The Atlas

16 Seagrave Road
Fulham, London
Tel: 020 7385 9129 West Brompton 0.1 miles

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I completely agree with harrisb1967.

I work near The Atlas and for years it's been a brilliant gem of a pub in an area with a decided lack of decent drinking venues. Over the years the company I work for has spent thousands of pounds in The Atlas as it's always been our automatic choice for birthdays, lunches, leaving drinks and after-work pints.

Until a couple of months ago, we'd always received excellent service and we'd never had a bad night in The Atlas. However, they now have a new member of staff (possibly the manager?) who seems to have a serious attitude problem. A few weeks ago we were there as a company for someone's leaving drinks and, having been in the pub since 4.30pm, at 11pm we were unceremoniously told by this barman/manager chap to "drink up and leave".

Then last night a group of us went in for a couple of after-work drinks and three of us were sitting having a normal conversation when the barman/manager came over and said "Look, ladies - I don't mind you being here but you're going to have to stop swearing". We weren't swearing and we hadn't even raised our voices - it's not as if we were sitting there effing and blinding and being rowdy! There were far more noisy groups in the pub, but for some reason we were singled out. We asked other members of staff if anyone had complained about us, and they didn't know what we were talking about.

Suffice to say, that was the final straw and we won't be going back - so well done to that barman for losing the pub a large group of very loyal customers.

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 by allie18, 06 Aug 2010
I've been in a group using this pub for a few days after performing a show down the road. Several of us are getting very sick of the sociopath manager. He talks to customers like they were cretins who shouldn't be wasting his time and he specialises in particularly sarcastic put-downs to all at turning out time. How this man has a job working with the public I don't know. We're going somewhere else to drink now as we've all had enough of him.

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 by harrisb1967, 29 May 2009
Our party consisted of 3 adults and two children. We arrived at 18:45. The bar staff served all of us our drinks and then proceeded to tell us that the children had to be out by 19:00. As we had heard such good things about the pub we decided to make alternative arrangements for the kids and stay and order food for ourselves. I went to the bar at a couple of minutes before seven o'clock and asked for a menu so we could see what was on offer. Immediately I was told that I couldn't have a menu until seven, at which I protested and was referred to the evening manager who begrudgingly gave me a menu, telling me that he didn't like people ordering too soon in the evening.

We eventually ordered some food and I asked if I could have my steak cooked in garlic and black pepper and could I buy the chef a drink for taking the extra trouble. I was told by the manager, after again being referred to him by the clueless bar staff, that he didn't want to bother the chef and that I would have to have my steak as it comes.

The waiting time was fine and the waitress was really nice, even bringing us extra bread. The only complaint I have about the food was that I asked for my steak to be medium rare but was given a steak that had no colour whatsoever. Everyone else seemed to very much enjoy their meals.

It's a shame that a pub with such a reputation for excellent food and service turned out to be a let down. I for one won't be drinking let alone eating there again.

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 by rellard, 31 Jul 2006
Used to eat here when I lived in West Kensington - it's just on the edge of West Ken, where it starts to get a bit nicer.

It's a nice pub - fairly relaxed, standard blackboards with 10 different wines by the glass, big wooden tables making it ideal for groups of 4 or more. There's an outside area which is very pleasant in the summer.

The food is fairly "hearty" well-made, tasty pub grub - great sausages, huge chunks of meat, spicy salsas and lentil beds - all round reliable gastro-pub staples, large portions, good prices.

It's not the most astonishingly inventive cuisine, but then that's not what you'd want here. Having moved on from this part of London, I have to say that I'd love to still have it as my local.

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 by tekka (34 reviews), 22 Feb 2005
Generally good food, but too crowded during holidays or when some event at Earl's Court is going on - skip unless you like hanging out with a bunch of boat show people.

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 by Anonymous, 12 Oct 2004
Dark wood interior with small beer garden. Serves very good pub food and is always buzzy but never uncomfortably packed. Good venue for meeting up with friends, and very close to West Brompton tube.

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 by ac (37 reviews), 22 Jul 2004

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