90 Gloucester Avenue
Primrose Hill, London
Tel: 020 7483 0409 Chalk Farm 0.2 miles

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Lansdowne reviews

Love it! The food was amazing! The bar staff who served me actually made me excited about my wine choice, despite it only being the house. There was a great atmosphere. I'll be back...

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 by Ginger piglet, 15 Sep 2011
Not nearly as good is it used to be a few years back. Shame...

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 by pshanessy (3 reviews), 27 Jan 2011
What an awful place. Staff not bothered, they behave as if you owe them one for trying to order a meal. When asked about pizza menu the waitress just nonchalantly pointed towards some scribbling on a wall and was clueless when asked for advice. All would be forgotten had the food been decent at least. Bit with abysmal soup (with a stingy quantity of bread) and underdone £10-for-small-size pizza, we're definitely not going back.

On the plus side: dogs are allowed. All canines present were very well behaved. Makes me wish they were running this pretentious excuse for your friendly local.

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 by Redcabbage, 14 May 2010
The Lansdowne is my local, and we often pop in there for lunch or drinks after work. They have a great light lunch menu which is tasty and affordable, and if the weather is good you can sit outside on the pavement and watch the world go by. Check it out!

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 by jessicarabbit1, 04 Jul 2008
A great pub with a relaxed atmosphere and the best pizza for miles around. The service was friendly and personable. Perfect for after work drinks.

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 by terilovesindie, 20 Jun 2008
The worst food I have been served in many years. We went a few weeks ago and were told the chef was away. But clearly that makes no difference. Do not eat here.

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 by admin1, 06 Jun 2008
By far the best pub in Primrose Hill - I have been going to the Landsdowne for years and although the staff used to have a bad reputation the place has really improved. The current staff are brilliant, the manager went out of his way to help us find a table on a busy Sunday lunchtime. The food is excellent too.

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 by Jujshy, 04 Jun 2008
Fantastic food, great staff and a fun place to be.

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 by johnlarnach (2 reviews), 24 Sep 2007
Really moody service. The sort of staff who think they are far too cool and pretty to actually serve you a drink. Food is nice but expensive. Full of knowingly fashionable types.

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 by Anonymous, 14 Dec 2006
Awful place, loud media types with red faces and pink shirts. Slow service and cold food. Don't go to the Lord Stanley either. It's worse!

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 by vion, 30 Mar 2006
Great food, great people, great atmosphere!

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 by Anonymous, 25 Feb 2006
Endearingly and consistently bad service, but good food and great people watching potential.

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 by Anonymous, 17 Aug 2005
Friendly pub and staff, good beer. Nice to go and chill on a Sunday with the lads, then a little stroll up the hill. Perfect!

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 by clewge (2 reviews), 05 Jul 2005
Shocking service.

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 by Anonymous, 16 Jun 2005
One of the best places around. Consistently great food, great atmosphere. Fantastic place to spend a lazy Sunday with friends or go for drinks in the evening.

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 by Anonymous, 11 May 2005

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