William IV

786 Harrow Road
Ladbroke Grove, London
NW10 5JX
Tel: 020 8969 5944 Kensal Green 0.3 miles

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I have to agree with twister, below. This pub used to serve great food, and the Sunday lunch was very good. Now the place is very different. No one seems to care. Our food was lukewarm, and the service was non-existent. We won't be returning until it's changed hands.

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 by csmith, 04 Oct 2010
Honestly people, this pub was great. Now with new management, it's just shit. Horrible food, service has a lots of question marks, and a screaming 'manager'. Better sell it to someone else who knows what to do.

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 by twister, 20 Sep 2010
We have just had Sunday lunch there and I am afraid to say it was not very nice, which is a real shame as it used to be a great place to eat. When the waiter asked if there had been a problem with the meal, we courteously gave our comments - my friend is himself an accomplished chef - and the waiter said he would pass on the comments. However, upon leaving the waiter had not yet returned to us giving any sign that he had indeed conveyed our comments to the chef or the manager. I am afraid we will not be returning, and will also pass on our experience to our friends and neighbours who have lived in this area for many years.

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 by Patrick.cope1, 06 Jun 2010
Im so sick of all the generic gastropubs in Notting Hill, but the William IV is a refreshing change. Great to go somewhere that sells quality, innovative food. Great to see a wine list that isn't the same as every other bar in the area (and the William's is great), and great to be served by people that have been there longer than 5mins and seem to actually care about the place... Definitely worth seeking this place out.

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 by ├╝bercritic (2 reviews), 07 Jun 2007
I can't believe this place has been going (under the same management) for 10 years now - a testament to the way they keep the place changing for the better. Now they have a happy hour on Friday nights and the wine list is far and away the best in the area. Great food and great staff too - here's to another 10 years!

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 by DrGrove, 10 Apr 2007
Best Sunday lunch in west London. The place is massive and is ALWAYS packed whilst other gastropubs in the area struggle to fill their tables. That says it all really. William rocks!

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 by guillerme, 08 Mar 2007
Excellent food, good service, real ale, some very good wines (the rioja was especially good). This was on a Saturday evening. Booking recommended.

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 by JohnOlb, 30 Jan 2007
Highly recommended. Great restaurant and great bar, with excellent service in both. I was particularly impressed with the cocktails (best Mojito I've had in London), and they are all half price on Thursdays! I was with a friend that is an ale drinker and he was heartily impressed with the real ale that they had from an obscure microbrewery. This place gets very busy (especially at the weekends), but it's not difficult to see why.

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 by HarryKensal, 09 Jan 2007
Their tapas had no flavour and were expensive, the portions very small compared to normal tapas in Spanish restaurants. Would only recommend this pub for drinks.

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 by luna, 04 Nov 2006
Best tapas / pub food I have ever eaten. Lovely atmosphere and friendly staff.

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 by Anonymous, 17 Jun 2005
Perfect for post clubbing, or dancing till one. Perfect for lazy Saturdays al fresco, perfect for Sunday morning peaceful newspaper reading, transport links perfect for drinkers and it serves tapas. Mmmm.

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 by Anonymous, 13 Jun 2005
Excellent tapas and service always really good and friendly.

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 by Anonymous, 19 May 2005

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