Le Pont De La Tour

Butlers Wharf, 36d Shad Thames
South Bank, London
Tel: 020 7403 8403 or check availability and book online
Tower Gateway 0.4 miles

Le Pont De La Tour

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Blueprint Cafe, South Bank <0.1 miles
Village East, South Bank 0.5 miles
Kasturi, The City 0.7 miles

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Le Pont De La Tour reviews

Caveat Emptor! Superficially modern chic with pseudofrench staff; however, service is appalling. Very slow service all round - ask for a faster service and the bottom lip drops and you are ignored. We served ourselves with wine, there was an hour between starters and mains and then there were 2 errors in an order for 8 people! When the bill came there were several 'additions' - several of our party ordered relatively cheap meals but were still charged more: £20 for 2 courses (which should have included a glass of wine - not received), a more expensive bottle of wine had been substituted for the one ordered and an extortionate service charge added (discretionary, of course).

So, what should have been a reasonable quality meal for a reasonable price ended up as a less than satisfactory experience for a rip-off price. I suggest you don't drink before inspecting the bill!

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 by petejan, 25 Jan 2010
This is one of my favourites. Beautiful setting, excellent service, delightful food - what more can you ask? I've been there 4 times now and loved every single visit!

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 by jennymxiong (5 reviews), 16 Oct 2009
Very good seafood platter - eventually - after getting past the tiresome "You can't sit at a table for three, there are only two of you" routine in an empty place ("It might fill up"... "We need the space for the platter"...), which had us reaching for our coats.

There was an Eastern Italian white on the list which matched the fresh shellfish perfectly. The male staff were more pleasant and some other customers did come, but others gave up and walked away. They should be nicer to customers at first and they will do well.

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 by william23, 15 Oct 2009
Disappointing to say the least. Poor service, over salted food, table not as requested. Only idiots and business people with expense accounts go here. Did I mention over over over priced? Never again.

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 by 548230462, 09 Jun 2008
Utterly disappointing. Spent the entire evening facing a corner of mirror and wall (despite the windows and location!). The overall atmosphere is that of a business hotel in anytown - bland. Dishes small and overpriced. If you are going to go, stay in the bar area - not worth venturing into the restaurant.

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 by jamesbartholomew, 12 Feb 2008
I took my sister here for her birthday - what a disappointment. Another overrated Conran restaurant and massively unimpressive. It had the atmosphere of a business hotel restaurant, practically non-English speaking staff (OK OK, typical London) who did not have a clue what was going on and thus gave bad service, food was very average and I could have made it myself as it was simple. Sometimes simple is great but this was just plain. I definitely wouldn't recommend it and won't be returning. Nice touch was the piano being played in the bar area. Bar was the best bit of the whole night.

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 by lyddie (2 reviews), 24 Jun 2007
I really do not understand why this Conran restaurant is so popular. Having been to at least five of his restaurants in the last decade, I have not found anything that special about them. I have had lunch here twice, once in 1993 and once last month. On neither occasion was the seafood at all memorable (roast cod with new potatoes last month), yet this place always seems to be packed with a certain clientele.

Admittedly, the wonderful view of the Thames is an attraction, along with Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and the Gherkin, and sitting outside in the sunshine was very pleasant. However, both the food and wine were heavily overpriced, and I could have eaten far better quality food at several Michelin-starred restaurants in London for the same price or less. The lunch menu was confusing and even though the waitress informed us that we did not have to order the full three courses from the set menu (at which point I ordered just the main), I was still charged for all three courses - around £30 or so!

All in all, an outrageous rip-off. One would be better off buying an expensive wine and taking it to the Golden Hind to wash down some of the freshest fish and chips in the UK.

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 by bobbypants (52 reviews), 15 Jun 2007
We had the seafood platter, and I was very disappointed to find that the food was not fresh but had obviously been frozen. I grew up with fresh seafood available on my doorstep, and there is no comparison. And when I actually had to order bread separately, my mind was made up. That should be included in the seafood platter - THAT'S HOW YOU EAT IT!

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 by Thule, 16 Feb 2007
This restaurant is simply the cracking best. This is the setting where my fiance proposed.

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 by Jodz, 18 Oct 2005
Incredibly over priced, terrible service, mediocre food. The only thing it has going for it is the setting. Yet again, Conran lets us down.

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 by Anonymous, 10 May 2005
I have found Pont De La Tour a little bit hit and miss as far as the food goes, not to mention the fact that it is very expensive and the expense does not really reflect the food. The ambience is always great and very romantic, however a little snobbish. Nice place but could think of others that are just as nice but more reasonably priced.

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 by Rachel Mingo (2 reviews), 25 Jan 2005
I have been several times over the past year.

OUTSIDE at lunch time is perfect in the summer when the sun's shining. You can admire the views, people watch and get smashed by the river. ;-) Service can be variable but food usually satisfactory to good.

INSIDE in the evenings can be romantic if you are out to impress your special date. You can be ejected from your table at 21.30 if you have an early booking which sucks. It just means finishing off in the bar with another bottle of champagne! David G.

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 by Anonymous, 06 Jan 2005
I went here on Valentine's night last year and liked the fact that the restaurant helped make it a special evening.

There's quite a formal atmosphere, but the food is lovely and the view of Tower Bridge lit up outside is beautiful.

Useful review?
 by ac (37 reviews), 08 Mar 2004

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