The Ladbroke Arms

54 Ladbroke Grove
Notting Hill, London
W11 3NW
Tel: 020 7727 6648 Holland Park 0.2 miles

One of Notting Hill's best gastro-pubs, serving modern British food and good selection of ales.

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I had the misfortune to visit this pub on a Friday evening after work and had also dragged all of my work colleagues along too - what a mistake that was! When we arrived the pub was fairly quiet and there were still a few tables free. As we were a group of 7, we opted for the largest corner table. However, we hadn't even managed to sit down when a rude man appeared (who I can only presume was the manager) and told us that the table was reserved. Our response was that there was no sign stating this and his retort was that the barmaid had been too busy to put a sign on the table! This exchange took place whilst he was holding a cup of tea and then he disappeared. Not a good start!

We then selected another table and, as there was not another one large enough to accommodate our group, we had to push 2 together. We managed to get some drinks fairly promptly from the bar; considering how 'busy' the barmaid was, we were quite impressed by the speed with which they arrived! During this time, the rude man had made another appearance to plonk some cutlery on the corner table and also place a scribbled note on it. We read this and it stated that the table was reserved from 8pm. As we had arrived at just before 6pm and left at 7:30pm, we could have clearly sat at this table all along, if only he had bothered to tell us what time the table was reserved from instead of rudely barring us from sitting there at all.

The final straw to break the camel's back though was when I returned to the bar to obtain another drink. At this point there were 2 barmaids - 1 serving whilst the other changed barrels. I had already been stood at the bar some time and another customer served before me even though I had been there first, when an old man appeared next to me. It was of course at this point that the barmaids decided to swap roles and the one who had been serving disappeared and the barrel changer came to serve. She asked me and the old man who was next (even though she had clearly seen me standing there whilst she had been barrel-changing), so I went to tell her my order, as did the old man. At this point I turned to him and said "Oh sorry, I think I'm next", to which he then looked at me as if he couldn't believe that I had actually addressed him, turned away and continued with his order. I was truly appalled. The barmaid did not apologise even though she knew what had happened and that it was her fault as she knew that I was next. And as for the old man, whatever happened to good old-fashioned manners and ladies first?!

Therefore, if you are looking for a rude, pretentious pub to enjoy your well-earned Friday after-work drink, this is your place. On the other hand, if you are looking for a friendly, polite and all round more welcoming place to spend your hard earned wages in on a Friday evening, then head to The Mitre on Holland Park Avenue and do not even think about passing through the doors of The Ladbroke Arms, no matter how inviting it looks from the outside!

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 by Fridaydrinker, 20 Sep 2010
Visited The Ladbroke Arms after a recommendation from a friend. Must admit it was a good recommendation. Food was great, service very good and the price was very reasonable. We will certainly be visiting again.

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 by jordan342, 16 May 2010
This is a great pub for drinks - not for food. The food is good... but not good enough to take away the headache you'll get from trying to order it.

The incompetence of the kitchen and wait-staff is just fascinating. The kitchen seems to be open for 1 hr 2x per day and when it does open it is so easily overwhelmed that a 45 minute wait for a soup is considered good.

"I’m in no hurry", you say? Unfortunately, orders are often incomplete, wrong or simply disappear. By the time you argue with the wait-staff about it, the kitchen could very well be closed. If they are really overwhelmed sometimes they put the kitchen "on hold" – ON WHAT?!?!

If you do complain (or mock them), you will surely experience a healthy helping of attitude from not only the wait-staff but also the MANAGEMENT!! Just last weekend I enquired of my American waitress no less about the status of my order and she responded with "good food waits". She was less than amused when I told her I didn't wait this long at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant in Claridges.

The attitude, the ineptitude and the lack of self-insight generally keeps me away from this place.

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 by vanessaj, 14 Apr 2010
We're foodies from New Zealand and we hunted down The Ladbroke Arms in search of great pub fare. We were not disappointed! The cassoulet was the best I've had (in NZ, Britain AND France) and the creme brulee was also superb - washed down with fine rose wine. I would thoroughly recommend it for anyone looking for great food and great wine. We're going back again as soon as we can.

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 by jen1, 29 Dec 2009
Mediocre and potentially heart attack-inducing food, a kitchen that seemingly can't cope with the size of the restaurant and only one member of staff who had the capacity to write anything down.

We arrived in a rush as we were told that we were not able to move our table back half an hour, only to be sat down at our table half an hour later. We were then advised that we should order a starter as the kitchen was busy (presumably they outsource the starters) and then waited until the waitress who took orders deigned to come and talk to us, having asked three other members of staff as to whether we could order some drinks.

If you are thinking of going, may I suggest that you don't go at either lunch or dinner time as the kitchen gets busy, bless their cottons, and the waitresses aren't allowed to do their jobs. It's neither gastro, nor a pub.

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 by flipper, 06 Jan 2008
A group of us went for Sunday lunch. We had booked a table but they hadn't got a table for us when we arrived; however, they said they would get us one, which they did very quickly. The service was a bit slow but got better and the food was really very nice. The pub itself is a delight - it's oddly like being in the house you wish you had! Recommended.

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 by a.n.other, 11 Oct 2007
Food was great and the staff friendly and helpful. One of those places that you hope stays a local's secret.

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 by Jenz, 05 Apr 2006
The food was simply delicious and the staff are very friendly. A perfect Sunday lunch.

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 by sophiejolie, 05 Mar 2006
Great location, and the food was very good for a pub. Crowd was a bit snobby but I got drunk and ignored them!

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 by whyte, 29 Jan 2006
One of the best locals in London, nothing can beat the great staff, the old-timers and lovely food. God bless the Ladbroke Arms.

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 by SY, 20 Sep 2005
Long live The Arms. Top of the heap.

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 by Anonymous, 13 Apr 2005
One of the best gastropubs in London, consistently cooking for over 4 years. Service always helpful and very mixed crowd. Summers at its best when terrace can be used.

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 by MvdB, 10 May 2004

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