Le Palais du Jardin

136 Long Acre
Covent Garden, London
Tel: 020 7379 5353 Covent Garden 0.1 miles

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Having eaten extensively in France, I have to say this was the most overpriced rubbish I have ever been served. Foie gras that resembled pig's liver, crayfish and lobster from the freezer, mediocre calves liver and a standard £5 bottle of wine for 40 odd quid. The bill at £120 was just not value for money. Why is it that French restaurants in England are so often poor value when in France you can get fabulous food for reasonable prices? I think it is maybe because we English just don't know any better.

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 by david.hardy59, 11 Oct 2009
My boyfriend and I went for an early evening birthday supper last night. In short, the service was exceptional, the food was excellent (a little over-seasoned with the potatoes) and what you'd expect to pay for Covent Garden. We hadn't booked but that was not a problem. We were not rushed in any way, and we took our own sweet time over our meal. It was a wonderful dining experience and I'd recommend it and go back.

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 by billie2001uk, 09 Jan 2009
Sorry, but this place is very past its sell by date. I used to go often when I worked in Covent Garden. But it's now very expensive, the waiting staff were unfriendly and the food not worth the money. The restaurant has zero atmosphere. Sadly, it's maybe a victim of its own success. Many people from outside London come to eat there and I am not sure it is so good an experience for them. The only positive is the Sancerre Rose, but you can get a bottle at the bar, drink it with your friends and go somewhere else to eat.

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 by James Sales in The City (8 reviews), 24 Sep 2008
I went to this wonderful place with 8 ladies. We were treated like queens. The food was out of this world and the fine wine was fab. I would without a doubt recommend it and hope to visit again very soon. Thanks for a fantastic night!

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 by THE LADIES, 12 Jul 2007
I went on my birthday and had a truly wonderful and memorable lunch. We actually stayed there until 5pm. Friends joined us throughout our visit and the staff were polite. I will be going back - I love it.

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 by Moo Moo (23 reviews), 07 May 2007
My boyfriend booked this restaurant for our first Valentine's Day together, as he had been before (albeit some time ago) and had been impressed. So when I looked up the reviews and saw such scathing comments I was a little worried, but we decided to go for it after all.

Well, I have to say I'm so pleased we did! It was possibly the most perfect Valentine's date I've ever had. There was no problem with our booking, we were seated at a lovely spacious table, the service was prompt without being rushed, the staff were polite and friendly, and the food was second to none! Considering that this is traditionally a very busy day for restaurants, I was seriously impressed, and am very pleased that we decided to ignore everything we had previously read.

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 by Anonymous, 15 Feb 2007
We were wandering around looking for somewhere to eat on Friday evening. I had a hankering for lobster, so this place looked perfect. Nice interior, if a little crammed with tables. Host was pleasant and efficient, but that's about all I can say that's positive.

The waiter was arrogant, inefficient, and at times downright rude! The men's bathroom was a state - toilet rolls on the floor, bins overflowing with paper towels, dirty floors and just generally nasty... so bad, in fact, I complained.

On the face of it, the food was good, with a huge seafood platter that would have been excellent value for money, if it didn't come with free food poisoning...

I'd avoid this place at all costs. It looks great, but is sadly lacking in EVERY department.

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 by Via, 29 Jan 2007
A catalogue of disasters... On arrival my boyfriend and I were seated first, as my parents were running late. They arrived a short time later but had to search the restaurant as the front of house didn't know where we were seated. e soon noticed that the table had not been laid up properly - missing napkins, glasses, side plates etc. After a long time we finally got the attention of the waiter and these items were replaced. We then noticed lots of broken glass on the floor under our table and asked the waiter if we could move tables, as our table was obviously not ready to be used. He told us to stay where we were and got a dust pan and brush and cleared it up.

At this point we were getting a little bit frustrated. It was supposed to be a celebration dinner in what we thought was a quality restaurant. We had also been waiting for 30 minutes without anyone even offering us a drink. We indicated our dissatisfaction to our waiter and he offered to get the manager.

We described all these mishaps to the manager, but rather then offer an apology he just demanded "And? What do you suggest I do?" We said an apology would be nice and suggested a bottle of wine would be a kind gesture. To this he said "This is not the restaurant for you, I think you should leave". We were in total shock! What breathtaking arrogance!!

Not surprisingly, I will NEVER go to this restaurant again.

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 by Meli, 16 Dec 2006
I visited with 9 work colleagues for a Christmas meal and was absolutely appalled by the service we received at the restaurant. The waiter was extremely rude and dismissive when one of our party, who is a vegetarian and has a wheat intolerance, asked for alternatives from the set Christmas menu. We were met with looks of disgust and a complete "so what do you want me to do?" attitude.

The food itself was extremely nice, but again was marred by the poor service of clearing away plates while members of the group were still eating. We were given about 10 minutes between each course so we felt very rushed and, to be honest, the restaurant was not that busy so it was not for the want of a quick turnaround on tables.

All in all, I would not recommend this restaurant. A meal should be enjoyed for both the food and the service, and for a restaurant in a prime location and with a reasonable reputation it clearly let itself down.

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 by paulj, 21 Dec 2005
I've been here twice, the second time only a few weeks ago and I can't fault it at all. Service is efficient, friendly, polite. Fruits de Mer and champagne are to die for.

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 by Anonymous, 17 Nov 2005
Food was excellent. Service was 1st class.

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 by El Tel, 07 Aug 2005
The staff were very dismissive and could not crack a smile. Everything seemed as if it was a problem.

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 by Anonymous, 22 Jul 2005
If you want to experience the worst service in London, this is the place for you!! Terribly incompetent service is backed up with unbelievably rude staff.

This is the second time I've been and they were even worse than last time, which I didn't think was possible. We had to order our second bottle of wine three times before it arrived, and we'd asked for a bottle of water five times before they accommodated that. Plus, the waiter felt the need to tell me off for complaining at his incompetence!

It's a shame really because the food is good and the venue is a nice French brasserie style. However, Gordon Ramsay could be in the kitchen and I'd still not go back!

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 by Anonymous, 03 Jun 2005
Light and airy restaurant with lots of light coming in from the sky lights which makes it a good lunch venue. They do especially good sea food.

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 by ac (37 reviews), 08 Mar 2004

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