49 Regent's Park Road
Primrose Hill, London
Tel: 020 7586 0408 Chalk Farm 0.3 miles

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The Queen's looks beautiful and the beer is good. However, today we made the mistake of ordering food. It was the worst Sunday lunch I have ever had...

It comprised of two small halves of roast potatoes that were not so much like bullets as cement, meat and gravy that had no flavour, a few crucified carrots that, along with the potatoes, must have been cooking for at least 4 hours. The fact that this was probably the smallest Sunday lunch I have ever been served in any pub (and I have have had a fair few) was probably a small mercy. Stupidly, we then ordered a cheese board as we were still hungry. We were given celery so old that it was black and mouldy.

To finish off the whole experience, the staff told us, just as we finished eating, that our table was booked from 6pm. As it was exactly 6pm and we were eating our last mouthful and the people were turning up to sit down and we were being kicked out of our seats, we were told that they supposed they'd better find us somewhere else to sit! At this point we decided to leave and never return to what had promised to be a great pub.

They really need to get a chef who can cook, someone who can look after their kitchen produce properly, and someone who can actually manage a pub so as to leave reserved signs out with some warning before customers sit down and and eat a whole meal...

Disgusting and disgusted! NEVER VISIT THIS PUB FOR FOOD!!

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 by jjj, 20 Feb 2011
Nice interior, but the worst roast I have ever eaten. Staff were also very rude. Avoid.

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 by redlou, 06 Feb 2011
Great food upstairs in the restaurant, good for a pint in the bar too.

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 by champagne charlie (2 reviews), 08 Jan 2008
Great pub with a cool local crowd. Can get extremely crowded.

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 by Kylie Kendrick, 19 Jun 2007
A great local for the locals, not the stuck up idiots who think Primrose Hill is Hampstead.

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 by JJ72, 01 Sep 2005

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