The Square

6-10 Bruton Street
Mayfair, London
Tel: 020 7495 7100 Green Park 0.3 miles

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I am very hard pressed to fault The Square. From the moment we entered, the staff were a complete delight and this continued throughout the evening. They were friendly but not intrusive, knowledgeable but not arrogant. Every mouthful of food was simply exquisite and the wine pairing utter perfection. The hushed tones and excited murmurings of the evening set a wonderful atmosphere. I would quite happily recommend The Square to the most captious gastronomers.

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 by tropicad, 15 Jul 2011
Ate at The Square July 10th. Never been to a 2-Michelin-starred restaurant before. What a disappointment!

My wife found a hair in the amuse bouche, but put it on the side of her plate discreetly and kept quiet about her 'extra starter'. We had the 3-course Menu at £80 per head. The food was very bland and very, very boring. The menu planning was terrible - if you did not like lemon verbena, which I think was in at least 2 dishes, or girrolles (2 dishes) or truffle (2 dishes). Can the Chef not see his menu writing mistakes? Must admit service was good though.

Maybe we went to the wrong restaurant, but I expected something cutting-edge. Don't waste your money - Benares is much better and only round the corner.

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 by annalebrocq, 11 Jul 2011
Disappointing Michelin 2-star. Probably shouldn't even be a 1-star. Food is interesting but ultimately nothing ultra-special.

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 by pholahan, 15 Apr 2011
AWFUL. I won't write a bite-by-bite analyis of the meal, as it wasn't memorable enough. All I will say is that my husband and I have eaten in many two Michelin star restaurants and neither of us can understand why/how this restaurant achieved the accolade. If you compare The Square to places such as Le Gavroche and Gidleigh Park it is amazing that they are supposedly of the same standard - they're not.

The ambience at The Square is bright and noisy, like a Pizza Express. The food was worse than many restaurants without Michelin stars we've been to, and the service was terrible. It took two of us four hours to get through a three course meal on a Friday night, the service was that slow. In the end we went to the desk to pay the bill because we were so bored of waiting to pay. They didn't even ask us if everything had been alright - I guess they were scared of the answer!

So, if you're looking for somewhere dark and romantic with impeccable food and flawless service, then please, please go to Le Gavroche instead.

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 by carolinepobereskin, 29 Dec 2010
Stuffy, stifled, extortionate. Wonderful food but that's it. Mostly surly staff and a very snooty woman in the entrance. Clearly a restaurant who only like customers with fancy clothes and LOTS of money to splash about! DO NOT GO!!

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 by Renaissance222, 18 Aug 2010
We went to The Square with great expectations, having read great reviews of this restaurant. Unfortunately it was one of the most disappointing restaurant experiences we have had. We had the tasting menu and although some dishes were very good, the crab lasagne came with big pieces of crab shell in it (in 3 out of 6 of the dishes) - big enough to be a real danger. The halibut was overcooked and dry and the lamb was chewy and tasteless. There are much better restaurants in London at this price, so do not waste your money going to The Square. To top it off, they charged for water on our bill that we did not have.

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 by jenssen, 18 Jul 2010
Have been going to this restaurant since it opened, but was extremely bewildered and disappointed on my last visit.

It was a Friday but the restaurant was empty. Service was non-existent, the manager was absent. The first course was barely edible and the second course was inedible because it was cold. When they brought the same meat re-cooked, it was still cold. We could not eat it and complained. It was explained to us that to serve the food hot, it would have to be overcooked! This is an incomprehensible explanation, especially for a 2-star Michelin restaurant. Needless to say, we left without eating.

Strongly advise that you don't waste your time or money going there. Quality has gone way down.

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 by bettylondonnyc, 18 Apr 2010
A truly remarkable experience in this super-endowed, French-style London restaurant. I don't think you can eat that well for that price in Paris nowadays, though the wine list is probably 10% more expensive than in Paris. But here is at least a French restaurant with an open-minded approach. Do not hesitate to venture outside Bord. & Burg. when it comes to the wine list. Top marks to the sommelier for their top selection!

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 by benoit.faure, 28 Jan 2010
FANTASTIC. A great meal. We had the tasting menu for 4, one of which was the vegetarian tasting menu. As the veggie guest does not like mushrooms, they provided alternatives for almost every course. The halibut was wonderful, the beef tender to the point of melting. But the star course for all of us was the cheesecake dessert - beautiful.

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 by ER, 06 Dec 2009
We (my wife and I) dined at The Square the other night. In one word: perfect! Excellent food, wine and staff. Compliments.

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 by vlodorp, 26 Oct 2009
Excellent wine, impeccable service, very attractive staff (sorry, but a huge bonus!) and the cheese was delectable. One of the best French restos in London.

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 by Milla (46 reviews), 19 Nov 2008
Had luncheon at The Square. Service was attentive but not intrusive. Food was very good - but truthfully, in line with the price. I would have no hesitation to go again but would want to try others before that return.

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 by Martin Cox, 20 Sep 2008
The Square is quite simply the best food experience in London today.

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 by mfarish, 18 Apr 2008
It is an early Friday evening, just 6:30 p.m., and I get to the restaurant a few minutes before they are ready to seat guests.

A smiling blonde hostess offers a chair opposite the wooden bar, and brings me something to drink while I wait.

It is a modern yet soothing space, with a fresh spray of orchids and pussy willows reflected in the mirror. Cream colored faux-stone flooring inlaid with black marble is underfoot.

The dining room has perhaps twenty generously sized tables, nicely spaced apart. There is a dark herringbone wood floor, and the room will be fashionably noisy later on as well-heeled couples drift in to fill the space.

Recessed halogen lights provide light and leave a feeling of pristine space. They subtly set off cream colored side walls hung with abstract modern paintings, interspersed with dramatic framed beveled mirrors on the back wall.

Gilt silk curtains and sheer shades are by the windows. Decorated half screens cleverly block the sight of the cars passing by, while allowing a demure peek at the building across the street.

The heavy, floor length, gray, square pleated tablecloths are topped by white linen. Wooden upholstered armchairs are more comfortable than they look.

Pink rosebuds in a vase are discreetly placed on each table. The pepper grinder and salt shaker are polished silver. The 'charger' plate has a beautifully decorated modern design on it, flanked by Christofle silverware.

The serving staff is dressed formally in black, wearing ties, and they all seem to have french accents, which may be a prerequisite for a Michelin 2 star restaurant in town.

The sommelier shakes his head in polite dismay as I decline wine, and brings a bottle of Speyside Glenlivet still natural mineral water to the table.

Large rounds of both unsalted and salted butter are brought on glass teardrop shaped dishes. From among four types of warm freshly baked bread that are offered, I choose walnut-raisin (sweet enough to have at breakfast)and a sourdough baguette. Both are light in texture, a nice intimation of things to come.

An amuse bouche is brought, five cunningly shaped, delicious, light, just crunchy enough, morsels of intriguing flavors I cannot identify.

As usual, I am a finicky eater. I have called ahead and begged the Master Chef, Philip Howard, to indulge me. He graciously complies, and we agree on a tasting meal . Let the pleasure begin :)

Each course is brought on a silver platter, a lovely formal presentation of the goodness to follow.

(It is actually beyond good. Read on, and I must warn you that you will be drooling before you are through.)

The first course is white asparagus veloute with cauliflower.

The second course is Scottish smoked salmon offset by tiny potato rounds garnished with chives. The plainness of the potato is a perfect offset for the delicate saltiness of the fish.

The third course is large, fresh green asparagus tips, lightly garnished with Parmesan and watercress, and accompanied by a lightly poached egg cunningly set in a delicate pastry shell. The rich flavor of the egg is an excellent offset against the cool vegetable.

(At this point, I already want to marry the chef, but the waiter regretfully informs me that he already has a wife.)

The fourth course is a garden salad. A tiny, fresh mound of leek hearts, charlotte potatoes, swisschard, artichokes with pickled beetroot, microherbs and dandelion. I squeeze the juice of a half of a lemon over it, and am in heaven.

The fifth course is a single, large poached rock oyster holding in its shell a light curry veloute, coriander, mousseline, and a pomegranate, caper and raisin dressing.

The sixth course is hand rolled farfalle pasta with an emulsion of winter vegetables (cauliflower, onion and green beans) garnished with Parmesan in an amazingly delicious butter sauce.

Once again, the blend of flavors and textures are exquisite. I shamelessly use the rest of my baguette to soak up some of the sauce.

Someone approaches the table, and my hand tightens on my fork, ready to poke anyone who dares to touch the plate. Mine, I think, too delicious, unwilling to give up a single bite to an overly ready busboy. Instead, it is another party of three diners -their hands are safe :)

Steaming hot, fresh mint leaf tea arrives, leaves steeping in the now familiar glass pot. A light golden sugar is in a frosted glass bowl.

The first of a series of desserts is brought.

Vanilla yogurt like none I've ever had (no aftertaste) is layered in a shot glass with rhubarb compote and blood orange foam. Incredibly light, the sour mixes perfectly with the sweet. A donut hole, dusted lightly with cinnamon, again contrasts perfectly with the yogurt. Warm versus cool, airy versus creamy.

The there is the airiest of passion fruit souffles, dusted with powdered sugar. Lime ice cream brings just the right hint of tartness. A coconut dusted meringue adds a hint of texture to offset the light-as-air creaminess of the souffle

Incredibly, there is more, and another small plate is brought.

Chocolate covered orange sticks are the best I've ever tasted, with each flavor distinct and perfect. There are also tiny truffles of some sort, perhaps coffee.

I ask now for hot jasmine tea - it is also perfect. (I'm not overusing the word - it is accurate each and every time)

Then as a finale, 5 lollipops of fresh fruit gellee are served, orange, strawberry, apple, passion fruit and Turkish delight.

The bill comes, and for a meal this extraordinary, at 111 pounds inclusive of everything, it is very reasonable.

I ponder how soon I can return.

Loving Annie

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 by Loving Annie (7 reviews), 03 Apr 2008
Amazing food, great ambiance. An incredible experience

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 by peterdoig (2 reviews), 28 Mar 2008
I must have visited another restaurant tonight, comparing my experience against the reviewer's below! I took my parents and my partner to The Square to revisit a restaurant that they frequented some years before. Sadly, the experience was not a happy one.

Starters were decidedly average on the whole - langoustine (which was tasteless), foie Gois (very good), and a mushroom salad. For the main course I shared lamb with my partner, which we were presented with and which was then taken back to the kitchen to be carved. 15 minutes later the lamb arrived with the other main courses - both lamb courses were cold. I immediately called our waiter back, who said we would have to wait as his head waiter was dealing with a big problem! 5 minutes passed and eventually the head waiter came to our table. I told her that both our dishes were cold. She offered us another course but said it would be a further hour until it would be ready!! We declined. My parent's sea bass was apparently good but nothing out of the ordinary. We passed on dessert.

The bill arrived - £450 for a bottle of wine + 4 full meals, with no reduction for the main courses that we returned. The maitre 'd was called and I queried the bill. Here's the reply: "We offered to cook you another lamb, so it's your problem that you refused [by now it was 11.15pm]." They refused to give us any refund until I dug my heels in and refused to pay the bill. Eventually they removed the charges for the 2 main courses that we never had but - in French - called me a "f**king a**hole" and various other comments in the same vein. I speak perfect French and understood every word they said about me.

I have never had a more disappointing meal, nor have I ever experienced worse service than I experienced tonight. If you are looking to impress a business client, take them to Nobu or Sketch or Le Gavroche (a true 2-star restaurant). If you're looking to impress a partner, take them to Nobu or Locatelli's.

How this restaurant got 2 stars, I have no idea. A bad meal is excusable, but the way they treated us is totally unacceptable. I've had meals in the past at the very best restaurants in the world and occasionally something isn't quite right and there's never a question about it - either a reduction in the bill or an acceptable alternative is supplied.

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 by bigdog (2 reviews), 28 Mar 2008
The Square was our first 2-star Michelin restaurant. We went for the tasting menu with wines and it was just phenomenal. I wholeheartedly recommend the experience. A tip: share one order of wine and cheese between two people and the cost comes down a bit.

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 by baiji, 06 Mar 2008
I'm a French wine waiter, and The Square is my favourite restaurant in London... in England, in fact!

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 by fernando51, 20 Jul 2007
Great restaurant. The best of modern French cuisine. Friendly service, right balance. Extensive wine list with some very good value choices. Very comfortable dining room with agreeable ambience. Fully deserves 2 rosettes.

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 by martinidoc (5 reviews), 14 May 2007
Absolutely fabulous! Food was excellent, service was good and the atmosphere was great. Cheese-lovers, I certainly recommend having the cheese in place of dessert! Wow!Some real surprises in store for you.

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 by Anonymous, 27 Apr 2007

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