Good Vibes

14-16 Betterton Street
Covent Garden, London
Tel: 020 7240 6111 Covent Garden 0.2 miles

Look fabulous naked at Good Vibes - a dedicated Power-Plates studio in the heart of the West End. Hold poses such as lunges, squats and crunches on the vibrating platform, or Power-Plate, and your brain thinks it is falling, which causes your muscles to contract and relax rapidly, resulting in beautifully toned muscles. Power-Plate workouts are low impact and a firm favourite amongst celebrities. Good Vibes runs 25 minute, small group sessions in a relaxed environment with experienced trainers, eclectic music and mint tea on tap.

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Warm yoga at Good Vibes is just about the only thing that will get me out of bed at 6am of a morning to travel in for the outstanding 7.30am classes. As it's now turning to Autumn, the warm room is a wonderful way to wake up a sleepy body and create strength and power before heading into your day! Everyone you meet there adds to your day in a positive way. Highly recommended!

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 by nicolabeck, 04 Oct 2012
I love going to Power Plates classes at Good Vibes as after a couple of weeks of classes you can really tell the difference in your body. I've tried all sorts of different exercises and if you go regularly this is definitely one that works. If I don’t have time to go to a gym class or want to do something before work then they are great for that as they are only 25 minutes long yet you still feel you’ve worked your whole body.

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 by jess_elwell2, 12 Sep 2012
I've started Glow Yoga through Groupon and have quickly become hooked. It is the best yoga I have done so far and I've done many types. The studio is clean, smells great, the mats are clean, it is nice and warm, the teachers know what they are doing, classes vary in content (forget the smelly, torturous and repetitive Bikram, this is soooo much better). And of course you must try a class with Nahid - she is fantastic, knows so much about yoga, truly the best!

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 by Lola15, 23 Jul 2012
I have been visiting Good Vibes now for a while. I was drawn to Good Vibes as my fellow colleagues had been discussing how good it was. I signed up for one of the starter offers, and tried out most of the morning classes in my offer week. Although a little nervous about the heat (glo) I very quickly got used to it, and loved the fact that I warmed up a lot quicker than usual. The teachers are very knowledgeable, and have a welcoming spirit. I've attended most of the morning classes, and the Friday evening class called Bliss. I felt so relaxed, I could have layed there for hours! A very relaxing yoga environment!

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 by susan.samuel, 23 Jul 2012
Following a free session of Spincycle (and the more expensive Power Plates) I decided to take up the introductory £20 for 10 days offer. The staff were incredibly helpful and understanding - granting the 10 days as working days and omitting the bank holiday day.

Since, I have taken up the 25 Spincycle sessions for £220 and have got my money's worth. The trainer I love the most is Peter on a Monday lunchtime - if you enjoy decent tunes, working out to a rhythm and smiling whilst you do it, he's your man. He has a fantastic, personable way of motivating and you can't help but dig in (and laugh at the same time!). Kate Pepper is an aspirational trainer - if working out makes you look that good, then there's no better motivator.

As a whole, the classes are fun and addictive. The calorie-burn quantity is amazing (think about 650 calories for a 45 minute session). The staff are friendly and know you by name. I highly recommend Good Vibes. But don't just take my word for it, take up the free session and find out for yourself.

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 by Giulia Di Cesare, 23 Jul 2012
I have been going to Good Vibes for about 3 years now and I LOVE it. The whole team are lovely and the new studios are great. I do the Power Plate classes and squeeze in a spincycle and yoga class every now and then. I cannot recommend this place enough for everything you need, it's so much better than a boring old gym! I've even got all my friends to go and try it out, as you can try your first session for free!

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 by eb1234, 04 Dec 2011
Thank you Good Vibes... I want more!! Gorgeous new heated yoga studio with S.A.D lights for my winter blues have turned my frown upside down! Three sessions in and I already feel like a new woman. Wonderful.

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 by tickets100, 30 Nov 2011
Should be renamed 'Bad Vibes'. Mood lighting can't disguise the bad attitude the staff here have. Possibly the most patronising, money-grabbing, soulless, stressful people I have ever encountered. The studio floor was dirty and buckling underfoot. Most of the 5* reviews (below) were done by people who work there, so they're clearly completely biased. There are nicer places to spend your money.

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 by bunnyB, 07 Nov 2011
I actually go to the Good Vibes classes in Fitzrovia but I am sure the experience is the same across the studios.

I was lucky enough to win the Bikini Bootcamp Good Vibes course and it has been absolutely brilliant. From the moment I was contacted about booking the class, through to the Fitzrovia receptionist and the individual instructors, the service has been excellent.

I have really enjoyed the classes - they are short enough to easily fit into a very busy working day yet high impact enough to know you have made a difference. My strength and muscle appearance has certainly improved.

Your first session will feel rather odd - wobbly legs, vibrating vision - but there is a great atmosphere and the instructors are very supportive.

The only reason I haven't given it five stars is due to the expense of the classes but I'm sure I'll be back again after my course is finished as it's been a great success!

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 by ruthie lou, 28 Mar 2011
I have been going to Good Vibes for over two years now and am completely addicted. It does exactly what it says on the tin - when they say you will see results with 3 sessions a week for 5 weeks, you will! Powerplates are a great way to work out in your lunch hour as each session only lasts 25 minutes and you don't have to wear anything special or even get sweaty if you don't want to. The studio is light and airy and totally uncorporate, with helpful, friendly staff who know their stuff. Try it, you won't regret it.

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 by Kate C, 29 Nov 2010
The best Power-Plate studio in London! Really friendly staff that give great workouts in a lovely atmosphere. Plus it really works - I've lost a dress size already!

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 by Rache;, 11 Jan 2008
I have the arse of a small boy after 10 sessions here. The trainers are great, the music is fantastic - this isn't a workout!

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 by KNL, 20 Mar 2007
I have been going for 2 months and can swear that this works - I feel like a different person and it's all thanks to the people at Good Vibes. Great trainers, fun atmosphere, and the only workout you can get those kind of results from in 25 minutes (including the stretching!).

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 by liane, 20 Mar 2007

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