100 High Holborn
Holborn, London
Tel: 020 7400 1919 Holborn less than 0.1 miles

Boxing-focussed gym with industrial style (designed by Ben Kelly, who also designed the Hacienda in Manchester). Aside from the boxing ring there's a good free-weights area, cardio space and plenty of classes.

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I have NO problems with the gym staff at Farringdon, they were great for the time I was there. But once I had to move with my job and contract, that's where it all went wrong...

I took out a one year subscription, and didn't fully use the gym but did pay for the use as it was part of the subscription and offer. However, even with telling Gymbox I was moving onto a new contract with work, the subscription was not closed. Even with phone calls to their offices in January they still didn't close the account and now they have the cheek to send out a debt collection agent out for me for £145!! Come on Gymbox, be real. The account was not being used from last August and you're still billing me?! I don't think this looks good for you.

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 by chasbald1, 03 Mar 2014
I had recently re-joined Gymbox having been a member twice before in past years. It was my favourite gym the last 2 times but now it has changed for the worse.

They have raised their membership fees by a huge £18 a month since I was last a member and now charge a whopping £100 joining fee. For this sort of money you expect the best.

Well now, I can confidently say Gymbox is NOT what it used to be. The management are even more arrogant and unreachable (senior managers/head office is out of the question, you will not be allowed to contact them), the changing rooms/showers/ toilets are dirty and the music has become absolutely terrible.

Gymbox likes to throw its brand around as cutting edge, trendy and the most ‘innovative fitness brand in the world’ and as a result they'll charge you through the nose for it. I wonder if they think playing cheesy soft love songs, country music, R&B and cheesy chart music is in any way appropriate for what is supposed to be a trendy gym (or any gym in fact!) at peak times. It is like a morgue now, not the trendy high tempo gym I remember of past. Can anyone seriously lift heavy weights, run fast on a treadmill or do boxing training with soft love songs playing?

The management claim this is now their brand. They are incredibly arrogant and make you feel like a criminal for approaching them with feedback. There is a whiff of pretentiousness in the air from the staff. Yet it is the members who pay to keep the gym going.

I used to recommend Gymbox when it was cheaper and when it was actually cutting edge, but please take my advice and don't join Gymbox now. You can join gyms that easily match them on equipment and have friendly approachable staff and management for a lot less per month. Gymbox has over-inflated their ‘brand’ and they are not what they appear. Save yourself money and disappointment and try other gyms in the city.

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 by JamesLondon1979, 19 Feb 2014
I signed up to this gym for a year after leaving my last gym. On first visit it looked good. However after training there for six months (mostly in the free weights area) I realised that a) it was constantly a mess - weights not put back, tissues on the floor etc; b) it was always crowded, even at non-peak times. Also bear in mind this is an old bank so some of the rooms are small and pokey or at best 'intimate'.

I found a work colleague who was on a monthly rolling membership so went to transfer the membership to him. When we arrived at the gym we were informed there was a £55 'admin fee' - for basically filling out two forms.

There are better gyms in central London, with more space, better equipment and no hidden fees. Would I go back to Gymbox? No.

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 by star5, 24 May 2013
A splash of interior design and all the latest gimmicks - the only thing that differentiates Gymbox from other gyms that charge half the price. I've just cancelled at Farringdon. Appalling management and bad atmosphere. Style over substance.

Useful review?
 by sj_wbe, 23 Apr 2013
I have been a member at Gymbox Bank for a number of years now, and in that time I have cancelled my membership (as my company moved me to another location), and then re-signed up with them again when I returned to London.

I have to say that I am shocked to see so many negative reviews on here, as I have had a wonderful experience with the gym the entire time that I have been a member. I suppose, however, that those looking to read reviews on ANYTHING need to consider that people are more likely to post a review when they are dissatisfied than when they are content with the service they have received. I can guarantee anyone reading these reviews that there are hundreds of happy members for every one unhappy one who has written something on here - I know this because I work out next to people who seem to be enjoying the gym nearly every weekday.

The type of people who work out there can be a bit 'hard-core', which can be slightly intimidating at times, but it can also be helpful because there is usually some big burly guy or really ripped girl who can spot me in the weight room (and I have even been given advice about my posture by a passerby when using one of the resistance machines, which is fantastic because apparently I was putting myself at risk of injury by sitting incorectly on the seat).

There are tons of personal trainers to choose from, which is convenient; however, I have noticed that the prices for each vary depending on things like how long they have been doing it and what areas they specialise in. I hurt my knee running last year and ended up using Gwen (personal trainer) to help with rehabilitation work afterwards. I also got a free personal training session when I first joined, and the guy showed me how to use most of the machines and gave me dietary advice (which I have not taken because I LOVE chocolate and sweets!).

I have noticed that a lot of people on here have complained about issues cancelling their memberships, but I have to say that I had absolutely no problem when I cancelled mine. I have a feeling that a lot of the people complaining on here are maybe a bit thick and didn't read the terms at the bottom of their contract. The writing is in small print, but as an adult I took responsibility for myself and made sure to read through the details very carefully, and that is probably why I personally had no problems when I had to cancel. It quite clearly states in the contract that you have to give one month's notice on pay as you go or rolling contracts, and as all members pay for Gymbox memberships on the first of the month, it is common sense to figure out when you must give your notice. If someone is over the age of 18, signed contracts are legally binding, so I don't understand why so many people have been whinging on here about problems breaking their contracts! I think a lot of the people posting complaints about this issue on here probably did not read their contract, and assumed that they could simply cancel their direct debit or casually mention to one of the staff members that he or she had decided to cancel, without following the correct protocol. I am an administrator for a legal firm based in London, and I constantly hear of cases where people have not acquainted themselves with the details of their contracts! It is like a phone contract, you cannot simply walk out on a phone contract, can you? You must fulfil your legal obligation to the company, based on the details of your contract! That being said, be careful of any company that offers a contract longer than 18 months, as technically this is no longer legal. Sorry to whinge on and on about contracts; I'll try and get back to Gymbox!

The classes are really fun (especially the Kangoo class, which involve jumping around in Kangoo boots - my legs burn for hours afterwards), and I have even tried out a few of the boxing classes, despite it not really being my thing.

Overall I think Gymbox is a pretty good value for money, especially for those who can access one of the corporate deals (my ex used to pay just over £50 a month for his membership there!). There is not a swimming pool, which definitely takes away from the overall experience sometimes, but generally I think that the trendy interior and wide array of machines make it worth the price tag. There is a DJ who plays music most week nights, which is cool, although I do agree that sometimes the music is way too loud (this is easily corrected though, as I simply went up to the front desk and asked them to reduce the level of the music, and one of the receptionists went down and did just that).

If I had to rate Gymbox, I would probably give it a 4.5 out of 5, with the lack of swimming pool being the only drawback!

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 by GymRat2011, 07 Apr 2013
I had considered joining and had made an initial inquiry, but then they started bombarding me with emails with various offers and then called me and said, "Well, if you had replied to the first email, I wouldn't have had to keep sending them". Rude, pushy, and unprofessional, and no, obviously, I will not be joining. I can just imagine how much worse they will be once you're in a contract with them.

Useful review?
 by Japonica, 03 Apr 2013
I joined the Farringdon Gymbox. They have good trainers but the atmosphere is fairly impersonal. They seem to use mainly contractors. Beware that they are totally inflexible in their commercial terms. I signed up for 12 months but did not use the gym for many months and asked them to defer my usage or cancel my last 2 payments. The manager has no authority it seems, or does not care. Any other gym I was with offered me better flexibility. They kept making reference to their terms of contract, like robots. Will not train there again unless they change the way they do business.

Useful review?
 by wrwerwer, 11 Mar 2013
I've been at Gymbox for over a year and a half now and the classes are good fun, which is the main point and saving grace of this gym. They don't run that many late classes though, which is a shame and a problem with a lot of places that supposedly cater for city workers.

The price is also very steep (over £70 per month - similar to Virgin) and isn't amazing value for money. Most cheaper gyms (LA Fitness etc) have swimming pools and a relaxation area; here is kind of like a weird fusion between those warehouse boxing places and a normal gym, but ten times the price. It would be better if the gym was a bit more polished to justify the membership price, or if they reduced it to a more reasonable level for the value you get in return, as it is pretty gimmicky. I bought a year upfront membership so it's a bit cheaper, but I don't have a discount - Gymbox refused to give any corporate discount unless a specific number of my colleagues also joined. It isn't a member of Gymflex either, which my company subscribes to, so it's a vicious circle.

The changing room facilities are not as good as places like Fitness First (or Virgin, which is the same price bracket). I'd say people seem quite nice here and the only reason I come is because of the classes, which are slightly more interesting than other gyms. In terms of rating, I'd give the facilities a 2-3 star but the classes a 4.5 star, which, as I said, is the only reason Gymbox saves itself.

Useful review?
 by Kirsty83, 24 Jan 2012
Just joined and have to say I've never been to a gym like this before. I love the classes. Tried rave, which was mad. Got a PT session booked in. Can't wait. Going to do a session on the frame they have. Not sure what the comments are about below, as all good for me so far.

Useful review?
 by rachele21, 05 Dec 2011
I read all these bad reviews before I joined and was a little wary, but it was the best decision I've made in a long time! Ok so Gymbox Holborn was a little smelly, but they have got this all sorted now! And they're having a massive refurb in November, which is going to make it even better! All that said, they couldn't make the classes any better if they tried, or the gym floor facilites. It really is an awesome gym! And the DJ on Tuesday makes working out feel like a night out (minus the tequilla!).

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 by gingerbean19, 27 Oct 2011
Do not fall for the marketing! This place appears to spend so much money on gimmicky advertising that they are unwilling to spend any on repairing broken equipment (treadmills, weighing scales) quickly, totally ineffective air-conditioning, shower rooms that smell because the drains are blocked (and have been for many weeks) and - worst of all, in my opinion - a web-based class booking system that is badly designed and has unreliable, flaky behaviour which can mean (and has meant, for me) that classes are inaccessible.

I suppose this business model makes sense: spend your budget on constantly striving to get more and more members in, which generates revenue, rather than making things pleasant for those who are already signed up, which doesn't carry much benefit for the management.

It's not all negative (hence two stars rather than one) though, as the equipment is rather good (when it's not so crowded that you can't get near it) and some of the classes are excellent (when the website allows you to book them). Just be wary of the many things wrong with the place.

Useful review?
 by jamesmatthews, 11 Oct 2011
Joined the gym last week. I read some reviews and thought I'd check it out for myself. Really impressed. So different to the usual boring gym experience. Set up a corporate membership for my staff as well. All good so far!

Useful review? 1
 by billywhiterall, 20 Sep 2011
I was wary when joining Gymbox due to bad reviews, but after speaking with the sales guy at Holborn he put my mind at rest. Just find out the T&Cs and you're fine. Brilliant gym, loads of variety and cool people. They even host parties.

Useful review? 1
 by michaelmcg1981, 07 Sep 2011
I recently joined Holborn and it is the MOST AMAZING gym in London. Reception team are really cool and the equipment down there is unreal. Cross fit frame and full size boxing ring. Can't wait to drag my friends along with me, as this smashes Virgin Active and Fitness First all over the place. Do yourself a favour and get in there!

Useful review? 1
 by rustar1, 06 Sep 2011
First good gym I've found in London. Being American, I'm used to good gyms. Gymbox is the only gym in London that matches those in the USA. Amazing classes, cool looking gym and great personal trainers. Highly recommend trying if you're looking for a gym.

Useful review? 1
 by Sallyanneit, 02 Sep 2011
Use all of the gyms, as travel around London. All really good but Westfield is amazing. Mainly do classes as they are so different to anywhere else. Live DJs as well! Definitely worth checking out.

Useful review? 1
 by paulpeters1978, 31 Aug 2011
Been in Holborn club for a month now. Loving it! Staff really friendly and classes amazing. Bring on the party in September!

Useful review? 1
 by stevier26, 26 Aug 2011
Have just got back into my training after a lengthy injury and, after looking around a bit, decided to give Gymbox a go. They have a great level of expertise amongst the personal trainers, who really took my injury rehabilitation into consideration. Loads of classes to choose from, which keeps it interesting. Personally, I really enjoy the classes on their cross fitness frames they have there. Couldn't find many other places that had those kind of facilities.

Overall, a good gym that offers a broad variety of training styles.

Useful review?
 by mattc_8404, 25 Aug 2011
Recently joined Bank, and loving it. Looks like a club, great classes, and I'm even learning to box. Recpetionists are great looking. I'm a happy man.

Useful review? 1
 by richardstill1, 17 Aug 2011
I really loved Gymbox. Wish I could have stayed for more than 3 months, but unfortunately I've had to move! The facilities are so good and the few classes that I tried out were brilliant. All the team are so friendly and really knowledgeable about the whole field!

It was the first time I've signed up with a gym and would definitely recommend it to anyone to get you motivated and start to love working out. I used to get really excited about going - shocking for a gym! The cost of membership is quite high but so worth it, especially if you're going to take advantage of the classes and everything they have to offer.

Useful review? 1
 by tilly19, 10 Aug 2011

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