16 Broadway Parade
Crouch End, London
N8 9DE
Tel: 020 8342 9496

With an emphasis on combining good design and comfortable living, Indish prides itself on the diversity of its contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories. Established since 1996 and located in Crouch End, Indish sells products sourced and manufactured in Italy and Scandinavia alongside products crafted by young British designers and innovators.

Mon-Sat: 10.30am-5.30pm
Sun: 12.30pm-4.30pm

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We received a Christmas present from Indish that unfortunately was not to our taste. But, most other things in the shop are, so we attempted to get an exchange. NOT a refund. Unfortunately the gift giver had lost the receipt so Indish refused us any exchange, as there was no indication the things were bought there.

I know that by law they don't have to, but their stock is relatively unique for those parts of London, and they had the barcode etc on them still. Not only did they refuse, they were very rude about it. They also asked if the items had an Indish sticker, well NO, as they don't put said stickers on their products. May I suggest they do in future.

Unfortunately it seems like false economy on their behalf. I have previously shopped there, as their things are very much to my taste (apart from said present) but I will no longer shop there and will encourage my friends to do the same.

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 by LUCH, 06 Jan 2014
I agree with comments about poor service - you go to Indish despite the service not because of it. The shop is design heaven but service is surly and ungracious, and if you need to return goods because they are faulty (not because you have changed your mind) then be prepared for a battle and to be made to feel like you are in the wrong. I still buy from there as I like to champion independent shops and give my money to local businesses but the owners do need to be wary of biting the hand that feeds them. A smile and a bit of charm costs nothing and elevates the shopping experience for everyone. I am sure the shop could double or triple trade if the customer care was improved - and really that wouldn't take too much effort. I do agree, Crouch End would be poorer for a beautiful shop like Indish but please, learn some customer care!

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 by eveleen, 15 Jul 2012
What a glorious modern shop with an interesting ambience to it! Right on the broadway in Crouch End, it is a veritable treasure trove of carefully selected things. Saves me the hassle of shopping in Central London.

More than that, it is a stopover for me, to chat to the delightful owners, whose repertoire of topics of conversation is quite reminiscent of my visit to a Parsi shop in Mumbai (hope the owners don't mind my saying this). Crouch End is fortunate to have the characterful owners and the shop.

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 by Leelamalur, 12 May 2012
My husband and I have been shopping at Indish since it opened. It is a fantastic place to pick up a beautifully designed present. The owners have a great eye and always manage to have reasonably priced items on hand as well as a few more expensive designer items. There is always something that catches my eye.

Indish brings up the level of shops in Crouch End and contributes to making it the fantastic area that it is. Crouch End without Indish is unthinkable.

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 by clare2, 08 Jul 2010
I used to like browsing in this shop but, like others here, am seriously unimpressed with the customer service.

I bought an item on sale from this shop recently. There were only 2 left - one on display, and another boxed. They insisted I take the boxed item. I asked to check all the contents and they assured me everything was there, even though I thought I couldn't see one of the pieces (made me feel silly for asking, to be honest).

Of course, when home I discovered that as I had suspected the piece wasn't there. I rang straight away and was told, just bring it back and we'll replace it. So next working day I lugged the (large) item back and was ungraciously told I needn't have bothered as they'd taken the missing bit from the display item now and weren't going to replace the unit (which was fine, but not what they told me on the phone - and I'd had to take it off the wall and lug it back to the shop in the meantime, all of which could have been avoided).

Then I was treated to a grumble about how they now couldn't sell the display item... The guy basically treated me as though I'd lied and he questioned me again about whether I'd simply lost the missing piece, even though I bought the item, went straight home and after opening all the packaging, called them. It cannot have been more than half an hour after purchase, and it was their own fault for being unwilling to unpack it in the store. Grrrr. It is not rocket science people - if you make a mistake, be nice! Also, how many people really truly would go to the trouble of doing all that deliberately just to get a little extra part which is no use on its own?

Every time I look at this thing that I was so excited to buy I feel grumpy that they totally spoiled the moment. Yes, I mean you, grumpy arty man masquerading as a shop assistant, and you, snotty lady who treated me like a child and refused to open the packaging. My revenge is telling ALL my friends in CE. Also, no more crimbo or present shopping at Indish.

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 by sutherland, 07 Jun 2010
My wife and I were visiting the area and discovered this gem of a shop. I love good design and they seem to have it all. And I had a very friendly conversation with the person at the desk! You don't know how lucky you are, Crouch Enders. I won't say where I live but, believe me, it's a design desert.

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 by namakura78, 26 Feb 2010
I'm surprised to read the previous reviews, as my own experience has been nothing but positive. I think this is one of the greatest shops in Crouch End and, pricewise, is comparable to other similar shops in Central London (and you don't have to travel into town to buy cool items).

As for the staff in the shop, well, what can I say? They've always been pleasant, helpful and friendly to me. However, my criticism would about some customers who believe they still live in Victorian times and treat staff (and other customers) with complete and utter disrespect. In particular, the infamous Crouch End yummy mummy who believes buggies can be driven everywhere and over everyone!

I digress... I love that shop and would recommend to anyone with a bit of taste (obviously, not for all!).

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 by jalcorta67, 23 Feb 2010
It is nice to have a shop like this in Crouch End and I have bought a couple of presents there in the past twelve months. But the owners/staff are not friendly and really don't seem to enjoy working there. It's such a shame, as they sell stuff for people to enjoy but they don't seem to.

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 by Grainnecarroll4, 24 Jan 2010
What a horrid shop! The staff are dreadful. I wonder, is there a degree in sulky/rude? Note to staff/management: trust me, I really am doing you a favour coming in to your shop - so treat me like a customer not like some bothersome idiot!

As for the stock, you can get far better at a far better price in Heals, John Lewis, Habitat, Debenhams - crikey the list is endless - to name just a few, and with a lovely customer experience.

Overpriced, overhyped. Can I suggest, just go elsewhere. Rating: 0 out of 10.

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 by Debbie2506, 05 Jan 2010
I bought a Pantone mug from this shop just before Christmas as a present. It was overpriced but I was stuck in Crouch End and desperate. When I came to wrap it I noticed that it was chipped on the inside.

After Christmas I returned to the shop with the relatively simple aim of getting a replacement - I had the receipt and the mug was clearly unused (it still had a label on which you'd have to cut off to remove). The man behind the counter was incredibly rude and insulting. He insisted that he'd checked all the mugs when they were delivered and kept repeating in a smug tone, "I do wish people would take responsibility themselves". I don't have a problem taking responsibility for what I've actually done - but I certainly didn't damage the mug myself.

The problem is that when someone wants to behave dishonestly and they have your money, there's not a lot you can do. I couldn't prove I hadn't damaged the mug - though it had obviously never been used - any more than he could prove he'd "checked every single one". But he'd taken my money and business is clearly too bad for him to behave honestly and return £8.50 for faulty goods.

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 by kayholmes, 05 Jan 2010

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