The Salusbury

50 Salusbury Road
Queen's Park, London
Tel: 020 7328 3286 Queens Park 0.1 miles

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Newly remodelled. Real gastropub food now and a great atmosphere. Definitely going back.

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 by tooth, 24 Nov 2013
I used to love this place, the food is amazing and the staff were great, but the manager there has completely put me off. The last three times I have been, I've seen or heard her shouting at the staff and even customers, which creates an uncomfortable atmosphere. A friend of mine dared comment on overcooked food and this obnoxious Italian woman was rude and made my friend feel like an idiot. Now I go to The Alice House!

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 by Jay.Richie, 06 Jan 2012
We were so glad to have rediscovered this place as we usually go to one of the competitors (since we had a bad experience last year). Moved by our curiosity to see The Salusbury after its refurbishment, we went on a Tuesday night and the dining room was VERY busy and looked so chic. Had to put our name down for a table and waited twenty minutes, but the manageress was lovely and we had drinks at the bar.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food - the rib eye (one of the most tender pieces of meat I’ve had in a long time, and perfectly cooked), the home-made ravioli and the white asparagus, pomegranate and truffle oil salad, the venison and the pheasant with cauliflower purée. All so good and superbly cooked.

The service was friendly and efficient too, and we really did feel welcome and well looked after. The manageress' wine recommendation was a superb Sicilian wine far too good for the price we paid. Will make a point of going back!

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 by Julian, 17 Nov 2010
We went last night to The Salusbury dining room and were a big party of about 10. We found the waiting staff to be great, the food was fresh (duck homemade pasta), seasonal and not expensive for what we had...

BUT... the kitchen/head chef has to sort out the food coming out at the same time. For those of us who had cold starter it was fine but some people had hot starter. After waiting 5 mins we had to start eating and the people who hadn't got theirs just had to wait and watch people eating. The same thing happened with the mains as well and it just happened to be the same people! It's a very basic thing for the kitchen to get right and can make the difference between a wonderful meal/evening to just an OK meal/evening.

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 by win180, 16 Sep 2010
Have been to The Salusbury deli on a couple of occasions. The pizzas are fantastic and the location is great, but unfortunately the house red wine is undrinkable and the service is highly unpredictable. I went 2 days ago for a frozen yogurt which was £3.50-ish for a medium - overpriced compared to places like Tossed, but local so arguably worth the extra £1.50 - but went today and the medium size had shrunk by 3/4, making it the most expensive 3 teaspoons of frozen yogurt in London, I reckon, at around £1 per teaspoon... Very disappointed.

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 by trewhughes, 30 Aug 2010
Popped into the deli part on Sunday for some frozen yogurt, only to find 4 members of staff trying to cope with the volume of clients. Restaurant looked chaotic, staff stretched to the limit, tables not cleared. Sort out your staffing issues. You have a great location and great food but will lose clients!

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 by smccaldin, 18 Aug 2010
We go to The Salusbury quite regularly. We love the food, and the selection of wine is better than a lot of gastro-pubs we have been to. We must have been lucky, because we always had good, friendly service. We also like the decor of the place. Poseurs? Maybe a few too many, but are you not one of them if you inhabit this world?

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 by slb, 18 Nov 2009
Completely disagree with the review below. We go to the Salusbury fairly regularly and have always found the service excellent and very friendly. The food is far better than average and they have a good wine list. I would without hesitation recommend eating here. Just don’t be put off by the very popular pub next to the dining room!

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 by richardt, 06 Nov 2009
The food in the Salusbury was great when I was there. Unfortunately that was not enough to make me want to go back. The staff behind the bar are rude and unfriendly, and they seem to consider that they are doing you a favour by serving you. Some of the clientele are also off-putting. I have never seen so many poseurs in a non-celeb hangout. The whole place is a little over-rated.

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 by hgmal, 25 Jun 2009
I have lived in the area for 10 years and used to go to eat and drink at The Salusbury on a very regular basis (as it's 2 mins from my house). However, after many visits marred by terrible service and an attitude of 'don't give a s**t', I stopped going. That was a couple of years ago. Occasionally I will pop in for an early evening drink (but vacate when the poseurs arrive). It would be very hard to get me back to the restaurant to spend good money when there are so many other great places around.

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 by kiptaky, 16 Dec 2008
I live in Berlin but spend a lot of time in London. Being vegetarian, fond of organic food and always hungry, I shop at The Salusbury deli quite often. Their selection is fabulous and so are their staff. Fresh organic carrots, so sweet they recently obtained the genuine "sweets substitute" status from my daughter, delicious bread which I usually find pretty hard to track down, very lovely coffee too. They also have the best nibbles one can find: nuts of all sorts, organic chocolate, the tastiest and biggest croissants in the area and a big variety of fruit, all fresh.

As for negative comments re. the staff, could it not be a case of "you reap what you sow", perhaps? I experience them as friendly, competent and communicative people who make me want to come back every time I am visiting.

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 by isiefkes, 12 Nov 2008
I'm a new resident of Maida Hill and have been to The Salusbury on two recent occasions. The food exceeded my expectations but I think the portions are too big. We had a delightful waitress late on a Saturday night but I think generally the staff have a bit of attitude which needs to be sorted out. I will be going back again though... for the food!

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 by romyj (3 reviews), 28 Jan 2008
Used to go to this pub religiously about 2 years ago but was put off by the bad attitude from both customers and staff. Went there a few days ago and it seems things have been completely turned around by a change in management. Spoke with a fellow named Luke who bent over backwards for us - hope this attitude is passed on to the rest of the staff, who seem like a bunch of layabouts.

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 by jregal73, 19 Jan 2008
Have been to The Salusbury a number of times. Always enjoyed the food and the company, service is usually OK. As there is a general derth of good pubs in Brent, The Salusbury manage to rescue what could be drinking and dining hell.

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 by Sandy121, 11 Dec 2007
I agree wholeheartedly with the comments about clientele and bar staff attitude making the place a lot worse than it ought to be. I've spent a couple of decent afternoons listening to some choice music (a rarity in a pub) and drinking some quite well-made espresso. However, come 19.00 the place fills up with 30-something loud mouths shouting each other down and 'being seen'. Then the attitude of the bar staff becomes pretty understandable. Time to leave.

Restaurant is what you might expect in a gastropub - predictable food, decently cooked and well-presented. Atmosphere less offensive than in the bar. As for the deli, it appears to be run (I am assuming she runs it by the demeaning way she treats the rest of the staff and the customers) by one of most obnoxious people I've had the misfortune to meet in the whole of the Queens Park area. And that's quite an achievement. Well done!

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 by jimjam, 06 Dec 2007
The food is fairly good as far as pseudo pub grub goes, and that whole thing of seeing the cooks sweat over the stove is very appealing to the type of young, posh, loud and scruffy types who eat/drink there. A varied menu with more than adequate portions, priced reasonably.

Service is useless and very slow. The bar staff mirror the punters, badly dressed and useless. They need to understand that they are there to serve the public and not to socialise amongst themselves during busy periods at the bar. The interior décor is somewhat dishevelled and it suits. This establishment is an eclectic mix of old wooden chairs and battered tables, reggae posters/records and carnival photography nostalgia with good food and OK beer and cider (not much of a selection, although there's Leffe, Adnams and Aspalls cider on tap).

If you're a wannabe posh person from not-quite-Ladbroke-Grove that likes to wear sunglasses inside and needs to be seen, then I think you'll find this place appealing. It is the food alone that gets the rating.

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 by jumbotom, 09 Aug 2007
I've lived in the area for over 15 years now and generally drink in Kensal Green. Lately I've begun to frequent the Salusbury. The restaurant is fantastic but apart from that and the fact that they sell Leffe I can only give the place minus points. The bar staff, for some strange reason, seem to think they are doing you a favour by serving you. There's an unfortunate tendency in this country that when an area becomes popular the service in their Public Houses goes downhill. Shame really, as it could do quite well with normal folks such as myself as opposed to C-list media types who just follow the latest trend.

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 by Jiggs, 23 May 2007
Just moved into the area and The Salusbury is a little too close to be good for my liver! A great place - lively, decent beer, sound wine list, nice food, understated music. I've already noticed one regular nutter who makes me smile.

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 by pitstroker, 08 Sep 2006
I've always had great service at this pub and I'm not posh!

Food is reliably good, very friendly atmosphere of scrubbed tables and candles and large selection of wine, all at good prices. Never had a poor night, but the bar is minging - go straight to the restaurant area.

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 by lainey di san vito, 22 May 2006
Would be great if it didn't take an hour to be served because all the bar staff are chatting to their posh mates, if the air-conditioning worked so it wasn't as smokey as a goth gig, and if half the clientele didn't make Nathan Barley look serious... That said, the food is terrific.

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 by Anonymous, 01 Dec 2005

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