The Lord Palmerston

91 Lordship Lane
Dulwich, London
SE22 8EP
Tel: 020 8693 1629

Relaxed atmosphere and well prepared dishes including a popular Sunday lunch.

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The Lord Palmerston reviews

Went for the first time in July 2010. Service was patchy in that some staff were friendly, one didn't smile and bordered on the surly. I mention this as the service charge is automatically added and so I expect pleasant staff in such circumstances. Food: I had the crab and then the steak and whilst the steak was nice, I don't think it was worth the £15 price tag (without any accompaniments). The food was also incredibly salty and whilst I expect some seasoning, I don't expect so much that I can taste it on every mouthful. On balance then, only 3 stars.

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 by TigerTom, 25 Jul 2010
The food was good although slightly overpriced, staff not very helpful or friendly (in fact, you could say snobbish). Issue with seating in evidence - bizarrely, we were ticked off for sitting down at a table 'reserved for diners' as we hadn't booked ahead, even though we intended to eat.

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 by w.hutton, 22 Nov 2008
Fantastic food, easily the best in the area. Don't really understand the comments about the staff - they were all really helpful to me.

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 by tortoiseshell, 19 May 2007
Scores average because of service issues (they can be incredibly rude). Food's good. Smoking section far too smoky.

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 by emily11, 30 Mar 2007
Taken there by a mate on St Patrick's Day. Food was good, especially the puddings (chocolate nemesis is the one!). Didn't notice problems with the staff and found them to be helpful and considerate, though my mate is a friend of the chef so this may account for it. Either way, on the merit of the food alone I would recommend it.

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 by Anonymous, 18 Mar 2007
Could be a lovely pub but the thoroughly snotty staff (to be fair, it's the waitressing staff and management that seem to be the core of the problem) seem to have forgotten that it's the local, regular trade that keeps places like this in business, not the occasional visitor to the area.

Far better pubs around East Dulwich, with similarly decent food, if you take the time to look.

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 by Ben Evetts, 11 Mar 2007
The food is well cooked by an enthusiastic and passionate chef. The beer is pretty poor though, which lets the place down stupidly as it's so easy to fix.

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 by justinteractive (3 reviews), 12 Oct 2006
Good, reliable food and refreshingly unpretentious for a gastropub. Franklins, a few doors along Lordship Lane, is more interesting though.

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 by Boat Drinks (13 reviews), 29 Aug 2006
Very snooty staff and a poor selection of beers.

Haven't eaten there though heard the food is good.

Irritating way of managing the transition to eating - you can be left hanging around unsure whether a table is available to sit at for a drink.

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 by asdf (4 reviews), 25 May 2006
Great menu and top-notch food. Getting increasingly popular as a result. Recommended.

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 by Tabs, 25 Nov 2005

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