriced menu not deserving of the three-star Michelin rating. Flavours had no depth, as 'neoama' has pointed out. Service was great, but overall I simply cannot recommend it - especially when you consider the value for money factor! Of course, it is supposed to be a gourmet tasting experience, but it turns out to be just an expensive meal. I think Gordon did a good job of promoting himself through the media. (Although, by contrast Jamie Oliver's cooking was tasty and worth every single penny...). You'd better come to Greece - then you'd be carried away by the flavours in even the simplest of tavernas!

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 by jparalias, 21 Dec 2008
Dining here is an amazing experience. The food is brilliant, the service flawless (completely attentive without being too noticeable), the maitre d' charming. Of course, it isn't cheap - I spent £350 on dinner for 2 - but it's well worth it as a treat.

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 by StuH (39 reviews), 29 Jun 2008
Amazing food and great service. What more can you ask for?

Useful review? 1
 by Will.B (2 reviews), 15 May 2008
Mhmmmm. Dinner was amazing !

The restaurant faces the street, with white flowers outside flanking the windows. A top hatted doorman opens the outside door, and then you pass through the second door, down a short hallway and into a small bar/reception area.

Immediately, the charm and stellar service begin. The entire Gordon Ramsay experience starts out with polish and panache, a precursor of a truly lovely dinner and evening.

The maitre d' greets me and ushers me into an intimate, carpeted room that appears to seat perhaps up to 50 guests.

Cream walls with a discreet edging of gilt, offset by equally tasteful mirrors subtly done.

Elaborate crown molding, silk and sheer shades on the windows, cunning small prism lamps on the walls, everything is soft, warm, intimate.

Double tablecloths on each table, 3 white rose buds in a silver vase, a glass oil lamp throws gentle light on the flowers.

There is a silver/gilt 'charger' plate on the table, the color of which harmonizes with the interior of the room. White bone china with rippling edges, and silverware heavy enough to feel real.

A refrigerated holder to keep your bottle of flat or sparkling water chilled. Lemon slices brought on a plate on the side. Already I am spoiled, and it just continues.

I think there were 4 different waiters just for my table alone. At least it felt that way - service is an art form here.

Plus a different waiter brought a selection of freshly baked sourdough, olive or wheat bread to the table. With stamped rounds of both salted and unsalted butter brought, each on a small silver plate with a butter knife.

The sommelier asked about my wine preferences. Not a flicker of dismay crossed his well trained face as I told him I'd just be drinking water :)

Everyone was so polite, helpful, solicitous. You can order a la carte, or they have different 8 course tasting menus.

I was in the mood for vegetables, so chef happily obliged... It is NOT Gordon Ramsey anymore.

An amuse bouche was brought, melt in your mouth avocado something in a tiny tuile. It was FABULOUS.

They kept replacing the silverware for each course. Quiet, pampering, this is an experience with a capital E.

Another amuse bouche - an individual, melt in your mouth ravioli in consomme with tiny diced vegetables, garnished with a nickel sized slice of black truffle.

Then a frisee of baby lettuce salad with artichoke heart, carrot, apple, and a truffle vinaigrette made me moan (quietly) with pleasure.

Asparagus risotto followed.

Every detail is perfect at this restaurant. It just doesn't get better.

Stuffed baby red peppers with ratatouille followed, with the thinnest of Pecorino shavings, basil puree and red pepper vinaigrette.

Dime sized potatoes that melted in my mouth. (I keep saying that, and it is true :)
Six tiny individual coils of onion rings as delicate as fishing wire garnish baby vegetables.

Broccolini, baby carrots, artichoke hearts, spinach, celery root and button mushrooms, each so fresh it tastes as though they were picked from a garden not an hour ago.

Exquisite jasmine tea was brewed for me at the table in a glass pot, where the tea was a flower bud that expanded in the water as it steeped.

And then, ohhhhhh yes, dessert. Or desserts, to be more accurate.

A small glass jar of creme brulee. But not just any ordinary creme brulee. The kind of creme brulee you'll remember for a long, long, long time.

So sinfully good, not too sweet, just a perfect blend of apple and pear, dusted with bittersweet chocolate on the top.

Then another dessert. An edible piece of art on a plate - a bitter chocolate and hazelnut cylinder, with ginger ice cream and blackberry granite.

Incredibly, more followed.

Pineapple and coconut 'soup' with chili syrup they had me drink through a glass straw. Silver dusted chocolate balls. White chocolate covered strawberry ice cream balls. Raspberry sorbet garnished with microfine chocolate stripes. Turkish delight lemon-flavored squares.

Somehow, I managed to try a bite of each :)

The attention to detail, the freshness of the ingredients, the presentation, the service, the atmosphere, all of it combine to make for an experience to last for a lifetime.

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 by Loving Annie (7 reviews), 03 Apr 2008
Quite simply the best meal I have had. We all chose the taster menu and cannot recommend it highly enough.

Useful review? 1 1
 by saucyland (10 reviews), 13 Feb 2008
We were really disappointed. We had the £40 set lunch menu but spent £150 and walked out feeling cheated. Overall the food wasn't seasoned properly and lacked flair and real depth of flavour. We complained about the lamb main course tasting bland and were brought an extra amuse as apology.

Useful review? 1
 by neoama, 02 Aug 2007
My husband and I had a sumptuous lunch there. We were totally blown away by the whole experience. Enjoyed every single minute we were there. Truly worth a special journey!

Useful review? 1
 by sachertorte, 06 Jul 2007
Great, great and great! Gordon Ramsay is wonderful. Will recommend to everyone.

Useful review? 1
 by ciccio, 06 Apr 2007
Absolutely superb.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 13 Nov 2006
Had lunch there. FANTASTIC! I have never known service so exceptional in my life. Food was superb, with a few extras thrown in. Presentation of food was so great that it was a shame to eat it. Wonderful and well worth a visit... Now I know why it's almost impossible to get an evening reservation.

Useful review?
 by gerri1963, 02 Oct 2006
Just two days before it closed for first refurb since its '98 opening, we decided to take in the original GS experience. The first 15 mins was a rite of passage of over-attentive staff being slightly prissy, but a good rapport was soon built up with the first complimentary appetizer that appeared on our table. From posh crisps and dip to fragile pastry cylinders full of lime goo, my tastebuds were off and running.

We spent £177 in total, were there from 7-12pm, took in the a la carte 3-course, quaffed two bottles of delicious red wine from the budget end of the list and had to ask politely that no more exotic free nibbles land on our table. Nice touch was that we both sat facing the restaurant so could people watch the night away.

Useful review? 1
 by Mikey R, 23 Jun 2006
The food was superb, the service impeccable. Can't recommend highly enough.

Useful review?
 by Bamford (4 reviews), 25 May 2006
Sublime. Every time I go my expectations are surpassed. Wonderful service and even better food. It doesn't get better than this. When I think 3 *** Michelin this is it, not some of the other rubbish that purports to be.

Useful review?
 by kamarad, 07 Nov 2005
This is the greatest restaurant experience of my life! The food was incomparable - had the 8 courses, drank recomended wines, included 3 desserts and 2 appetisers. there were 3 of us, and it cost £550 with £60 tip... expensive, but you won't experience anything like this again.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 14 Jul 2004

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