The Chelsea Club

Fulham Road
Fulham, London
Tel: 020 7915 2200 Fulham Broadway 0.2 miles

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Spacious, clean, fantastic pool and very quiet (no kids policy). A place to work-out and relax. It feels a bit like being at a spa. Excellent yoga, swim and personal training teachers.

However, unfortunately the reception and management staff offer a very poor level of customer service: double-booked paid classes on the system never credited; no manager available during peak times and weekends (when it is more expensive); no replies to enquires (I've been waiting a month for my lessons to be credited and other things to be sorted out).

If you are going to classes that are not pre-paid and you swim on your own, it's great. But if you need any assistance, forget it as it can become a nightmare. The reception needs approval from the manager to update anything they have done wrong and they actually never get anything sorted out. My friend left because of the service and I am leaving too. I haven't received my money back for the lessons double-booked and still have pending replies from the management since about a month ago. If you decide to go for it, good luck!

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 by ClauLondon, 28 Jan 2014
I have had nothing but good service at The Chelsea Club. The staff are friendly, efficient and are always willing to go the extra mile to help. I love it there and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending it to my friends.

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 by David Johnstone, 07 Feb 2011
Great club in terms of cleanliness and facilities. My experience with the management is not so good. The sales pitch is great and once you're in, it's bliss... but forget about customer service after that. Once you've paid, the 'politeness' vanishes.

I had a terrible experience with the payment of the creche (which is great, btw). Poor systems, bad management and embarrassingly poor service on the club (not the creche) side. The female manager who signed me up engaged me in a full on public altercation and insisted they had 'proof' I had not paid, despite me having a receipt for one of the payments they were questioning. She also wanted me to produce 3 receipts from 2 months past, each for 5 quid! I offered to pay twice - which they accepted - just to get shot of them. Very disappointing and have stopped using the creche, not because it wasn't good but because of the chaotic system and non-sensible management, which is a real shame.

In short: great club, great facilities but terrible customer service.

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 by peggy_nastat, 21 Oct 2010
The young man on reception was extremely rude. I won't be going again.

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 by josh1, 20 Nov 2009
Impressive! I just visited the gym and the fitness manager took an hour explaining all the features of this excellent place! Don't think twice, sign up asap. Excellent experience!

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 by rocheideu54, 03 Aug 2009
If you are looking for a tranquil club with a great swimming pool, beautiful spa and yummy food this is the place, but if it's professional coaching at its best then this does not represent value for money.

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 by wayne1, 16 Jun 2009
Had a really awful massage here. The masseur collected me late, stank of alcohol, and then finished the treatment 6 mins early. I felt he was very unprofessional and not up to the usual standards of this club. I do like the gym though.

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 by quincy (8 reviews), 04 May 2008
Management needs to pay serious attention to the locker room cleanliness, day lockers usage, and enforce rules on mobile phone use in the facility. In short, nice facility but poorly managed.

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 by Anonymous, 09 Nov 2006

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