L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon

13-15 West Street
Covent Garden, London
Tel: 020 7010 8600 or check availability and book online
Leicester Square 0.1 miles

Multi-Michelin-starred Joel Robuchon (voted chef of the 20th century by his peers) opens his long-awaited London restaurant next to The Ivy. On the ground floor diners are seated around the kitchen in L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, which offers gourmet casual dining and focuses on simplicity, natural flavours and quality of ingredients. La Cuisine, on the first floor, offers a wider menu and more conventional restaurant-style seating and Le Bar on the third floor is an intimate space for pre or post-dinner drinks.

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The Ivy, Covent Garden <0.1 miles
Teatro, Soho 0.1 miles
J Sheekey, Covent Garden 0.1 miles

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L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon reviews

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Wonderful. I prefer the more casual ground floor but the restaurant and bar rock too.

Only problem is that I keep ordering the same few favourite dishes.

Useful review?
 by meddler (8 reviews), 18 May 2011
Afraid we had a rather disappointing experience - good but not THAT good! Greeting very casual and the staff weren't very proactive. Food variable - main course of lamb was very fatty and really didn't taste all that nice to be honest. Pity.

Useful review?
 by joanna bisdee, 12 Mar 2011
I wish I had their Vesper Martini recipe.

Useful review?
 by ripbillanew1, 11 Jan 2011
If you appreciate food and are looking for an exquisite constellation of textures and flavours paired with some wonderful wines, this is the place of choice. Very nice ambiance, with an open kitchen and very good service from all staff. A place I'd go back to, and even prefer to Table Lumiere at The Dorchester.

Useful review?
 by Sabrina Witch (2 reviews), 04 Jul 2010
Having been here for our anniversary a few months ago and really enjoyed it, we decided to book this venue to surprise our son for his 21st birthday. We arranged drinks in the bar upstairs for 15 people and had booked a table for 9.00 (just for 4 of us).

Having arrived on time and been seated at tables in the upstairs bar, we were informed by the very rude manageress at 8.40 that there was going to be quite a delay to our table and was that a problem? It was, because our son was going out after dinner and we had specifically booked that time 3 months ago! She told us she could accommodate us in the upstairs restaurant, which we did not want, or the bar in the restaurant. She went downstairs and said she would try her best to see what could be done.

After being kept waiting a further 25 mins, my husband and I eventually came down at 9.05 and got our coats and were told that she now had a table! It was too late: I had managed to book at The Wolseley in Piccadilly, so we left.

Never been treated so badly ANYWHERE! Will never go back and I would not recommend anyone to this awful place. We never even heard from the restaurant with an apology!!

Useful review? 1
 by lady butterfly (2 reviews), 22 May 2010
One of the most amazing Michelin-starred restaurants. If you want great food, great ingredients, and like the food to speak for itself rather than gimmick, then you will love this place. The flavours are there and service is excellent. Extremely good value for money. My daughter loves it even though she is only 11. We celebrated her birthday and it was a night to remember. Just the theatre of watching the chefs cook is worth the trip.

Useful review?
 by goodytwoshoes, 19 Jan 2010
Things did not start well, as we had booked a table for 8.30pm but got a call from a very rude lady during the day telling us that our table would only be ready at either 8pm or 9pm, not 8.30pm. Then when we arrived, we were left waiting at our table for 30 mins before the waiter took our drinks order. To top it all off, the air-con was blastig on us, which was not very pleasant.

However, things improved from then on and the food and wine were just spectacular. The service was friendly and attentive and we had a lovely time. If this place gets the little details right, it is most definitely one of the best restaurants in London.

Useful review?
 by DelB, 26 Nov 2009
Well, it's certainly different. Food and theatre combine to make a great atmosphere. The most amazing thing was a chef watching the cooking without taking his eyes off the process and making no comments to the other chefs. Our dinner was a great anniversary occasion and they guessed it by wishing us a happy anniversary - was this part of their fun?

Useful review?
 by frank.harris13, 23 Oct 2009
OMG, we went to Joel Robuchon in Paris and it was magnificent. London was terrible. Why do we Brits settle for less than our French counterparts? The one in London wouldn't last one day in Paris. Shame on the service, prices and space...

Useful review?
 by jonothansmith, 26 Nov 2008
At the insistance of my fourteen-year-old grandson (who thinks he knows about good restaurants but does not have the means to patrtonise and afford them from his own pocket), we booked an evening meal here at quite short notice.

We were seated at the counter with a view of the kitchen area and were able to watch our meal being cooked and assembled by the small army of chefs - which was an entertainment in itself. We indulged ourselves and selected the taster menu and it was nothing short of memorable. Course after course from pre-starter to the puddings with an infinite variety of tastes were all outstanding.

Would we go again? You bet!

Useful review?
 by vincepearson, 21 Nov 2008
Went there on Friday 7th November and will never go again. Service was poor and I was treated like a second-class citizen. We eat out often and I will also tell all my friends to avoid going there.

Useful review?
 by zanwe, 11 Nov 2008
I would neither recommend this restaurant nor return. Yes, as expected it was overpriced, but the food was very disappointing. Two of my four courses were really poor. The pig trotter was too salty to eat, and the £12 'langoustine fritter' was a joke! It was one deep frid langoustine with a microscopic dot of basil pistou for an accompaniment. The beef carpachio was delicious, but this was the only positive aspect of a poor and expensive dining experience.

Useful review?
 by stella212, 10 Aug 2008
Fantastic service, excellent food and a great atmosphere! I also recommend you to have a drink at the top floor after your dinner.

Useful review?
 by rachelboe, 13 Jun 2008
Very good entrecote... amazing. I will go back any time.

Useful review?
 by silviabarthes (5 reviews), 09 Jun 2008
Went to L'Atelier for a birthday dinner with my husband. The food was innovative, but the price was ridiculous for what you get. Be sure to eat before you go, as you definitely walk away hungry from this one! The waiter service was also hysterical - constant interruption from at least 12 people dancing attendance, and managed to get through a pre-starter, starter and main in 45 minutes!!

Useful review?
 by biggles, 30 Mar 2008
I had dinner seated around the kitchen on a Monday night. I have eaten in some of the best restaurants in the world and this was definitely one of them.

We ordered the chef's tasting menu, which I think is smart if you're truly going to experience a restaurant of this calibre. The dinner consisted of 10 courses, each better than before. The food was superb. Our waitress was fantastic - softly spoken and very attentive. Foie gras dishes are mouthwatering and the truffled mashed potatoes are sinful. We ordered a bottle of champagne from our waitress, so I can't give an opinion of the sommelier. The chefs in the kitchen are a delight to watch. It's almost as if they have rehearsed, their interaction is so fluid and graceful. Atmosphere was great - good music and enough people to keep the place busy, but not too many to make for bad service. Le Bar is a gorgeous place to finish your drinks and take coffee or tea.

Expensive? Of course. Chef's tasting was £80 per person, then add a bottle of wine or champagne. If you feel too guilty to spend that, then maybe pick another restaurant. But you can't experience a restaurant like this if you're going to be worried about the price. It's worth it - even if you can only do it once in a lifetime.

Useful review?
 by Brandyn Leslie, 19 Mar 2008
We ate in the gourmet casual dining room perched at the counter and totally enjoyed the experience of watching a very professional team of chefs in action. The food was an absolute gastronomic experience. The lobster ravioli and the mackerel tart were exceptional starters. Main courses were sirloin steak (perfectly cooked, with exquisite flavour) and John Dory - both excellent. Desserts were a sweet touch of heaven. Truly one of the best restaurants I have eaten in. World-class. Well done! Look forward to going back.

Useful review?
 by Dee Sheils, 29 Feb 2008
Stands alone, a true culinary experience and stunning in all aspects.

Useful review?
 by Victoria Bond, 01 Feb 2008
It is such an incredible adventure! I should say, AGAIN (this was my second time). I went there for Saturday dinner. It was packed but a great experience. Staf are lovely and very caring, (shame that their sommelier left though, as there isn't the same standard of recommendation of wines). Try the fabulous new dishes and selection of 'tapas', accompanied by the extraordinary mashed potato if you ask the chef kindly! If I were you, I would book for early evening if going at the weekend.

Useful review?
 by goodeater, 03 Jan 2008
Obviously a 'love it or hate it' experience. Personally, I wished I could leave as soon as I arrived. The decor reminded me of a cross between MacDonalds and an airport bar upgraded with nice materials and lighting. The food was good, but nothing a decent gastro-pub can't turn out in far more relaxing and better value surroundings. The Tuna Tartar was delicious, the Lamb Cutlets were fine, but they're not difficult to get right. The accompanying mash was sickly (far too much butter), the cutlery poorly balanced with a two-sided knife... reflects what I would say to sum this restaurant up: poncey.

Useful review? 1 1
 by TheUniversal (2 reviews), 22 Dec 2007

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