Golborne House

36 Golborne Road
Ladbroke Grove, London
W10 5PR
Tel: 020 8960 6260 Westbourne Park 0.4 miles

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Last Sunday a party of 8 of us had a really good lunch. Very tasty Sunday roast; service attentive.

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 by zeljko.rado1, 30 Sep 2008
A real shame - what used to be a great hang out has turned into yet another gastro pub. Once upon a time you had the coolest people either chilling or dancing on the tables depending on the vibe. Now it's old, fat, middle-aged and boring.

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 by thechief, 08 Jul 2008
This pub is memorable for one of the vilest meals I have ever eaten. We actually refused to pay for it. A shame, as it used to be really great (but I'm going back about 3 years).

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 by mrs greedy (2 reviews), 05 Dec 2007
Cannot understand why the place warrants a mention as one of the nice things in London. Standard, average food and somewhat overpriced.

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 by Anonymous, 11 Feb 2007
Really rude, unfriendly staff. Lost all the charm and character it had under the previous ownership, when it was known as The Golborne. Not recommended.

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 by top gardener, 03 Nov 2006

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