Le Coq D'Argent

1 Poultry
The City, London
Tel: 020 7395 5000 or check availability and book online
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1 Lombard Street, The City 0.1 miles
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Le Coq D'Argent reviews

I have been going to this place for many years and, unfortunately, of late it has gone downhill in a big way.

The venue is great, but the staff (most of whom struggle with English) are rude and arrogant, to say the least. You will generally wait an eternity for your meal (or a drink), and it is definitely not worth either the wait nor the price! It is an absolute rip-off.

Also, watch out if you go for lunch - they have a brasserie section (which actually provides good food at a semi-reasonable price) but they only have minimal tables there and will try to push you into the restaurant where it is all much more expensive, and simply just not worth it.

Had lunch up there today. We booked the brasserie but they said they only had a table in the restaurant section. Waited forever for our meal, and when my pork arrived, the piece of meat was no bigger than my thumb. For £24, this was just a waste of my time and money (I ended up getting a Pret sandwich on my way back to the office, after having been at Coq for some 2 hours waiting around for food). My friend ordered the steak for £25 and it was about the size of 2 thumbs, but whilst it was ordered as 'medium-well', it came out raw. Having waited so long, he ate half of it, and then joined me for a sandwich afterwards.

This place is fast becoming a joke. If it wasn't for the great venue, it would have gone bust like many other City eateries!

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 by peterjames, 09 Jul 2010
Went as a guest, so didn't complain. However... starters very poor - two tiny scallops in a bowl of what looked like Heinz tomato soup and a few chopped courgettes was not what I was expecting from the description in the menu!

I then chose monkfish for my main, which was OK but no better than any served in less expensive places... and why do they serve it in a tasteless bean broth?

The dessert (passion fruit tart) was wonderful, which cheered me up a bit, but I suspect this was bought in anyway. Wine was good.

To conclude, go for the view and the ambiance but not for the food, which is expensively average.

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 by Rosamum, 05 Sep 2006
The open roof terrace is wonderful for cocktails in the summer!

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 by adventures in technicolor, 27 Mar 2006

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