The Coopers' Arms

87 Flood Street
Chelsea, London
Tel: 020 7376 3120 Sloane Square 0.6 miles

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The Coopers' Arms reviews

I have become a regular frequenter of this lovely local after a change in the management and bar team. I have eaten there on a number of occasions now and love the fresh, traditional food. There is definitely a feel of new life being injected into the place and I am looking forward to quiz nights now starting on Tuesdays!

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 by Amy beery, 09 Aug 2009
What's happened to The Coopers' Arms?! I have been going there for 15 years and always thought it had good food with friendly and attentive staff. In fact, overall it used to be great value.

After being there last Sunday, I don't think that I have ever had more miserable, less attentive or inefficient service! However, I do credit the attitude of the staff perfectly matching the food that arrived on the plate - absolutely dreadful...

I hope that this previously great local pub finds its magic again but until then a number of us, having literally left with a bad taste in our mouth, will head up the road to a pub that will appreciate our custom.

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 by muro, 05 Jan 2009
Highly recommended by a friend who makes it his local when in town. Good beer and one of the best steak and kidney pies I have had in a long time (generous quantities of kidney, good steak and excellent pastry), and the vegetables were also very well cooked. Good service may have been a result of the place being very quiet. If I could improve anything I would ask for a decent range of real ales rather than just Youngs.

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 by Cripplegate, 18 Oct 2007
A great pub, interesting mixed clientele and friendly staff. The food is not what you may expect if you're looking for gastro but it's tasty and fresh. Stick with the homemade English dishes. I can't get enough of the steak and kidney pie and shepherds pie!

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 by sam.cousins, 09 Jul 2007
Aggressive management, passée staff, and generally a place to avoid.

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 by jamesSmythe, 02 Mar 2007
I took 20 people for dinner on the top floor to watch the World Cup Final.

The food was great and the service was incredible!

They have a new manager and I am now an avid fan, in fact I think I will pop in for lunch!

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 by Anonymous, 20 Jul 2006
Great pub to settle in to for the evening - a real favourite for a relaxed night out. Eat somewhere else though, as the gastropub prices belie the bland, straight-out-of-a-packet-tasting grub.

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 by Scubachica, 03 Feb 2006
Really lovely atmosphere, with great food, and good service. I have eaten there regularly for the last 3 years and I have never had a bad meal there.

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 by monkeythings, 20 Jul 2005
I love the place - reminds me of my lovely boyfriend. Who can want more from Chelsea? Anyway go to a restaurant to eat not a pub.

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 by Anonymous, 24 May 2005
Having been before on numerous occasions I felt it was a safe suggestion for a boozy lunch with friends who are fleeing London for the sunny city of Edinburgh. The 6 of us ordered - the food arrived with in ten minutes - the sea bass was raw, Chicken wrapped in bacon was cold and my lamb steak was still breathing.

After sending the said food back I was told the lamb had to be rare as it is a tough cut of meat... cooking it further would increase the toughness. They generously offered me another main course as long as I payed half the cost of the lamb...

What can you do apart from make the decision to stick to a liquid lunch in future?

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 by Anonymous, 22 Mar 2005
Very good food and excellent service.

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 by Anonymous, 04 Dec 2004

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