130 Regent's Park Road
Regent's Park, London
Tel: 020 7586 8569 Chalk Farm 0.3 miles

Tues-Sat: 12pm-2.30pm, 6.30pm-10.30pm
Sun: 12pm-3.30pm

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My wife and I went for a meal here last Wednesday. It's in a lovely little place, you can walk there through Regents Park, past the zoo. I started with the rabbit and then we both had the pheasant. They were both full of flavour and beautifully cooked. Our waiter said the pheasant was shot on the head chef's family farm in North Wales! The service was very good indeed. We didn't have to wait for anything and they were really attentive. I would recommend this restaurant to everybody. Fantastic!

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 by Steven Briers, 24 Feb 2010
We had the most appalling experience at Odette's. My wife's fish was not cooked through so we sent it back. The manager apologised and took both dishes away. 10 minutes later they came back and the fish was half the size and my pork was luke warm. They re-did the pork and when it arrived at the table this time part of the dish was cold. Rather than solve the problem we were told we would no longer be served and told to leave. All we wanted was a meal cooked as the prices would suggest - well!!

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 by stephen2, 26 Jul 2009
I have been going to Odette's for thirty years. I have eaten in Odette's three times since Bryn Williams took over. Three times I or my friends have been massively overcharged. The first time we didn't do anything about it as we thought it was just very expensive. The second time my friend checked her receipt when she got home and they had charged her for four set meals instead of two. When she rang them to refund her money they were rude and offhand, not apologetic as one would have expected. She is still (six months later) waiting for her refund. The third time the waiter tried to put £83.50 onto my card instead of £55.00. This cannot be a coincidence that this happened three times.

The food was good but the waiters were inattentive, unprofessional and surly, thus ruining what should be a fine dining experience.

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 by francesca picasso, 23 May 2009
Myself and 2 friends stumbled upon this restaurant. We were going to a gig so needed to eat early. We had the early bird 2 courses for £12! Amazing food, fantastic value for money and great extras (amuse bouche, warm bread, great banter with the staff). Definitely be back!

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 by rooroo, 14 Mar 2009
Very disappointing. My husband and I went on Saturday 11th Oct 2008. The table wasn't ready, so we were invited to wait in the bar. No problem with that, except that it took rather a long time for the wine list to arrive and even longer for our chosen wine to be brought to us. What we hoped would be a lovely relaxed evening was spoilt at the very beginning by the staff running around like headless chickens, including Bryn Williams!

The menu choice was acceptable and food delivered promptly. The quality, however, was average. For the main course we had chosen a lovely Rioja. Which was served in small white wine glasses. When challenged, the wine waiter scoffed: "Madam needs a bigger glass?" No! Madam required the CORRECT glass.

I would suggest the staff and chef visit Purnells in Birmingham. The service, food and ambience there are 5 Star. Odette's have a lot to learn.

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 by groovinmum, 14 Oct 2008
I thought Odette's was a lovely restaurant. The service and food were great, the atmosphere was wonderful. Fairly priced too. I will definitely be going there again!

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 by evieangel96, 23 Jul 2008
Went for lunch today for Mothers' Day. First time we'd been there. Excellent service and very good food. Seem to be lots of regulars/locals who go there. Also, as a Welshman, I was pleased to see that the chef is Welsh (Bryn Williams). Desserts were excellent, though a little too sweet (I can recommend the rhubarb with creme brulee), and vegetables were too salty, but everything else was very good. A little overpriced - £200 for 3 of us, all included - but would definitely go again for a special occasion.

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 by Peter Warren, 02 Mar 2008
Had a fabulous lunch here in June. Great to be able to buy good wines by the glass when there are two of you, so you can try different ones with each course - a bit expensive, but so what. Food was lovely - set lunch menu and good value. Great staff who know about service but were entertaining too; and yes, the chef came around (although we didn't meet him). Agreed, the decor is a bit violent. But although I miss the mirrors too, I don't miss the pomposity of the previous establishment.

I am returning again with a larger group tonight for dinner.

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 by Rhian, 31 Aug 2007
I really enjoyed the food, service and atmosphere on my recent visit to this restaurant (we even met the chef, which was a bonus!) until I got to dessert... I suffer from a really severe nut allergy and despite having advised the staff of this I ended up eating nuts in my dessert. Not a great end to the night - I was violently ill back at my nearby hotel. I doubt if I'll be going back!

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 by Deirdre, 05 Aug 2007
Went to Odette's twice in one week. The new decor is beautiful and the food was totally amazing and not expensive either. Also, the manager and young French waiter were really very attentive.

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 by karenlisa (2 reviews), 09 Jun 2007
Just returned to Odette's after new management took over and was sadly disappointed. The formerly romantic setting has been replaced by a migraine-inducing new colour scheme. The menu was unimaginative and the service was haphazard (we witnessed five different complaints besides our own). There were stones and grit in my lentils, and to top it all off, it was more expensive than it used to be. The only saving grace was the pud. However, it was not enough to entice me back. Gutted.

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 by Eunice, 16 Dec 2006
Beautifully prepared food, sharp, accommodating service. First-rate care in charming surroundings.

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 by Mary Botros, 02 Dec 2006
One of my favourite restaurants in London without a doubt. The food is beautifully prepared and presented. I'm never disappointed and service is very good.

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 by Don Chicho, 16 Sep 2005
One of the best restaurants I recently went to in London, there is just something about this place. It was just so romantic and the food was excellent - cannot wait to go back.

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 by Anna B, 29 Jun 2005
Tiny portions, surly service , badly managed, expensive.

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 by Anonymous, 11 May 2005

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