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22 Easton Street
Clerkenwell, London
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Mon-Thurs: 12pm-11pm, Fri: 12pm-12am, Sat: 12pm-11pm, Sun: 12pm-10.30pm

Sun: 12pm-10.30pm

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Have eaten here a few times and must say standards slipped last year. However, had our works Xmas party here and we had a great time and both the food and service was excellent. Have returned on two occasions this year already, once with work and once with a friend for Sunday lunch; both times we were well looked after and the food was very good. They have won me back as a regular.

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 by ahmarshall, 07 Feb 2013
I have been to The Easton several times and really like it as a pub. The food was amazing when we had a private party there last year.

Last week when I went in for a meeting it was just as nice. The barmaid was very helpful indeed in helping us select our bottle of wine. About 30 mins later, we decided to eat. She again was extremely helpful, and when I went to pay for the food, she said that I should pay for it after we had our meal. So we ate our meal, continued with our meeting and then decided to go.

One of the barmen came running after us and said that the table had a note on it saying that it had been 'left open'. Then I realised what he meant - I had forgotten to pay for the food!
I ran back in and said I was sorry and hoped he thought I hadn't done it on purpose, to which he looked at me with a lot of distaste and made a noise as if to say yes. I said that he was making me feel that I had intended to run off and not pay, to which he said "I don't care, as long as the bill has been paid".

Well, that made me feel like a thief; if I had gone off and not paid, I would certainly go in the next day to pay for it. I understand if I'm not a regular, but myself and the company I work for are in there all the time! So I just paid with my card, did not leave a tip (which I would have done) and have been telling everyone I know who drinks/eats in there the story so far. They think that it is a terrible attitude to have, and so do I.

What a shame that half The Easton's bar staff are lovely and the other half have no personal skills whatsoever. I think I shall try to go to other places in future, after spending my hard-earned money with them, and continue to tell everyone else my experience when they ask me what I think of the place.

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 by LRose, 01 Oct 2012
Me and my partner used to come here quite a lot to dine and meet friends for drinks; and when friends visited we often brought them as the food was always good, service friendly, and atmosphere pleasant. So, had no complaints... until we had a birthday lunch here recently.

We were a party of 8. No one much enjoyed the food. We bought 3 bottles of wine, beers, spirits etc, plus guests brought 3 bottles which we were charged a gobsmacking £10 per bottle corkage for! The corkage fee alone will deter us from visiting again, which is a shame as up until this experience we enjoyed and would have recommended The Eastern.

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 by email_jj21, 21 Sep 2012
Quite a regular in this pub, as live not too far away. I have to say, it's one of the best pubs for evening. Talented service, really good and creative dishes. Nice wine list and service perfect. A little bit more 'rough' over the weekend, though the Sunday roasts are nice and full of flavour.

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 by Vince75016 (10 reviews), 08 Jul 2011
We went to The Easton on Saturday night with a large group of friends. I have to say it excelled itself on every level. The staff were fantastic - literally could not do enough for us - and the food sensational. I absolutely loved it and would race back there, despite living miles away in Wimbledon. We could see another crowd having a clearly amazing time and the atmosphere was electric. I love LOVE this place and 100% recommend it. The current owner has done a truly amazing job and turned this pub into one of the true hidden gems in this city.

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 by janeysnake, 14 Jun 2011
This was an interesting evening. We've eaten here many, many times before (only live 100 yards away) and the food is usually fantastic. But tonight the waitress ignored us after we sat down and served another couple. When I went up to the bar and asked "What should we do to get table service?", she told me that I was being very rude and had no right to speak to her that way.

I told her that it was fine, we would leave (this meal would probably be £80 at least for the two of us, which for me doesn't include being told off). She came around to hold the door open for us, simultaneously telling us that it was not her fault she hadn't noticed us (despite the fact that there were at most 10 occupied tables). She asked for an apology, at which I demurred. When we told her it was a pity because we were local (many people here aren't), she told us that it was our problem, not hers.

So – a great restaurant (though too many smokers and the doors open too often) but with staff with serious attitude. Other people in our square tell me that the same girl is the same with older people or those who aren't cool enough. Maybe that's it - she didn't like the cut of our jib. If she likes yours, it might be fine; if not, then Moro or Caravan on Exmouth Market offer better food (if you can get in), Union Tavern has decent pub grub and much cheaper, and there are the whole range of other options in Exmouth Market (and a fantastic and unusual Indian in the Holiday Inn directly opposite).

For me, if a place doesn't understand service in this day and age, then it doesn't deserve success, no matter how good the food is. That's only part of the story.

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 by tcooke, 19 Apr 2010
I've been going to The Easton for the last couple of years - it really is brilliant. The food is very tasty and well presented. The staff are pretty efficient considering how popular it is, and it doesn't get too rowdy even when it's full. I've seen the staff deal firmly with rude punters who expect immediate service and talk down to them. Follow a simple rule: smile and the world, especially The Easton, smiles back at you.

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 by Jamie T (2 reviews), 23 Sep 2009
I am amazed that people bang on about rude staff. I've been going to The Easton for ages and have never had any problems. In fact I think they are really friendly. Apart from that the food is killer and totally good value. I also like the fact that they grow their own veggies on the roof. I had some lovely stripey homegrown tomatoes there last week that actually tasted of tomatoes!

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 by pdc, 10 Aug 2009
It's my favourite place to eat and drink in London. I've been going since '03 and, it's true, the staff were complete idiots then. But that seems to have been put right now. The food is A-Grade tremendous, and lately the chef has upped it another notch. It's a bit off the main drag but thank the lord it is otherwise it would be mobbed. My friends and I have been conspiring to buy the place for years...

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 by jaswai, 19 Jul 2009
Good roast as always but the staff are simply shocking. If you want to be a gobby little fashionista prick, go to Hoxton; if you don't like working in a bar, get a different job. There is nothing more pathetic than someone in their early 30s that hasn't been bothered to do anything more than work in a bar all their life yet still carries resentment for people that have done well for themselves. It's a sad state when management are as bad as the staff and the owner does nothing about it.

Don't expect it to change anytime soon either.

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 by wefrwer, 09 May 2009
In my opinion, The Easton is the best of the best. The food is just fantastic. The pork belly is out of this world! It’s been cooked to perfection every time I’ve had it. If I say any more, people will think I own shares in the place. So I’ll leave it at that. But don’t believe me, do the ‘Pepsi challenge' and try it for yourself.

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 by luckyloly (2 reviews), 05 Jan 2009
The food is absolutely superb - Sunday roasts at the Easton feature pretty regularly in my life. The atmosphere is great too. So far, so good...

Unfortunately, all of this is let down by some of the worst staff for this level of pub I've ever come across. Rude, surly, inefficient, they seem to think they are way cooler than their punters and that we should be privileged to be served by them... I could go on. It's a great shame, as this truly lets a super place down. I can't believe that the owners or managers have not acted on any of the reviews and sorted this out. Shame on them.

I'll keep going for food and friends, and grit my teeth with the staff! Hopefully.

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 by amacurry, 04 Aug 2008
Some of the best roasts and North African-influenced plates of heaven in town. This chef knows how to get every last ounce of flavour from his ingredients. However, the wine is crap and most folk are right that the staff are generally obnoxious and ignorant.... Come for the food!

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 by justinteractive (3 reviews), 29 Feb 2008
I'm pleased to see a couple of one star reviews below, because this pub has the worst service of any I can remember. Cling film on the pumps by 10pm, staff smoking at the bar by 10.45, and mouthy cocksure abuse from the self same staff as we left, officiously brushed out of the door, by 11.10. The staff here either take cocaine to get them through the night, or hate working in a pub and feel a need to take their resentment out on the public. This could be a nice pub, but isn't. The food might be nice, but the attitude stinks.

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 by michaeljohn, 16 Nov 2007
The food is absolutely fantastic at The Easton, I can't recommend it enough. That said, the staff could do with a lesson in good manners.

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 by Dommy, 24 Aug 2007
Actually, this is a terrible place. As a local person, I find that the staff are all too happy to grab my money at luch time if I bring down lucrative business lunch groups and have to fight for a table with the endless punters from local yuppie media and businesses.

However, should I make the mistake of drinking with friends during a week evening - all of whom have contributed to the Easton's success with money spent on less-than-bargain alcohol on many occasions in the past - I can expect to find myself being made less than welcome once the staff with lots of attitude and no service decide that the evening crowd are not worth their financial gain.

On more than three occasions in the past three months, chairs have been showily stacked onto tables as early a 9:45. Whilst the Easton does not object to selling a bottle of wine to be consumed by 3 people at 10:30, it also has no problem supporting its brash and rude waiting staff demanding the same three people finish their drinks and leave at 11:20 by banging on the table and shouting. Should you dare to suggest that you are finishing up, you might be told - as we were - that that wasn't good enough.

I have no complaints about the quality ot the food available, but the aftertaste of bad and abusive service can make even excellent cuisine taste dreadful.

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 by Anonymous, 02 May 2007
Excellent food and a great atmosphere.

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 by Anonymous, 26 Nov 2006
Been there every few days over a period of six months while living next door and have never been disappointed. Food is great (especially the risottos and roasts) with a small but fine wine-selection. Nice people and unpretentious service. Strongly recommended.

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 by Anonymous, 12 Oct 2006
Sunday roast was amazing! If they have the pork belly GET IT!

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 by Anonymous, 03 Oct 2006
Wanted to go for a Saturday lunch - so rang to see if I needed to book a table. The guy I spoke to tells me they don't open for Saturday lunch, despite what their own website, and the info here states. Be warned.

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 by Anonymous, 15 Jul 2006

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