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67-69 Abbeville Road
Clapham, London
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Clapham South 0.5 miles

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The Abbeville reviews

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I really must disagree with the terrible reviews below. The Abbeville is such a warm, friendly pub with great beers, lovely pub grub (although not the cheapest, you do get what you pay for) and a really lovely atmosphere. I would heartily recommend it for a cosy Sunday lunch or a chilled pint on a Saturday afternoon watching the footie.

P.S. They have a new menu now and the duck was absolutely divine.

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 by Claphamite, 30 Nov 2009
The Abbeville has recently had a makeover and has a great menu and excellent chef. The food is great and the atmosphere is great too. I can really recommend it.

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 by marymacdougall, 28 Oct 2009
Nicely laid out local gastro-style pub. I have had better food at other similarly styled modern pubs but I don't think The Abbeville tries to be overly grand or something it's not. The food is a little touch-and-go depending on the day and sometimes things are ordered that do not come as described, but the quality is usually good, especially the puds. The wine list is fair and big enough for a good choice. Service can be slow at busy times but is always pleasant and helpful in my experience.

Not worth travelling a long way for but definitely one to head to if nearby.

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 by no1redz (5 reviews), 01 Jun 2009
We wanted to give this pub a try as we only live down the road and a lot of the past reviews have been good. Unfortunately, we were terribly disappointed. The food took ages to come, and when it finally arrived it was dire. My pork belly with pork scratchings had no scratchings and, when I complained, they brought out soggy, truly revolting bits of fat that looked like they'd been scraped out of the oven. My boyfriend had a burger, which is a fairly simple thing to get right, yet they got it so wrong. It was like whoever was in the kitchen just didn't care about what they were putting out. The bill was eyewatering as well! The ambience is good, the bitter's good, but the food and service is appalling.

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 by aeyxefm, 08 Apr 2009
It's so sad so see this once great gastro pub serve out such terrible food and with such awful service. These were the two things this pub used to do so well, but over the last 6 months my experience has been the absolute opposite.

Our table was booked for 4pm on a Sunday but was not ready until 5pm. In most establishments you would be offered a drink in this situation whilst you waited, but nothing came. Two of us ordered lamb shank. This is generally a dish that should be melting and falling off the bone, but both of us had trouble cutting the hard rubbery meat from the bone and in the end gave up. The other dishes were either cold or, in the case of the usually exemplary burger, charred to a cinder. It was impossible to attract the attention of 'our' waitress and every time we got the attention of another we were told "It's not my table" - not terribly useful when we were being ignored by our own waitress.

It's really sad, as this used to be one of my favourite pubs and the food was reliably good. What a shame it's gone so far downhill.

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 by louby, 18 Feb 2008
I found this to be one of the most disappointing dining experiences of recent times. I'm not a complainer, I find it uncomfortable and awkward. However, we were compelled to complain to our lovely and welcoming waitress, sadly.

There were 10 of us dining - not a large number. Some people got served at the table, others had to go to the bar to get their own drink. A tad confusing, but no drama there. Perhaps the olives and nuts would cheer us up, if only they ever arrived to our table...

Next up, someone came to take the order. The manager decided to berate her in front of us all as it was "not her table". Very unprofessional and embarrassing for both her and us. When the right waitress came over, she was excellent and a credit to herself. The order we placed was a simple one - no fancy requests for changes as, according to the menu, "We regret that no changes can be made to the dishes".

When the food arrived, the lamb was excellent and the venison good. But half a carrot and half a parsnip is not exactly much to go with it. It's a gastropub, not nouveau cuisine! The turkey and 'all the trimmings' had no potatoes or other most standard of trimmings. (The reason for no potatoes? "We're running low" - I decided not to point out that Tesco is ten minutes' walk away). The burger, plus egg, came without the egg. The pasta with goat's cheese, shallots, pine nuts and rocket was stone cold and missing half the ingredients. When it came back (hot) it was still missing the ingredients. Dessert: a hard brownie and the cheese selection. I think the cheese went to the same place as the nuts and olives, that place certainly not being our table.

I would say that only 3 out of the 10 of us enjoyed the food. The rest ate because we had ordered. Perhaps we should have left hungry and gone elsewhere. The manager seemed indifferent to the problems we had raised, other than to take money off the bill. Personally, I wouldn't baulk at the prices if the food was good but the value for money here is non-existent.

The fact that this place calls itself a gastropub is, to be honest, false advertising. The food is overpriced and, frankly, sub-standard. The atmosphere was good though - must have been a lot of people there unwinding and having a drink, they certainly couldn't have been eating. Overall, go there for a beer or two if you live round the corner. Don't bother travelling there for a drink, and certainly don't go for dinner.

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 by rsm, 01 Dec 2007
Not often do I feel compelled to put pen to paper but I thought most reviews lacked any substance.

This is an average gastro pub, nothing more and certainly nothing less. The food is variable, but appears to be a consequence of ingredients and cooking style for particular items rather than the chef or shoddy cooking overall. It's typical gastro pub prices for a middle class income area. I would say that the bitters are good and the lager, although limited, does usually have one draught above the wife beater masses. The wine list is strong on variety and, whilst it's not the cheapest, you'll certainly find something you like.

The staff are friendly but at times almost laissez faire, and do sometimes need to be sought out on busier occasions. There is also the tired habit of asking if 'everything is ok' seconds after your meal arrives. Let me taste the food then tell you!

The clientele is late twenties to forties, as befits the area. It's very much a casual place for Ms twentysomething to bring her parents or couples to go out, without really going out.

I would not cross rivers to eat here but if you are close, then I wouldn't walk by to try the alternatives, all of which are at least a ten minute walk away.

Of course, the best thing is the lack of 15 TV screens (one unobtrusive one at the bar) and ear-deafening music.

Useful review?
 by johndorayme, 28 Nov 2007
Good gastropub fare - the cheese platter (from Neal's Yard) is fantastic - but let down slightly by the fact that the sirloins are not on the menu on Saturday nights. Service is generally good, but on one occasion we were kept waiting while our table was prepared.

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 by finnyfish (3 reviews), 22 Nov 2007
Group of about 30 of us went. They were very accommodating to us as we all arrived at different times. Excellent all round.

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 by Anonymous, 16 Nov 2006
Very good food, good service and always got a good atmosphere. I just love this place!

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 by Anonymous, 22 Mar 2006
Great pub, friendly staff and efficient service make this pub a real little find just off Clapham Common. A must GO!

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 by Fosters, 09 Feb 2006
3 of us sent asked for the Pumpkin and Spinach Soup to be removed. Despite several efforts with salt and pepper in ever increasing amounts, it still tasted of absolutely nothing. Rest of the meal was average at best - oven chips, dried out steak with uninteresting sauce. A Drambuie and Soda supplied instead of a Campari and Soda, Sambucca brought along without coffee beans and the puddings smacked of Brake Bros. Unmemorable and not worth the money!

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 by humungus, 21 Nov 2005
I find the Abbeville great! The service is almost always exceptional, as is the food which varies with the changing menu. Definitely worth a visit and I'm sure once visited, almost everyone will return.

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 by BGBL, 13 Oct 2005
Terrible. Went there once, service was slow and got our order wrong, roast potatoes were more like bullets and food was cold. Full of very loud and obnoxious drunk people which made it feel like a Wetherspoon's pub. But at least at a Wetherspoon's it's cheap.

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 by T.G, 16 Aug 2005
Best gastro pub in London!

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 by Anonymous, 06 Jun 2005
Great place and really good food.

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 by Anonymous, 01 Jun 2005
The food is good, but it's overpriced. Nice atmosphere, and you never get rushed, even on a busy day.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 01 Apr 2005
A truly fantastic gastro pub! Is there a better one in London? Great food, great atmosphere, great service, great prices.

Useful review?
 by Anonymous, 13 Dec 2004
Have had mixed experiences here. Six months ago - lousy food - rude service and Timothy Taylor was off - again. Last time not so bad. Jury is still out.

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 by Anonymous, 22 Nov 2004
Awesome pub, fantastic food and great beer! Well worth a visit any time of year.

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 by Anonymous, 10 Sep 2004

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