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We just received our parcel to Sweden. It was right on time with everything intact and we couldn't be happier! We were sceptical (like most people are) over purchasing online, especially from Lillywhite being a branch of SportsDirect, which has received more negative reviews than positive! Thus we were nervous! We bought two sets of boxing gloves, hit pads and a yoga mat. Everything we ordered (sizes and colour were correct) arrived on time and undamaged. We would shop here again! Since we were pleasantly surprised and were originally weaning off buying here due to the reviews we just wanted to share our experience.

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 by phoebs.mell, 26 May 2015
Lillywhites is a 'no refund' store, just like JD's and many other high street retailers, and this is clearly advertised in store. So when you buy something, pay attention.

Useful review?
 by lennyb, 13 Mar 2013
Unfortunately I had an asthma attack on the 6th floor of Lillywhites. It was so bad, I couldn't speak and struggled to find my inhaler, but the staff didn't so much as look at me, let alone ask me if I were OK or offer to help. Had my inhaler not worked as it did, I would have needed an ambulance, but I wondered if they'd even notice if I dropped down dead. As it was I was able to recover sufficiently to text my family to help. Although I wasn't in a fit state to buy anything that day, the experience guarantees I never will. What kind of company care so little for their customers they don't notice if one is expiring?

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 by AdaB, 20 Jan 2013
People need to realise it's not Lillywhites any more but owned by Sports Direct and has been for a good few years. The company is a joke and I will not be shopping here again. As a friend said afterwards, you get what you pay for. Customer service is non-existent!

Useful review?
 by ryan.dorgan112, 21 Dec 2012
This used to be one of the best sports shops, selling high quality equipment with expert service. Now it's like Poundland - stack high, sell cheap.

Useful review?
 by andrewperkin, 21 Sep 2012
Their customer service is of the lowest standard and the attitude of its staff is not acceptable: unkind, incompetent, and rude.

The day before yesterday, I bought a hoody whose price tag apparently said "£49.99 reduced to £39.99". When I checked my credit card receipt at home, £49.99 had been paid.

Today, I went to the store with the price tag and receipt and asked for a £10 refund. It was refused because I didn't try to return it on the day of purchase. Furthermore, the sales assistant said there was a possibility I had cut the tag from somewhere else and asked for a refund. They regard a customer as a thief without evidence. Why don't they check the price of the item on the day in question?

They don't even have an email address for customer service. There is much room for improvement in their management. It is as old-fashioned as the Lillywhites tradition.

Useful review? 1
 by nmh38, 17 Sep 2012
Purchased a Dunlop Airgel 4D Max S Squash Racket on Monday. On Tuesday, into my second game, a string broke! Unable to get through on the telephone. What now? We live in the Midlands and won't be returning to London until September.

Useful review?
 by Joy Hunt, 23 May 2012
Why won't anyone ever answer the phone? Suppose there was an emergency involving a relative of someone who works there... Shameful.

Useful review?
 by kate4, 12 Aug 2011
I found the young lady in the outdoor shoe section (about the 4th floor) most helpful - she knew what she was talking about. They didn't have the Merrells model I wanted but I still walked out after spending £90 on other gear. If I had had more time in London, I would have re-visited. Prices seemed quite competitive.

Useful review?
 by thommo56, 17 Jun 2011
Called twice to see if they had a tennis racquet. Waited on line for 30 mins each time - "We value your call... number 10 in the queue", etc. Got down to number 1 BOTH times and the line went dead. Situation arose because they didn't have stock in another store but that store said the only way I could find out if another store had it was to ring myself... RUBBISH!!

Useful review?
 by mhusk, 20 May 2011
All these negative comments are so true. Last Saturday I walked in to Lillywhites to buy some kids' shoes. I had already some other bags from other nearby stores, so when I purchased the shoes at the counter I put them, with the receipt, into the other bigger bags I had on me. As I made my way down to leave the store I got STOPPED AND SEARCHED at the main exit in front of everyone because they thought I had stolen something! Absolutely disgraceful.

Another pathetic thing they have is security guards on each floor with BULLET PROOF VESTS... yes, BULLET PROOF VESTS!! I don't know, but I'm sure it's very unlikely for someone to be shot inside a store like Lillywhites in central London. This just says it all about who's in charge - a bunch of pathetic, low-life, incompetent staff. DON'T SHOP THERE!

Useful review?
 by tsantos89, 09 May 2011
Totally rubbish!
I tried to return an unused pair of roller-blades.

Complete refusal.

Worst sports shop ever.
Don't touch with a barge pole.

Useful review?
 by jeremyboden, 30 Mar 2011
We were in the store the other day, looking for ice skates for my daughter, whilst here on holiday from Sydney. The man was very helpful, but as they didn't have the right size in stock, he gave me the phone number to call...

I have just been calling for over one hour! How disgusting, when you wait and wait then it cuts you off when you get to #1 in the queue!! NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL. Will shop elsewhere now!

Useful review?
 by dick.bennetts, 06 Jan 2011
I was in London last summer and got a great price here for England rugby jerseys (very difficult to get hold of in Malaysia).

Useful review?
 by rmkapot, 12 Dec 2010
Everyone wants great customer service, knowledgeable and trained staff, 24-hour customer service, and much more. Well, if you want that, then go to M&S, John Lewis and Debenhams for a complete shopping experience. All these things cost money and the one reason to go for Sports Direct are the knockdown prices.

All the facilities which are given should be looked at in comparison with the prices. Me and my friends did a lot of shopping at Lillywhites and other Sports Direct outlets. If customers don't know what they want, then they'd better not go to a place with such bargain prices.

Useful review?
 by hiraj2001, 02 Dec 2010
What DISGUSTING service. I have phoned three times, been kept in a queue, and when I get to the top of it, I have been promptly cut off. I have wasted over an hour of my time trying to contact a shop and all I got was a recorded voice saying how 'important' my call was. Trust me, I will NEVER go to this store again, and will make sure all my friends know about their disgusting lack of service.

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 by airinterests, 24 Nov 2010
I have been on the phone for 28 mins and have moved up the queue twice and phoned back twice but no one will answer the phone.

Useful review?
 by alan perkins, 11 Oct 2010
Similar experience to some of the others; I have tried to get through on the phone on a number of occasions, having waited 15 mins, and 20 mins, being told I was fourth in the queue, third in the queue etc, and then getting cut off. Unbelievable for a major store to treat its customers like this.

Useful review?
 by davidrobm, 04 Sep 2010
Totally rubbish. Just tried to ring the store, was on hold for 45 mins then it started ringing and I got cut off. The poorest cutomer service I have ever encountered. Just plain immoral.

Useful review?
 by SC6515, 27 Aug 2010
Just spent 10 minutes queuing on the phone for nothing, no one answered. What a shame for such a nice shop.

Useful review? 1
 by paulinhabelelli, 13 Jul 2010

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