Grocer on Elgin

6 Elgin Crescent
Notting Hill, London
W11 2HX
Tel: 020 7221 3844 Ladbroke Grove 0.3 miles

Grocer on Elgin

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Their prepared meals are still very good, as are their cakes and biscuits.

But their famous flat whites have really gone downhill lately. Even Costa's are better! Not sure if this is due to a change of ownership or barista, but given the kiwi heritage they ought to be able to do better.

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 by AussieGrant, 23 Dec 2011
What an exceptionally rude manager they have in this store. Whilst perusing the shelves on a shopping trip with my friend, he more or less (aggressively) accused us of being supermarket spies and said he would throw people like us out of his store. We are real foodies and take a keen interest in what we are buying/what is on the label so, yes, we were taking our time enjoying the experience but I will never be a customer now and would encourage everyone to go elsewhere.

Get over yourself Mr Grumpy. Take a look outside and see some REAL competition! And an anger management course wouldn't go amiss either.

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 by Ordinary Shopper, 24 Jul 2010
I remember they had the best bread I'd ever eaten while I was in Europe 2005! Magic!

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 by kitt james, 31 Jul 2007
I used to work over the road, and their hot fresh pizzas and soup kept me going all winter. Will be back soon!

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 by funky florist, 02 Jun 2007
Totally unique.

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 by Anonymous, 02 Oct 2005
Great gazpacho soup and the poached pears are wonderful. Wonderful food, but only for a special occasion as very pricey.

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 by ems (21 reviews), 24 May 2005
Fantastic place to pop in for a delicious ready made evening meal after a hard day at work. Fresh ingredients, great selection and it's open late most nights of the week.

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 by mopsy (18 reviews), 31 Jan 2005

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