42-49 St Martin's Lane
Covent Garden, London
Tel: 020 7395 0270 Leicester Square 0.1 miles

Work up a sweat in the unique environment of Gymbox in Covent Garden. Housed in the former Lumiere Cinema at St. Martin's Lane Hotel and following a substantial re-design, this space now boasts a state-of-the-art gym with a distinctly cinematic feel. Like its sister venue, Gymbox in Holborn, the gym offers diverse classes catering for every taste - try a Jamaican Dancehall dance class, the Look Better Naked total muscle workout or the Stiletto Workout done in heels and designed to tone the upper and lower leg.

Mon-Fri: 6.30am-11pm
Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: 10am-4pm

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I stayed at St Martin's Lane hotel four or five times last year for periods between a day and two weeks. I never tried the gym until yesterday.

It was ok. It looked cool, and the member of staff who helped me was polite. After checking that I was a guest at the hotel and because he knew that the hot water at the hotel wasn't working for a day, he gave me 2 towels (I requested the other one), a padlock for the locker that I otherwise would have to provide myself, and booked me a yoga class for today.

Today, however, the staff were ridiculously rude (a woman and a different guy from yesterday). Firstly, they called today "another day" and said that I needed to prove that I'm at the hotel by showing a card instead of relying on the registration for the yoga class made yesterday (she could've signed me in and then verified with the hotel). She then said that the extra towel cost £1 and asked, "Where is your £1?". What's more, they then refused to lend me a padlock and wanted me to buy one from them.

The guy seemed so upset that I was surprised about the difference between today and yesterday. He insisted that he didn't know me and had to establish a first impression first and that he is not paid to deal with such situations (I don't understand the uniqueness of my situation). After which he had a little tantrum as he sipped his Starbucks, saying that he didn't like that I made an issue about the extra towel. Pathetic.

SUMMARY: the management of this place should have clear staff-client guidelines and expectations, instead of relying on how their parents brought them up and which side of the bed they woke up on! London is London after all - full of other options!

Useful review?
 by N1, 08 Feb 2014
It's a cool and funky gym. Classes do get booked up pretty fast, so it's best to be ready to book the day before (when bookings open). Staff are friendlier here than my old gym - I always get a 'hi' and a 'bye'. My boyfriend, who's also a member, does say the men's changing room gets filthy in the evenings but as for the ladies' one, I have no complaints. Music is always the same - the DJs sometimes play cool stuff but otherwise the music is pretty blah the rest of the time. Membership is fairly pricey but personally I like the gym so I don't mind paying it for now; however, I would really like to see some improvements soon.

Useful review?
 by LinaD, 17 Nov 2013
I have joined Gymbox as they had a promotional offer of no joining fee (£175 normally - you would have to be high to pay that much). I have only been once and so far have not had a good experience.

Booked in to spinning only to then realise loads of the bikes had broken, so had to just work out in the gym. The gym is full of body beautiful types (I am a model so am not under-experienced with that sort of thing but the vanity in this gym is something else). The gym itself is fairly basic. The classes looked great (that, plus the location, was the reason I joined). However, I am now realising you have to bring your own equipment to some of them and pay £10 a month to borrow a towel. Definitely not worth the 80 quid a month fee. On the plus side, the changing rooms and facilities are good. But only as good as the 40 quid a month I paid for a Virgin membership.

My first visit has been pretty shocking. Hoping my second is better...

Useful review?
 by bobby123, 04 Sep 2012
Thinks it is a premium gym, but it has always been pretty basic. Used to be a good gym, but sadly lacking in investment, and changing rooms verging on the unhealthy. Equipment showing its age. Management wholly uninterested, avoiding members wherever possible. Friendly staff and PTs are great.

Useful review?
 by qimjuin, 28 Aug 2012
Absolutely love Gymbox. The girl that signed me up was so friendly and always chats to me when I come in. The other staff are really nice too, always smiling! Classes are really fun and different. I highly recommend for anyone who is serious about getting results.

Useful review?
 by twaz22, 12 Jun 2012
I have been a member since October 2011 and love Covent Garden. The reception team are friendly, along with the PTs. There is always a positive vibe. William PT is fabulous. No gym is perfect but so far I have no complaints and enjoy my time.

Useful review?
 by John Hennessy, 10 May 2012
Terrible! Very small and confined. Terrible music they blast out. Staff are rude. Trainers do workouts directly behind the treadmills, which is unsafe and uncomfortable. Have also been to the Westfield one, which is also terrible. Not dark, which is nice; however, if you are running on the treadmill and the sun is out then you are screwed as it is very hard to block out. Plus the treadmills are insanely shakey - I run fast and I don't want to feel like the the ground is wobbling as I do so.

Cancelled my membership last year but they have taken payments out for the past 4 months. Cancelled the direct debit with my bank but figured out they were actually using my card details not account details to continue to take the money out. Have since cancelled the card, so hopefully it won't happen any more! Don't trust them with your money or your fitness - there are better options.

Useful review?
 by 4greenapples, 04 Apr 2012
i joined Gymbox in Covent Garden a month ago, despite reading some of these comments. So far it's been great! Very different to any gym I've been to and the people that work there seem very nice. I would recommend it if you want somewhere with a good vibe and motivating classes. Kettlebells and the rave class are my favourites.

Useful review?
 by angie8585, 07 Mar 2012
I just moved to London and I found most gyms to be very boring and uninventive. Gymbox, on the other hand, is so cool! The classes are amazing and the staff are friendly and cheerful. It's nice that even in central London and being undergound, the building has a lot of vertical height (the worst thing for me is when I'm on a treadmill and the ceiling, with a light, is directly over my head).

I used to only workout outside, but Gymbox has me hooked on being serious about my level of fitness. The prices aren't cheap, but it's well worth it for the experience and motivation I need to keep going.

Useful review?
 by clair.walsh88, 21 Sep 2011
OMG! Covent Garden Gymbox is possibly the BEST gym that I have ever seen! It looks like something from a futuristic movie - crazy lights, dark vibe, almost like a London night club. I will definitely be leaving my leisure centre 1980s club. This place is amazing!

Useful review?
 by andrewhart5, 16 Sep 2011
Cool gym. Changed over recently from another gym close by and it's much nicer. Some reviews I've read have been not so great, but I've found it much better than most. Would recommend if you want something different.

Useful review?
 by Jaydenbig, 14 Sep 2011
Amazing gym! It's like being in a nightclub but doing a workout. I only use the freeweights and CV but there's loads of stuff so never have to wait. Staff are really good as well. Always smiling on reception.

Useful review?
 by danturner6, 14 Sep 2011
An excellent gym. Everything is almost brand new, classes are great and everyone seems really friendly. Much better than my last gym, LA Fitness.

Useful review?
 by tommyboy58, 22 Aug 2011
Beware of the comment below made by leesahjaye, she works at the reception - cheek! Where to start? Classes are rubbish, personal trainers are con artists and aren't even in good shape, they mess up on the membership fees... Avoid at all costs!!

Useful review? 1
 by tf690, 08 Aug 2011
Shocking!! The company will continue to take money from your account after the notice period is up, refuse to give you a refund when you raise it with them AND pursue you relentlessly if you manage to get the payments back through debit card disputes.


Useful review? 1
 by the_proximity (2 reviews), 28 Jan 2011
There are a lot of bad reviews! It seemed like a cool gym, so I joined. Although the receptionists change faster than the weather, they're genuinely nice. The sales team take forever to come and talk to you, as if they were crossing China to get to you. Funny and friendly nonetheless, it’s hard to relax around them, since deep down you know all they want to do is sell. The manager is surpringly nice. And the owners are always about, which is rare these days (when do you see or speak to the owners of LA Fitness or Virgin?).

A nice team of people really, from personal trainers to the cleaners. Yes, the prices are expensive, but at the end of the day, at Virgin I paid £32 a month and walked in and out like a ghost, no one seemed to care! Here it’s such a friendly atmosphere. I’m saying GO JOIN, I'm saying I love it!

Useful review?
 by french_93, 13 Jan 2011
It's very difficult to leave this gym, even when your membership term is over. Be warned.

Useful review? 1
 by justtosay, 22 Nov 2010
I've been a member at this branch for just over a year and am still really enjoying it. The classes are my main motivation, and as they update them every couple of months it gives me something new to try. I like going there after work as it's a little break from the sterile white walls I have to face for the whole day - I enjoy the black contrast and the bright colours.

I have noticed that some of the equipment on the gym floor seems to be a little worse for wear, but I've also noticed more equipment being brought in, so I'm never queuing up to use anything.

The staff have always been very welcoming and friendly although they do change very often, but they're always smiling! I've made a good rapport with a few people, and I'm not planning on cancelling anytime soon. It seems like most of the problems are due to membership cancellation, so I'll make sure to be fully informed, when (if) I decide to cancel.

Even if others don't think this is one of the best gyms around, I definitely feel it's the best gym for me... so don't knock it 'til you try it!

Useful review?
 by lucyholt84, 24 Aug 2010
Amazing, amazing, amazing! Best gym ever.

Useful review?
 by jump123, 10 Jun 2010
I have been a member of Gymbox Covent Garden for a few years now. When I first joined, the equipment was great and the interior was well kept. It is now looking run down and it takes 4 tries on the treadmills to find one that actually works. The staff are all really friendly and the personal trainers are great. I joined Gymbox for the boxing, however that seems to no longer be a focus for them and they have resorted to cheap and tacky gimmicky classes.

There is no retention/loyalty to existing customers and they are more interested in sales rather than actually helping people reach their goals. Very sad that there is more emphasis on making money than helping people get fitter and healthier. Although I am still a member (hoping it may get better), I would not recommend this gym to anyone.

Useful review?
 by Jelly5, 09 May 2010

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