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Gordon Ramsay has taken over The Narrow – a Grade II listed pub in the Limehouse area of East London. Complete with fireplaces, lounge armchairs and classic black and white photography gracing the walls, The Narrow has a warm, relaxing environment where you can enjoy classic British fare with real ales and cider. Think hearty braised pig's cheeks, fish and chips (with Monkfish of course) and Bakewell tart, all cooked to perfection.

The Narrow, London

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The Narrow reviews

I have lived in Limehouse for nearly 7 years and have always loved The Narrow as a location for a drink. Before Gordon Ramsay took it over it used to be an amzing gastro pub that served delicious food (my favourite was the pork belly) but since Gordon Ramsay took it over it has gone completely down hill.

We have only been there twice for dinner and that was two times too many! The first time I think I had the lemon sole but got a fish bone stuck in my throat and the second time I was disappointed with the fish and chips that cost £13 or so! I went back the second time to give it another chance but never again.

It makes me really angry that Gordon Ramsay has ruined another great pub with a totally unappealing and uninspired menu and since we found out that NONE of the food is actually cooked in the kitchen (it is all brought in and microwaved, basically) that has added fuel to the fire.

Gordon Ramsay is the biggest hypocrite and he's totally overrated. He has the audacity to go into other people's pubs and restaurants and tell them how to run them when he can't even serve decent food in his own establishments! I want to start a campaign to GET HIM OUT of The Narrow and restore it to its former credible culinary status.

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 by Davina Askew, 20 Sep 2010
I am beginning to become wary of the term 'gastropub' as it is becoming associated with overblown, overpriced and a generally awful experience. My visit to The Narrow has only added to this impression of the gastropub as a waste of time.

A bangers and mash with mustard mash was fine other than the fact the mash was so flavoured with mustard that I couldn't taste anything else! The sausages were great - but then I imagine the chef didn't make those!

My girlfriend, as a vegetarian, had a very limited choice (actually no choice at all!) of a dish of puy lentils and cabbage. When served, it transpired that this (tiny) dish was actually more akin to a thick soup... and a flavourless one at that.

When I complained about the abysmal mash, I was offered free dessert and coffee for both of us, which was then reduced to 1 free dessert when the officious manager (or what I assume must have been the manager) came over and conducted an interrogation!

The dessert, when it arrived, had clearly just been shoved in a microwave as it was nowhere near the consistency and texture that a chocolate brownie should be.

All in all, a very disappointing experience. Gordo clearly doesn't pop in here too often to sample the nosh, otherwise I suspect it might be a bit better - unless of course we just happened to be there on the day the work experience placement was running the kitchen.

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 by vijayluthra, 10 Jun 2010
This is a really beautiful location and I was very much looking forward to going along for dinner, having previously booked the captain's table for various events for other people and generally receiving good feedback. I am a coeliac and a vegetarian, which I appreciate is difficult. I am used to not being able to go to various restaurants, so when I called to see about a reservation I explained all this and went through what I could and could not eat, fully expecting to be told they could not accommodate me. The staff were amazingly helpful and said they would speak to the chef, who came back and said they could cope with my requirements and it wasn't a problem at all.

I thought that was really kind, until I got there and they had forgotten... Faced with a menu of things I could not eat, the maitre d' advised he had not been made aware of my requirements so he would see what they could do but did not hold out much hope as they were very busy. After much to-ing and fro-ing I was given a plate of mushrooms as a starter. Literally just a plate of mushrooms, no dressing, nothing. I had booked the table for my boyfriend's birthday as the menu looked like the kind of thing he likes and, as he was enjoying his meal, I chose to go and speak to the maitre d' between courses at his station rather than make any more of a fuss at the table.

I wanted to let him know how disappointed I was and to point out that, not only had I checked in advance that the dietary issues wouldn't be a problem but I had also confirmed the same and was reassured it was fine the day before the booking. It was coming across like he did not believe I had told the restaurant and that I was just being difficult. He showed me the bookings for that evening, saying he had not been told, and right next to my reservation was not only a note of me being a coeliac and vegetarian but also a list of what I could eat. He was embarrassed and apologised then asked if I wanted to forget it and go somewhere else??!!

By that point the night was ruined. Also, as other people have noted, nothing was done about the bill as any kind of goodwill gesture. My boyfriend's food (soup and sausage & mash) was apparently very nice, but my food was cold and nowhere near the standard I would expect from any kind of gastropub, let alone one with Gordon Ramsay behind it. Service-wise, the staff on the phone are fantastic and super helpful but the staff in the restaurant, in person, are less so, to say the least.

I will not be going back, although if you don't have any special dietary requirements and don't mind shirty/indifferent staff then the setting does have a lot going for it. I would recommend going as a group rather than a couple though, as we sat in the conservatory which was extremely noisy, adding to what ended up being a pretty rubbish evening.

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 by sarah.missus, 02 Apr 2009
My girlfriend and I ate at the Narrow. It started out pleasant enough, but when the main arrived it was accompanied with a long dark hair, which was embedded and cooked.

The manger was apologetic and offered us free coffee. But the meal was totally tainted and, when the bill arrived, they had the cheek to charge me for a full meal. I rightly pointed out I was not going to pay for a meal that had arrived with an 'addition'. They then decided to reduce the bill as I was not going to pay. It basically means if you do not kick up much of a fuss they will assume it is okay to deliver your courses however they come. Very poor from the staff on that front.

Left a bad taste. Will not be going back.

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 by camplingri, 08 Mar 2009
Went to The Narrow with my partner and we both loved the location. The food was simple but tasty and of a reasonable quality. The service was uninformed and impersonal but not terrible. Will definitely go back in summer.

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 by bluboard (2 reviews), 07 Jan 2009
I booked a table for 4 on the 29th July as a surprise for my daughter who is a student at Queen Mary's Dental Hospital.
That was my first mistake!

The following blots started with my asking for a jug of iced tap water to wash down the bread appetiser. Whilst we were eating, the waitress leaned across each of us in turn so close to our faces that we had to move back to avoid coming into contact with her arm. My daughter (who was with her new young man) asked the girl not to do that and was greeted with the reply: "What, you don't want it now?" STRIKE ONE...

The starters were disappointing to say the least. My daughter ordered Welsh Rarebit - it was partially burnt and when she cut it the toast shattered! The young man had salt beef salad - virtually tasteless. My wife had Soft Roe and I had Devilled Kidneys - both of which were overcooked and dry. STRIKE TWO...

The mains faired no better. My wife's steak was well done (she ordered medium-rare), my daughter's duck was a mystery in itself (the skin was soft but the flesh was dry as a bone), my stilton quiche was so hot and the pastry so soft that I am convinced it had been microwaved. However, on the plus side the young man had chicken pie, which was apparently excellent.

As for the desserts, well! My wife's gypsy tart was great. However, my daughter and her young man both had the sticky toffee pudding - it was dry, chewy and totally swamped in caramel sauce which was itself bitter. I foolishly opted for the 'English Cheese Selection' - it was the most miniscule portion of cheeses I have ever come across, in all sorts of odd shapes as though they were the leftovers and, to top it all, they were served up with two blooming great Ryvita crackers (fine dining indeed!) STRIKE THREE...

I did not create a scene at the time, as my daughter and wife asked me not to so as to not embarrass my daughter's new young man. Much against my better judgement, I agreed. I am not after any kind of recompense, as I have been put off totally. If this review is actually put on your site I will be greatly surprised. I just hope someone at The Narrow reads it and does something about the obvious problems!!

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 by stephenwalshe, 03 Aug 2008
We ate at the Captain's table last night. Our waitress was great and that's where the positives end. The starter of beetroot and horseradish was a joke - about 2 marble-sized beetroots sliced (in fact, somebody commented that they had a few 'fingernails' of beetroot), a small handful of leaves with no dressing, and absolutely no evidence of horseradish! My steak was average, and I passed on the sad looking veg for fear of lowering the overall standard further. I finished with elderflower jelly which went down in 2 spoonfuls and was so nondescript that's all I can remember about it.

The were 14 of us and the bill came to £45 per head including wine, which we thought was reasonable until somebody reminded us that we'd just eaten in a pub. I went downstairs to the bar and waited 15 minutes to be served and eventually gave up. There were 3 barstaff looking very busy but never was there more than 4 people waiting to be served. I mentioned this to the manageress, who offered no apologies or explanation.

I won't eat here again and wonder if I'll rush back to a Ramsay eaterie in a hurry. This experience has severely affected my loyalty to the brand.

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 by Lionel J, 20 Jul 2008
Amazingly disappointing. Having made a special journey to visit the restaurant, we had a dining experience which was seriously below par. The starter was tepid and when I politely asked for a replacement the request was met with a rather surly and impatient attitude. The main course was so unappetizing that I suspected it was a punishment from the kitchen for returning the first course. In terms of quality, atmosphere and service I am sorry to say that this place is the abyss.

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 by James S., 08 Apr 2008
We went to The Narrow for lunch last week and were very impressed by the whole experience. The menu is neat and tidy with all the classics on there. We had the chicken livers on toast with soft poached egg. Hake and chips were terrific and desserts the same. Service was smooth and I agree, the location is perfect. I intend to return asap!

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 by danny ship, 05 Oct 2007
Two words: Don't Bother. We complained that the potted shrimps were off and also rather small. We were told that they were having problems with the supplier and hence the poor quality of food. Now let's not forget that The Narrow is across the road from Billingsgate fish market that serves all of London with fresh sea food. And no, we still paid £7 for the gone-off, bad potted shrimp! AVOID. Shame - nice views of the Thames, crap food!

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 by mmccoll, 27 Sep 2007
Lovely place for a pub, with huge seating area right on the river. Nice but a bit bare and bright inside. Looked like there were some good real ales on tap. Separate dining area where we ate. Food was underwhelming. Fish and chips (with hake when I went) was good and fresh but not particularly delicious. Potted shrimps were a bit greasy. Wine and coffee were very good.

Apart from the riverside location, this was no better than any other generic gastropub. Gordon Ramsay is on billboards right now, proclaiming that 'average' is the worst word in the English language. Our meal was distinctly average.

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 by somelikeithot (6 reviews), 07 Sep 2007

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