Cat & Mutton

76 Broadway Market
London Fields, London
E8 4QJ
Tel: 020 7254 5599 Bethnal Green 0.7 miles

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Seriously dreadful. Noisy horrible place, full of 'too cool for school' idiots drinking themselves silly. The food menu looked great online, pushed all my buttons, but when I got there and ordered, what a mistake. The beer and wine list are average at best. Go for cocktails over the road, or The Dove for some proper beer and food.

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 by scouse (3 reviews), 28 Jun 2011
Awful place, for wannabe hippies in the area, poor service, even worse food, do not go there.

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 by helen11 (3 reviews), 27 Mar 2011
The service here is painfully slow! I went back against my better judgement and had to walk out after not being served for 20 mins (despite us trying to approach the bar, we were told to go sit down again).

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 by lynettelikesfood (3 reviews), 30 Jul 2010
I had my first legal pint in this pub and now it's turned into a poncy gastropub full of wannabe fashionistas and scenesters who don't live in the area but drink there because Hackney has become "arty cool".

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 by RealHackneyResident, 16 Apr 2010
I really like this pub. I've found the staff to be nothing but friendly and really helpful, especially when I took my mum and some friends from America in for dinner! I can see why people might be put off but it's not a scary place at all. The steaks are incredible and for an American to say the food was good, it must be onto something!

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 by nomadicnel (2 reviews), 14 Nov 2009
I've only just started going to The Cat and so far I think that the place is really good. The staff are not only good but make you feel like you've known them for ages. It's nice to see the staff of a place looking like they're having as much fun as we are. It is true the punters that go there are very trendy, but anyone who is secure enough in their own person won't be threatened or put off by that.

The food, from what I've had of it, is the kind of no-fuss food which is a rarity now that everyone's watching 'The F Word'. They serve great sized portions too.

I really enjoy the laid back atmosphere. My only criticism is the lack of glasses, but I've seen that it's the fault of the customers nicking them and not the pub's fault. A truly enjoyable place.

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 by LexieFielding, 19 Sep 2008
If I could give this pub no stars I would. Sadly I can't but just so you know, the one star I have given was against my will. All the good reviews of this pub on here can only have been written by the pretentious morons that work there.

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 by eetee, 16 Sep 2008
Overpriced, poor service, under-staffed, unimaginative food and drink offer. Such a shame, as the venue has so much potential. Quite clearly if it was not in such a useful location it would be empty.

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 by ricky365, 09 Jul 2008
I must agree with the general tone of the previous comments. The location is glorious, overlooking the park at the end of the market. However, the food is extortionately priced for the minuscule portions. The selection of beer is not good at all and the numerous staff are there just to socialise and ensure none of the clientele are surpassing them in 'trendiness'!

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 by jmellor, 10 May 2008
I have to agree with Jenn29 (I live across the park too) - it is a nice pub apart from the staff and service. Though I have never eaten there, from what I have heard of the hygiene in the kitchen I would never dare to - it'd be like playing Russian roulette.

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 by boozerboy, 03 Mar 2008
Truly awful bar service, possibly the worst in London. Sadly, I only live just across the park and have yet to persuade my friends to drink in another establishment. Even when there is NO ONE in the place, it takes forever to attract one of the oh-so fashionable and trendy bar staff to acknowledge you, cease chatting with each other or the chefs, snarl at you for interrupting their important social lives, pour you one of their overpriced and flat pints of beer (despite having three pumps you never get more than two to choose from, as they can't be bothered to go and change the barrel), stop for a chat at the till and finally chuck your change back at you.

This place was teeming last year, especially in the summer; however, I have noticed it's getting a bit quieter - most probably down to the extreme rudeness of the useless staff.

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 by Jenn29, 22 Jan 2008
It looks great, but doesn't deliver on food or service. Distracted staff, expensive food (£13 for a Sunday roast), and a long wait for food which was passable but nothing more.

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 by marty21, 20 Jan 2008
Awful service!

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 by Anonymous, 03 Apr 2007
I drink regularly at the Cat and Mutton and it is normally quite a pleasant pub to be in. The food is good and the staff are friendly. However, the manager is an incredibly rude woman who is clearly unhappy in her job. I would suggest that if she can't be hospitable, she leaves the hospitality industry.

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 by Dave Gunts, 15 Mar 2007
Great Sunday afternoon pub. Unpretentious, reasonably priced, good food.

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 by Noel Edmonds (2 reviews), 28 Sep 2006
I live just round the corner and think this place is great - a real plus for the area. It's come along way since opening and the last three or four times I have been the food has been spot on. As for the last comment, yes the Prince George is also a great pub but in a completely different way, as for the Duke of Cambridge it's one of the most pretentious overpriced pubs I have ever been to, no wonder their other boozer is now a dodgy tapas bar.

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 by Lanky, 20 Mar 2006
Anodyne gastro eatery. Obvious crowd. The Duke of Cambridge or Prince George are far superior.

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 by Albion Ben, 20 Feb 2006
Great place for good food and fabulous people-watching. Proper, good honest food, well priced. Portions are huge and delicious, and there's a great choice too (the menu changes all the time). They've installed a spiral staircase and opened an upstairs dining room, which is great as the weekends are so busy. Well worth a visit - nice, easy atmosphere and a cool crowd without knowing it!

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 by RODNEY, 09 Feb 2006
I have been several times to The Cat & Mutton, but it looks like the food has gone downhill of late. Where are the times of that amazing gazpacho, sea bream, suckling pig with the most tasty apple and black pudding sauce me and my friends had ever tried? We will be back for fun but not for food.

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 by Quecuxo, 05 Oct 2005
Food is fantastic and has a great atmosphere, well worth a visit.

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 by Anonymous, 03 Oct 2005

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