The Fox

28 Paul Street
Shoreditch, London
Tel: 020 7729 5708 Old Street 0.2 miles

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Never had such bad service in my life.

Having booked this place beacuse of their varied menu (we had a few food allergies, veggies etc in our group), we had a set menu of 3 choices of starter + 3 choices of main shoved in front of us and were told there was usually a full menu, but because of the private party downstairs the kitchen couldn't do that for us.

After waiting 2 hours for our cold starters to arrive (we were the only people in the dining room), we had the manager come in with the plates and say, "Yeah, sorry it's taken so long, but we have a private party going on downstairs and you were late getting here" (we were 10 minutes late, and had phoned ahead to tell them).

Thanks, The Fox, for ruining my friend's birthday! All of you were rude and vile to a perfectly nice party of 11 people, who just wanted to eat their dinner. We didn't stick around for the main course to arrive - we'd have been there till midnight!

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 by Bettycakes, 20 Jun 2011
Oh dear, oh dear. The reviews WERE all correct - this WAS a great pub, but it ain't any more. If you want to sit in an empty dining room and enquire where your food is an hour after you ordered, increasingly irritated by fob offs and you have taken the afternoon off in anticipation, then this may still be a good pub to eat at. For the rest of us, avoid until the kitchen problems are fixed. My last 2 visits suggest that this is an enduring problem.

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 by mike4, 09 Jul 2010
Pub downstairs has great atmosphere, with friendly staff and good bar food - perfect place to go for a beer and some snacks. Upstairs is a beautiful dining room. Food was delicious, and wine too!

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 by ML, 27 Aug 2008
Read the Time Out review - it says it all.

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 by howardandhoward, 15 Jun 2007
Love this place. Am a local. Great alternative to the bland style bars of Shoreditch.

Useful review?
 by adolf galland (4 reviews), 28 Mar 2007
Overpriced, poor drinks and no atmosphere.

Useful review?
 by dinoccio (2 reviews), 06 Feb 2007
We live right around the corner and we have declared this our 'posh local'! The best gastropub in London. Staff excellent, as are the food and wine.

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 by sumayyajamil (4 reviews), 27 Sep 2006
We really had a great dining experience here. The staff are attentive, but relaxed and very pleasant. The food is spot on. We can't wait to return.

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 by bowl or plate (8 reviews), 08 Sep 2006
We loved our evening at The Fox. A lovely relaxed atmosphere, great staff and very, very tasty food.

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 by Emma Haw, 13 Dec 2005
A worthy winner of the best Gastro Pub in London.

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 by Anonymous, 29 Apr 2005

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